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  1. Idk much about revolvers but the trigger is way better then my 617 S&w
  2. Just a little curious as to who really cares? Don't like it ? pull your kid out and send them else where. It's 7 colleges ? Who cares.
  3. Nice war, and glad to see you back.
  4. Thanks TT I picked one up last week new for a good deal. I would post pics but this site isn't photo friendly. I ordered a speed loader today and a 4 pack of speed strips, Tuff brand? And the speed loader is an HKS PYA. Trying to get my revolver game on point.
  5. One of the longest builds in armory history.
  6. Just looking for a good used price on the new stainless 6" pythons. Trying to pick one up and want a base price or something to go off of. Seems like new ones are kinda all over the place as far as online sales, looking from 1400 to 1900.
  7. Sig has always been on the high side for magazines. I saw the pistol review and for some reason it peeked my interest. I really dont need another carry gun but need and want are 2 different things.
  8. Sig 226, 229 maybe 320 (I have the 320 scorpion but don't carry it. Only have around 300 rounds through it) Glock 19 17 Smith and wesson m&p
  9. This is going to suck. Please post pics haha
  10. Nice I renovated a few bathrooms and tile isn't as bad as everyone makes it out to be. I won't do a standing shower though, I ripped a few out that the base leaked.
  11. I have both. The weight difference isn't a big deal. The only reasons I like mlok is the smaller outside diameter, and only having rail panels where I want them. But its not a deal breaker
  12. Nice i have a one of those, a few carbon fiber, and maybe a dozen plastic ones. Now i need to go dig it out and see if it is rusting
  13. Nice DD, I have been kicking around the idea of buying another. I think I was going to go with the V9 for the mid length gas system (i could be wrong on model number)
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