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  1. Sig 226, 229 maybe 320 (I have the 320 scorpion but don't carry it. Only have around 300 rounds through it) Glock 19 17 Smith and wesson m&p
  2. This is going to suck. Please post pics haha
  3. Nice I renovated a few bathrooms and tile isn't as bad as everyone makes it out to be. I won't do a standing shower though, I ripped a few out that the base leaked.
  4. I have both. The weight difference isn't a big deal. The only reasons I like mlok is the smaller outside diameter, and only having rail panels where I want them. But its not a deal breaker
  5. Nice i have a one of those, a few carbon fiber, and maybe a dozen plastic ones. Now i need to go dig it out and see if it is rusting
  6. Nice DD, I have been kicking around the idea of buying another. I think I was going to go with the V9 for the mid length gas system (i could be wrong on model number)
  7. The mtac 1-4x24 in matte black with the Illuminated ballistic CQ reticle, Scope only not a kit.
  8. https://imgur.com/gallery/GQdCRxh Pic on imgur of the scope.
  9. For sale: Burris Mtac 1-4x24 lpvo in matte black. Has the illuminated ballistic CQ reticle in moa. Glass is clear and Scope works great. I mounted this scope and used it for 2 outings. I was testing the LPVO waters out to see if I would rather have one of these or a red dot and I like red dots more. This sale is just for the Scope itself This has the burris forever warranty. $300 shipped to your door. I can't get pictures to load now but I will try again tonight. Quick link https://www.burrisoptics.com/scopes/mtac-riflescopes-series/mtac-riflescope-1-4x24mm Willing to do partial trades for 6.5 grendel dies or let me know what you have.
  10. Found a glock 19 barrel and slide 6 days ago in a shoe box with 50 rounds of hsts. Bought it for a p80 but thought I sold it to fund an optic. No big scores though.
  11. You win. this is the best comment lock er down now.
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