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  1. Found a glock 19 barrel and slide 6 days ago in a shoe box with 50 rounds of hsts. Bought it for a p80 but thought I sold it to fund an optic. No big scores though.
  2. You win. this is the best comment lock er down now.
  3. Then why would you say So your mad they are making it right.
  4. So you're mad they are making it right?
  5. Arsenal SLR104fr for sale. This one has around 650 rounds of non corrosive ammo fired through it. Has an ultimak gas tube installed and will come with one Bulgarian circle 10 magazine and one magpul ak74 mag, Cleaning kit minus oil bottle, and sling 2950.00 split shipping ffl to ffl. Usps money order or bank check. Will wait till they clear the bank to ship. Dm me your email for pics.
  6. Happy birthday. The snows on the way out its 40 degrees today.
  7. Ooo noo not to the Sierra group or the EPA, Also a long list of pro Green power groups. It's kinda like Peta but against fossil fuels.
  8. More emissions when you crank up the units. Theres acceptable limits when they are running. And start up has a different set of regulations. As far as needing a waiver its dumb as hell but it would stop the fines being levied against the plant for pollution
  9. That sounds like fun. The wood xhucks are pretty big around here. You know you hit them when you hear the thud. Everywhere I go I can sit with a .22 at 130 yards and be happy. The .223 comes out in a few other farms that have some long stretches but I still can only hit 300 before a hill or brush is in the way to limit your distance. Most fields around here you have to move to cover the other half or to see it.
  10. Man I need to hunt prairie dogs. Ground hogs you mostly get 1 shot and they are running. But more will stand up in a different area after the first shot.
  11. Did they do anything for the wait or shatty customer service?
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