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  1. I need to get more of everything. And I also need a chest freezer. The one area I'm lacking is food storage.
  2. Yes. How are you going to move someone else's weight if you can barely move your own. Jujitsu classes are everywhere. I would recommend going to as many classes as you can. Also learn about taking space in closed quarters.
  3. Good morning from western Pa.
  4. I run streamlight and they work just fine. Fheres alot of information on olight and mrgunsandgear has done a few videos on them compairing them to surefire and other brands. Pick one or two up and see what they are all about. And post a review
  5. Yes because behind closed doors in secret trump is a supporter of the 2nd. And he needed a second term to do pro 2a shat.
  6. A sad update indeed. I was thinking a set of ar pistols or something. I have the scorpion in the 226, And I have been avoiding the p320 scorpion because I will want to buy it. I definitely don't need another 9mm handgun but If I get my grubby little hands on one I will want it. The nightmare edition i saw was a 1911 and it was nice but I passed. Hopefully you get a good update soon.
  7. You having the Amish deliver this shat or what?
  8. It happens. And usually those get bought up quickly.
  9. Saw you were in Illinois, no 410 allowed.
  10. Mossberg 410 with slugs out to 50 yards. Mount a red dot or 4x scope on it and call it good. I am a huge fan of a 20 gauge but idk how an 8 year old would do with it.
  11. Why not put the rifle back to stock and start building something else with the parts you already have.
  12. 9mm is reasonable. 20 gauge is better. Honestly If I have the cz scorpion next to the night stand you better belive I'm ready to drop 30 147 gr. Federal HSTs into something. I wouldn't hesitate. Mostly I have a mossberg 500 in 20 gauge with buckshot close at hand. Theres a 10.3 sbr with 64 gr. speer gold dots ready to go if the need arises. The mag swap thing is nice but not a deal breaker for me. I have a metric shat ton of glock mags but haven't looked at a pcc that used them. My personal opinion, use whatever you can. Hit that beotch at the door with an rpg as long as you win. Its your house not mine. I'm not waking up next to you at 3 am. And I won't be there to help out when shat goes bad. So use what you have and make sure you win.
  13. Maybe a marlin camp rifle would be better or the new ruger pcc 9mm. Ruger pc charger? I have no experience with the ruger. The marlin is a fun rifle, I have no idea where you would find mags for it. The marlin I have time behind is a friends and I wouldn't mind picking one up. But its not a pistol. Just to be clear, you want a pistol in .223 or 9mm correct?
  14. There's a pile on there right now under that price point but you have to bid. No reserve most auctions are going anywhere from 950 to 1050. Just type what you want to top out at and let it go. These don't have the brace on them, just the pistol.
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