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  1. Happy birthday. The snows on the way out its 40 degrees today.
  2. Ooo noo not to the Sierra group or the EPA, Also a long list of pro Green power groups. It's kinda like Peta but against fossil fuels.
  3. More emissions when you crank up the units. Theres acceptable limits when they are running. And start up has a different set of regulations. As far as needing a waiver its dumb as hell but it would stop the fines being levied against the plant for pollution
  4. That sounds like fun. The wood xhucks are pretty big around here. You know you hit them when you hear the thud. Everywhere I go I can sit with a .22 at 130 yards and be happy. The .223 comes out in a few other farms that have some long stretches but I still can only hit 300 before a hill or brush is in the way to limit your distance. Most fields around here you have to move to cover the other half or to see it.
  5. Man I need to hunt prairie dogs. Ground hogs you mostly get 1 shot and they are running. But more will stand up in a different area after the first shot.
  6. Did they do anything for the wait or shatty customer service?
  7. All good. I was told to leave multiple faucets on a little more then a drip after i came home to a mess after a 5 day trip to Florida in winter. Whoever plumbed my addition in my old house did a half assed job but I learned alot.
  8. OBVIOUSLY if it's cold enough water will freeze no matter what. I guess everyone that says to leave a tap on to prevent water from freezing is wrong, it won't prevent it because you say so.
  9. OBVIOUSLY YOU can't read OR comprehend WHAT is written. Water ISN'T TRAPPED with the main on and a faucet running. SO OBVIOUSLY you are wrong.
  10. Kind of a pain, but you have to check around 4pm when they restock. And ya... you have like 15 min. Theres a Facebook group that psa will notify you when they restock.(I don't have facebook) I'm just waiting for a few more reviews and more people with rounds down range. Right now everyone bought one but can't feed it. So far they seem like a solid gun though. There have been a few hiccups on different forums but they have been handled well with psa warrenty.
  11. Illuminated !! Jesus that adds at least 200 yards to your distance you can shoot LOL. On a side note. I only shoot other people's 17s. I just shoot a .22lr and a .223. I see where it would be beneficial but for the shots I take and distances at various places I hunt or shoot, i just didn't see the need for another caliber. And I'm not a caliber hoarder like you Greg.
  12. It is a false statement. That is one of the great things about the nuclear plants, when the demand spikes they are able to make up what is needed virtually instantly - This is what I quoted. If it's a 750 mw reactor it isn't going to make 1000 to support the grid automatically or instantly. What your describing is a peaking unit. Kicked on for demand. If that nuclear unit is slated to make xyz megawatts of power at a certain time it isn't going to just magically hit another gear to make more. 90% of the time they are scheduled to make power to make money. They actually bid to make power (Google capacity market) so in your situation the nuke was in idle and a call was made because something freaked up and they ramped up. They do that with gas plants in Connecticut, coal burners in PA. Plants (owners, company's, whatever) get fined for not being able to produce power they bid to make. In bold and underlined... thats called winterizing and maintenance. It means you can get the plant running in the winter, all aspects of it. And getting water is a big part of it. From what I hear by the people actually working in the plants right now is they couldn't get water because it was frozen on top of all the lines being down and other bullshat.
  13. Water is on it is flowing down a drain. Water pressure is pushing water down a line and out a faucet (multiple faucets) how is water trapped?
  14. I didn't say to shut off the water at all. I said to open the tap, so how is the water trapped
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