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  1. I'm going to bet if this was available when the 43 first came out i would have bought it instead. But to me just using it for one or two trips a year wouldn't be worth the expense. If it's going to be a regular carry gun I would get it. I rotate the shield and g19. Depending on what im wearing. If I'm in the gym the airweight goes with me. The price point of the shield keeps driving it home for a limited use hardly carried gun, it can be left in a go bag set up for trips, stashed in a small safe in a room on the other side of the house and your not out alot of dough. Idk what the blue label is but see what you could get for the difference in price, extra mag for the shield with +2 extension from taran tactical or night sights. I'm all about getting as much bang for the buck as I can. If you hate the shield, disregard the comments and run towards the 43x. All personal preference and what you want to do. I dont get blue labral pricing so if the glock 43x is 500, I would buy 2 shields.
  2. I shot the talon edition 43 and own the s&w shield, I prefer the shield as it fits my hands better. Disclaimer :I'm not a fan of the 26 or the 43. But friends like them. The 43x is unproven and as far as I can see only 2 rounds to the shield. I picked up my shield for 250 so it was to cheap to pass up. For a one time trip or hardly ever carried firearm I would take a hard look at them. But at the end of the day it's your money and preference.
  3. Derk_digler24

    New Year, new Polymer80 project.

    Lots of slide milling services will turn the windows (decorative holes) into recessed sections, Not cut the whole way through. Also call whoever you decide to go with, it will give you an idea if they answer the phone, and know what they are talking about.
  4. Derk_digler24

    Freak I HATE DEATH..........

    Sorry to hear about the loss of your friend. Also glad you reconnected with 2 others.
  5. Derk_digler24

    Black Rifle missionary at it again...

    He could get a removable carry handle, and do like bama shooter did, remove the big ass knobs on the side. This would be better if he wants to ever change it. Which I mean come on, we all change our ar15s around. Or build a new one.
  6. Derk_digler24

    Got the call today...

    I hate friends like that. Having all the fun
  7. Rampy, If i were going to the dc area I would go with the 20 rounds of 9mm. More ammo.. more better. And I would go with the 26 over a 43. And you can carry in maryland?
  8. Derk_digler24

    New Year, new Polymer80 project.

    Hit me up in your noise ordnance topic
  9. Ya, dont worry. I have friends on the state police, pittsburgh police ,and some local town officers. They all tell me the same thing. They dont mess with cars unless they are doing something dumb then it's an add on ticket. Motorcycles are more likely to be pulled over.
  10. Being a freaking idiot AND obnoxious needs a fine for disorderly conduct. Which we in pa have a law for that. Now let's imagine I'm not a complete freaking idiot and not riding my bike at 3am revving the shat out of it at the edge of my property near the neighbors window. Do I need a fine for riding during the day, and no one complains. Just a reason to get pulled over. What's to loud for you might not bother me. What's to loud for a baby? My 4 year old would be woken from her naps in the middle of the day by trucks driving by, or a car door being slammed. Not my neighbors fault. I work night shift. So on my days off should it be ok for me to run the chainsaw at 3:30 am when I'm wide awake and would be near the end of my shif? No. And I wouldn't do it.
  11. No I do it so dumbasses hear me and get off their phone/ pay attention to the road. I have actually been hit while sitting at an intersection head on from a ford explorer sport turning into the road. You would be surprised at how a crack on the throttle will get someone's attention with the right exhaust. But ya keep thinking that way. And Dont worry my manhood is fully secure.
  12. Derk_digler24

    Do you have black friends?

    I dont know I'm color blind.
  13. No there shouldn't be, if my neighbors can run a chainsaw at 7 or 8 am, the city can jackhammer a curb in front of my house at 7 or 8 am then I should be fine to ride my motorcycle at 3pm with a loud exhaust which is quieter then the aforementioned tools.
  14. Derk_digler24

    BREAKING: Hearing Protection Act Reintroduced to Congress

    So theres a chance... YaY there is a santa claus.