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  1. Derk_digler24

    PCC Question

    My Wife likes the scorpion evo carbine. 9mm , 3 30rd mags loaded with 124 grain federal hsts, red dot, faster reloads easier for her to shoot then the glock 19x with 23 rounds. She likes it more then the DDmk18. It's a fun range toy for me. And hopefully I get it chopped and suppressed. The wife enjoys shooting it. She is 100 times more interested in learning how to operate it from reloading to clearing a malfunction compared to an ar15. I use a mossberg 20 gauge and glock 19x for HD. And as long as she has something with 30+ rounds available I could care less about the rifle vs. Pistol calibre debate.
  2. Derk_digler24

    Too many ARs ???

    Depends. If I'm going to lose my family's home, I will sell just about everything I own and not think twice. If I'm just wanting to pay off something [lowes credit card] I will sell the easiest gun that I can offload, and reaquire later. Glocks, ar15s and new Remington hunting rifles aren't going to be worth the same as colt pythons in 10 years. Just about everything I own has a price tag on it. Just have to find someone willing to pay it. 2 guns I wont get rid of, a Sears and roebuck. 22 I got when my grand father passed, and a Remington 30-06 my dad got for me when I started hunting.
  3. Derk_digler24

    EDC Selection

    You got it. Go ahead rampy tell me how your going to go against pat mac, travis haley, and Clint smith All well trained and 2 with rifles and you with your carry piece. Your as smart as the empty box of hsts I have in under my reloading bench if your walking into a gunfight out gunned and out numbered. The fact your walking into a gunfight makes you half brain dead. Do I have faith in my carry gun, yes Would I knowingly go into a compromised position where 3 people are waiting for me and again they have rifles I have a pistol... no
  4. Derk_digler24

    EDC Selection

    Best way to win a gun fight, don't get into a gunfight.
  5. Derk_digler24

    EDC Selection

    In case you missed it.
  6. Derk_digler24

    Some thoughts on the Polymer80 80% Glock frame kits.

    I read it, you just left out the part where they offered you a free one to replace the one you messed up from not following the directions, and geepee3 also made a post about it the steps to follow in another thread. so one more line of text would have stopped that. I have 3 of them, and know alot of people with poly80s that the jig worked fine. Over priced, yes but they go on sale regularly for 75.00 to 119.00
  7. Derk_digler24

    EDC Selection

    Just answering the questions after 2.
  8. Derk_digler24

    Some thoughts on the Polymer80 80% Glock frame kits.

    So you messed up the build, didnt follow their instructions and they offered you a free replacement, but you chose to buy the same color at a discount and the kits are junk? Just making sure I read that right.
  9. Derk_digler24

    EDC Selection

    Because I dont know if I'm going to be in a gunfight. But if I did you have my answer. No Rambo bullshat from me. And if someone you trained with tells you to take your handgun against those odds... he's an idiot.
  10. Derk_digler24

    EDC Selection

    If I knew I was going to be in a gunfight tomorrow?..... 3 well trained crooks and some with rifles? And you want me to bring a handgun? I would call the cops and stay home and watch Netflix.
  11. Pat Mac's intensity is insane. Also his shooting drills border on torture.
  12. Derk_digler24

    muslim student sets fire to Missouri dormitory

    Shh no need to inject facts into the arguement. Its amusing to watch all the Muslim hate posts pop up.
  13. Derk_digler24

    Run Cows Run! Video of Oregon Shootout

    What would be the consequence if someone who lived in the house closest stuck a 308 round into this guys chest ending the gun fight?
  14. Derk_digler24

    Reminds me of all of us!

    You dont mess with the 100s they are the old guy who drinks non stop but never gets drunk in the corner of the bar. (he might be irish)
  15. Derk_digler24

    Reminds me of all of us!

    He couldn't keep up with the 30s, passed out in the bathroom. But at least he isnt a 5rounder.... they like scarfs, and man buns.