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  1. probably something in 6mm creedmoor. Or 6mm arc. Nothing ground breaking or new.
  2. This looks really relaxing. I need to take a few days off and go small game hunting.
  3. Stay safe and keep us updated. Hoping the family is far out of danger.
  4. This. 2 friends bought presses, cant buy anything else and there now on a shelf in the basement and 1 is in the garage.
  5. Thanks for clarification. The 10s will see the most use but you gotta get a few higher caps just because merica... Spud I'm waiting very impatiently for a range trip lol.
  6. I'm looking at E lander right now. Greg mentioned ASC but I don't know what capacity he had experience with. I only wanted 2 or 3 20+ rounders for shats and giggles. Mostly looking at 10s. And by the way... thanks for helping me spend money
  7. Looking good. Do you plan on buying any 20+ round magazines? I'm trying to find some reliable higher capacity mags and its really hit or miss on reviews.
  8. Good morning from PA.
  9. They are planning on charging him as an adult.
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