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    Short barrel AR's (under 16" Barrel) - 100+ yards

    10.3 sbr aimpount t1 shooting 7 inch group at 250. Sometimes its less, sometimes more. Basically I'm going to hit you in the chest between your nipples and above your belly button at 250 yards. As far as ammo, speer gold dot 62 grain. As a note, I didnt buy an sbr for long range shooting. And I'm trying to figure out why I would need it past 30 yards.
  2. Derk_digler24

    6mm ARC

    Hornady just blasted my emails yesterday with all the advertising. I don't see a use for it for me. I have a 6.5 creedmore and I'm good. I think people need to stop buying the next best thing and get better at shooting what they have. This doesn't apply to all. Obviously Greg is the exception to this.
  3. Derk_digler24

    Minneapolis Votes On Disband Police Dept

    I just want them to do it. Quit talking and do it. Let's see what happens.
  4. Derk_digler24

    Complete AR newbie I bought one $540

    have you shot it yet? It might be a POS Bushmaster, It might be a POS pieced together rifle. But if it works... Bushmaster didn't forge thier own recievers, i think what your describing (no pics) is an anchor Harvey forging.
  5. Derk_digler24

    The British Stiff Upper Lip...

    Sounds like you have alot of free time to apply for a CDL and deliver them yourself.
  6. Derk_digler24

    Kobe Bryant and #4 others killed Helicopter

    So it's the crews fault for not following proper safety protocol? Thanks for the info. And you quoted a mainstream news article for those firefighters. Or is fox news some small town local news outlet? Anyway; Sorry for the loss of life especially for the 13 year old girl. These are never good things.
  7. Derk_digler24

    If it weren't for bad luck.......

    At least it lasted this long, once you get it straightened out you won't have to worry about it for awhile, hopefully.
  8. Derk_digler24

    Hey Derk_digler24

    Thanks guys
  9. Derk_digler24

    Is it Just Me, Or Has Anyone Else Noticed

    I'm not going to edit my original post to add this: Also when you post a topic about something particular like a set of rings or a setup for a rifle you get nothing. Or generic post like " i got xyz and its good". No one bothers to put any effort or detail in it.
  10. Derk_digler24

    Is it Just Me, Or Has Anyone Else Noticed

    No you missed it. Etho nailed it. And to compare him to half of the retarded kids out there is an insult. Hes here because he wants to be. I would bet he shoots more then 90% of the forum. As for forums in general I'm tired of posting a thread and 3 posts down it turns into a pissing match, or some off topic ramble that turns the whole thread into something useless.
  11. Derk_digler24

    Springfield XD Mod 2 9 vs Glock question

    Disclaimer I shoot glocks: if she likes the XD and a glock, go with the glock. The m&p is a great pistol as well. I will likely pick up the 2.0 compact (it's the smith and wesson glock 19) This decision is hers by the way, I really hate when people try and force a firearm on someone. Let her work the slide, drop mags and see how they point. In the end she will pick what works for her.
  12. Derk_digler24

    The Armory is mourning the loss of Jeff and Nancy.

    I didnt know what to put when I first read this. The only thing I can hope is that it was painless. I find some comfort in the fact that he and his wife are together.
  13. Derk_digler24

    A question on LOOOOOOOOOONG term optics...

    All I do is change my aimpoint batteries every year and buy an extra set in case of emergencies. I usually do it in Dec. But have left it go until Jan. 5 year battery life with fresh batteries... plus a few extras, and I have iron sights. So 7 years into it (safe estimation) i would be more worried about food and ammo and medicine than the batteries on the t1s or trijicon mro. Then you have the AA and AAA batteries that last 10 years or something on the shelf. And I have 1-4 luepolds i could swap out if it gets real bad.
  14. I want a light that goes on and off, no bullshat strobe, no changing output. I have a inforce wml and it has 2 settings. Would be perfect if it had only 1. The last thing I want to have to worry about is what brightness setting is my light on and what button to hit. I'm trying to buy a surefire x300 but the models are throwing me off a little, also I want a pressure pad instead of the switch but my Google foo is failing
  15. Derk_digler24

    I need advice / info on combat point shooting!

    Xs big dot sights, and start looking into a red dot on 1 pistol for home defense. Ever turn off your red dot on your rifle and use the tube for a sight? Try it out to 15 yards and see how it works. Same thing goes for a pistol with a red dot, get a trijicon and use the v at the top of the sight. Probably going to fall on deaf ears but instead of buying a rifle or pistol I would save and get this taken care of first.
  16. Derk_digler24

    Water and guns

    A friend was in the same situation, lots of companies helped out, some sent replacement gear, some sent swag packs, some sent new gear and requested the old be sent in even if they still worked.
  17. Derk_digler24

    Water and guns

    You can also contact aimpoint and they will probably send you some swag.
  18. Derk_digler24

    New hunting rifle for my (adult) son...

    Tikka Bergara or a savage. I would rather use a pointy stick then buy another Remington rifle.
  19. As the title states, I'm looking for a pic rail and a set of rings, or single piece mount, for the bergara b14 hmr. It uses Remington style mounts. I was checking into EGW for the picatinny rail. And a set of Steiner 34mm rings. https://www.opticsplanet.com/steiner-t-series-riflescope-rings.html?_iv_code=ST-RR-TSRRGS-5965 I was thinking medium height but I could be wrong. and I need to start posting pics of everything sometime.
  20. Wow this thread really blew up. I will put something together.
  21. Thanks. Looking for suggestions on a different setup, which brands are good to go, which ones to stay away from... etc. Also If I punched everything in correctly I should have a half inch clearence using the low rings from Steiner. Ring height is .885 (low) Taper is #6 taper height (if correct) is .47 And scope obj. Is 56mm
  22. First 600 yrd shot at a comp. That's some big cohunnas. I probably would have been sweating bullets with that fact alone. Good job.
  23. Derk_digler24

    PCC Question

    My Wife likes the scorpion evo carbine. 9mm , 3 30rd mags loaded with 124 grain federal hsts, red dot, faster reloads easier for her to shoot then the glock 19x with 23 rounds. She likes it more then the DDmk18. It's a fun range toy for me. And hopefully I get it chopped and suppressed. The wife enjoys shooting it. She is 100 times more interested in learning how to operate it from reloading to clearing a malfunction compared to an ar15. I use a mossberg 20 gauge and glock 19x for HD. And as long as she has something with 30+ rounds available I could care less about the rifle vs. Pistol calibre debate.
  24. Derk_digler24

    Too many ARs ???

    Depends. If I'm going to lose my family's home, I will sell just about everything I own and not think twice. If I'm just wanting to pay off something [lowes credit card] I will sell the easiest gun that I can offload, and reaquire later. Glocks, ar15s and new Remington hunting rifles aren't going to be worth the same as colt pythons in 10 years. Just about everything I own has a price tag on it. Just have to find someone willing to pay it. 2 guns I wont get rid of, a Sears and roebuck. 22 I got when my grand father passed, and a Remington 30-06 my dad got for me when I started hunting.
  25. Derk_digler24

    EDC Selection

    You got it. Go ahead rampy tell me how your going to go against pat mac, travis haley, and Clint smith All well trained and 2 with rifles and you with your carry piece. Your as smart as the empty box of hsts I have in under my reloading bench if your walking into a gunfight out gunned and out numbered. The fact your walking into a gunfight makes you half brain dead. Do I have faith in my carry gun, yes Would I knowingly go into a compromised position where 3 people are waiting for me and again they have rifles I have a pistol... no