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  1. I've never hunted mule deer before but spot and stalk is fun with whitetail. This year I sneaked up to 8 or 9 yards from one and put an arrow through it. Again, I've never hunted mule deer, but some of the shows of tv make it look way too easy. During the rut they basically just walk into a herd of them and shoot one. As with anything, just move slow, use what cover you can and always play the wind.
  2. GoPro. I'm on forums full of motocross, offroad and supermoto fanatics and they abuse them heavily and they hold up. Even the factory motocross teams film the races with GoPro helmet cams. That's got to say something. If I wasn't knee deep in home remodeling projects I would already own one.
  3. We covered several miles of rough mountains last night from 6pm till midnight. If you want to ever hunt with someone who will walk your legs off go hunting with KennyOhioHunter. I was in shape when I went up there and he still walked my legs off. I'm glad you got to get out some today. Hope you can get back out there and nail one soon. Is there a season, I assume not?
  4. Bump for what? The last post was 6 hours ago.
  5. 2 inches of snow will shut down public schools for at least 3 days and cause a county wide shortage of bread and milk around here. Good letter Lon.
  6. Let's quote that picture one more time on the same page...
  7. There's lots and lots of information here to be found. Ask away. Also, don't forget places like youtube can show you how to dissassemble the rifle and put it back together. Sometimes a video is worth a thousand words and still pictures.
  8. I encourage everyone to click that link and read what is posted up there today. That legislation could very well affect our forum here the exact same way. It's nothing to be taken lightly.
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