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  1. I've always had a1 sights and just recently bought a dpms a2 fixed rear (listed as featuring 500m elevation). With the 6/3 mark to the left, the sight is cranked all the way down. If I zero in elevation using the front post at 25 or 50 yards, what position would I turn the dial to shoot longer distances, like 300-500. Is the 4 and 5 marking used for 400/500?
  2. Hello Gents, I'm checking out the bushnell trs25, but it's got me wondering. Since it's a 25mm tube, will it be large enough to use a folding back up through while the optic is off? I like shooting irons and I don't want to have to take the red dot off to due so. The time spent shooting with the optic vs. iron will be 50-50. I was also checking out a couple primary arms but their m3 is out of stock. Thanks for the time
  3. Wait, I was expecting a new rifle thread? haha just kidding
  4. Looks like the dragon is on there. Mag well, right side.
  5. Thank you Sir. I'll check out the link and do some reading. My rifle is a spikes, with a 1:7 chrome lined barrel, a2 rear sight, and a1 front post. I would like to hit silhouettes consistently at 300, but still need to work my way up there. Is 300yrds a good, standard range to shoot up to with iron sights?
  6. I believe it. In my first two years of high school I was on the jrotc rifle team. The CWO3 taught me everything I know about breathing techniques, trigger control, and sight picture. We only shot air rifles, but I can still use what I've learned with a centerfire rifle. Thanks for the suggestion, I'll be practicing those positions at those ranges. I should probably find out the ranges that are used for the different positions, my dad went through basic in the 80's also.
  7. Alright, thank ya sir. Yeah, I make sure my sight picture is the same and my trigger contol is good. At 200, free hand I'm hitting torso/chest region and arms when I'm aiming at center mass. Im using remington umc as of now, but I've heard that ammo isn't the greatest for accuracy. Next time I'll probably pick up some federal.
  8. Hey Gents, I'm 17 and originally bought my Ar so I could practice with the rifle before I enlist in the Military. Its a carbine and Im using iron sights to shoot up to 300 yards at silhouette targets. So Im wondering what kind of groupings can you guys get with a 16" barrel, Standing, at 100, 200, or 300 yards? I can hit silhouettes consistently at 200, but still can use some work on tightening my groups up. -Thanks for the time
  9. Hey guys, I'm shopping around for my second ar, and looking for a 20". My carbine is a spikes, but I want something to practice shooting a little farther with. The del ton 20" a2 seems reasonably priced and I'm wondering how the quality and accuracy is. I've never shot or handled their rifles, so does anyone have experience with their products? -Thanks
  10. Hey Fellas, Im looking at buying a CMMG evolution upper. Its pricey for a .22, but almost seems like it'd pay for itself after a while. Id probably use that to shoot 50-75 yards and use my .223 for anything farther out than that. With the cheaper ammo Id be able to shoot more, and become faster with irons. Does anyone have one of these uppers? How do they run? Thanks http://cmmginc.secure-mall.com/item/M4-LE-...Marked-FSB-1513 Link to the upper
  11. 10.5" barrels can get 6" groupings at 375? thats awesome
  12. So Ill give it a try with brass. At 200 the a2 post almost took up the whole target. I can aim at different sections of the silhouette with the a1 post now.
  13. I was using remington umc and winchester when I had the a2 post in. I recently put in an a1 post, and then shot with steel. I havent shot with brass using the a1 post at those distances yet.
  14. Yes sir. I understand completely. I don't know what Im doing wrong though? Ive made that shot with my wasr-10 ak multiple times. I understand trigger control and sight picture... In jrotc we shoot air rifles. I know it doesnt teach you recoil managment, target transition, or ballistics, but its still basic shooting principles. I think Im going to work my way out by 25 yards from 25 yards like Redbarron suggested. Thanks Tj
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