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  1. I dont know how to tell if it is a new or old version. I can tell you it weighs 108 grams or 3.8oz. Matt
  2. el_chupo_

    Convert my incandescent Surefire E2E to LED?

    You can buy an E to C adapter from several vendors, then buy any of the multitude of C/P style heads, and run a drop in
  3. el_chupo_

    Newbie Decent Deal?

    Junk the Tasco and look at Primary Arms for a decent, inexpensive, red dot. http://www.natchezss.com/ has some great deals on Nitrex TR scopes
  4. CAA X6 quad rail + FSB rail system (6 rails) Retails at over $200 bucks: http://www.rrarms.com/catalog.php?prod=X6 http://www.ar15pro.com/item/44892_Command_...D_6_RAIL_M.aspx http://www.impactguns.com/store/676315004707.html LMT rear sight: Sells for $100-$120 all over the web: http://www.bravocompanyusa.com/LMT-Tactica...sight%20l8a.htm Pricing Rail - $75 Sight - $75 I will also accept trades. I am looking for Foliage furniture for my .22, as well as a lower receiver (FTF in DFW area, TX preferred). Interested in stock, MOE carbine hand guards, or possibly other firearms as partial trade. The Fine Print Shipping of my choice (USPS for sight, probably UPS or USPS for rail) is included in the above pricing, and items will be shipped within 2 business days, depending on the method of shipment. (US SHIPPING ONLY) I will accept Paypal (gift preferred) or US Postal money order. Cash is acceptable, but send at your own risk! Money order will need to clear my bank (up to a5-7 day hold) prior to shipping. I have been warned by some banks (and see it in my personal business life - I work in the financial industry) that there are more and more fake Money Orders around. My bank will normally let me know if the MO is authentic, and I will ship as cash, rather than waiting the hold time. If trading you will need to ship first. I do not have any feedback here, but I have plenty of feedback from other forums, as well as ebay. My ebay page: http://myworld.ebay.com/mr_guitar_man You will notice I have been a member on ebay for 10 years, with both buyer and seller feedback. If you have any other questions please let me know. I will have my own pictures posted this evening when I get home from work. Thanks!
  5. el_chupo_

    Good Scope??

    Its a Leapers Accushot.
  6. Apparently this is real LMT, they had a bad description. I just got it back today, and hope to get it pinned in the next day or two.
  7. el_chupo_

    Probable build idea

    DSG arms has the Magpul ACS kit for $139, choice of colors. Delton seems like a good kit, but it does not seem like what you want, in any way... Seems like you are cutting too many corners to save some cash. I was in the same boat, need to save some cash. Rather than compromise on the gun, I just am spending 3 -4 months building it, and getting exactly what I want. A lower/lpk/stock here, the upper there, the BCG+ CH + sights there, and all of a sudden, you got the rifle of your dreams!
  8. FWIW - on AR15.com, another member is posting they bought one, and it is identical to their other LMT upper. I will be getting this back from ADCO in a few days, and will hopefully identify this ASAP as authentic or not. Will keep this updated. Matt
  9. I have the carrier at home, I took it out before I sent it to Steve. It is not marked anywhere that I can find. Also, it was noted that LMT offers hand guards, but does not include any standard, even on their site. I am sure those CAA ones are an add on by Botach to get rid of them.
  10. Some of you have seen the Botach deal right now for the "LMT" upper for $499. For those that have not: http://www.botachtactical.com/lmtco14uprea.html I ordered this, despite their reputation, knowing I could challenge with my credit card if needed. The order arrived quickly, looked to be in good shape. I shipped it the next morning to ADCO for a FH pin to make it legal without an SBR stamp. I did some more research, found some discrepancies, so I emailed LMT to ask about the upper. In the mean time, I called Botach to ask who made the barrel. This morning I got a reply from LMT stating it was not their barrel. I also got a call from Botach, in which I was told they upper were 100% LMT - they were built for a contract, the contractor had too many, and Botach was selling off the extras. I then called LMT and spoke with Gene, told him the story. He simply stated LMT did not do any cold hammer forged barrels, there was no way that could be an LMT barrel. I am returning mine - I called Steve at ADCO and had him ship the upper back, plan on getting a BCM or Spikes upper at this point. Good luck to all!
  11. el_chupo_

    Dedicated .22 AR15

    I have a 10/22 with aftermarket barrel/goodies, a Model 60, a sig 22 pistol - shooting them is a lot of fun, and much much cheaper than centerfire guns. When I decided to get an AR, one of the big turn on's was the ability to have another .22. After buying a dedicated upper (And now looking for another lower to make it a dedicated rifle) I have more fun with this than any other .22 I have. 28 rounds, a red dot, and a target that looks like bird shot = :D :D