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  1. Happy Birthday scandal26!

  2. Thanks for the warm welcomes and comments from all. Just got back in from a few days in the woods...going back tonight. Yeah, I took her with me...and what a sweetheart. I love this gun. Will post pics as soon as i get back from hunting. Happy Thanks giving to all. I'm going to eat some turkey. See y'all.
  3. Hello to all, Let me start off by thanking everyone for the invaluable info contained within. I've been looking to purchase an AR since last summer...when I fired my very first. Just happened to find out a poker playing buddy is moving out of the state to an area that's not so welcoming to this type of weapon. I didn't even know he had any guns but through discussing his move I found out he had a brand new (less than 20 rounds fired) Colt AR-15 A2 (6520) that he needed to rid himself of before next year. Long story short...below is what I got for $1,000. Is this a decent deal, average or should I have held out a little longer? -Colt AR-15 A2 (6520) -2 20 rnd mags -5 30 rnd mags -Allen soft side carry bag -NcStar scope rail -BSA Stealth Tactical STS RD 30LL optics kit -~500 rounds Federal M193 ammo -Browning cleaning kit Thanks in advance for any responses!
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