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  1. I have ordered from Cabelas and always had good results, but lately I can stand there prices. I can find almost everything they have somewhere cheaper.
  2. M-Pro 7 SLIP 2000 LUBRICANT AR-15/M16/AR-10 NYLON CHAMBER BRUSH AR-15/M16/AR-STYLE CLEANING ROD GUIDE G & G .223 Bolt Cleaner and Polisher - do you think this is necessary? I know I need a bore bush too. What do you guys recommend and what else might I need?
  3. Oh really? Where are you at norcal? Im in Ferndale
  4. Definitely, its on my list. This disease is awful, everytime i get online i see something else i want and not enough money lol!
  5. Dang this didnt help lol. I dont plan on using a magnifier, at least not anytime soon, I do think the eotech is more streamline as well and I do like the recticle. I wish I could compare the two side by side, but that wont happen. I like the eotech recticle but I can see how that would be too much going on for me and with the aimpoint I can get the ML3 in a 2moa, so thats not that bad. Plus changing batteries wouldnt be a problem for me but with the aimpoint 50,000 hrs! Thats sweet. Now I'm even more undecided lol
  6. So I'm looking around at optics right now and I cant decide what I want. For the longest time I thought and Eotech XPS2 or a 517. Now I found a Aimpoint ML3 with larue mount for $541. This is a little more than the eotechs but for what your getting its a pretty good deal I believe. What do you think?
  7. Huh, that doesnt sound to bad. That is a good price though I might consider it. flyjpa what Eotech doe you have and how do you like it?
  8. Yeah it is. I just wouldnt want a silver one...
  9. So technically speaking... if you "acquired" some 30 round mags and you just wanted to have them for when the zombies came thats perfectly legal. Correct?
  10. I already have my order in for an upper, I'm getting a Daniel Defense one from smartgunner.com. Its gonna have DD receiver, BCG, charging handle, M4 16" barrel and a Omega X 9.0 rail. Time isnt going by fast enough!
  11. I do have some magpul flip up sights that will put on when I get the upper, I just didnt list them yet.
  12. So as of right now I have a S&W M&P lower, a DD LPK, RRA 6-position stock, Raddlock bullet button and my ca legal pmag. Now I'm waiting for my DD upper from smartgunner.com. I was thinking about a eotech Xps2 for a sight. Anyone have and other recommendations?
  13. So here in a couple days i'll have all my part to start my lower build and then in a few weeks i'll have my upper. I was just wondering what tools would be good to have or what i can use to get by for now? Thanks
  14. Now that i look at smartgunner.com if you do the package deal they offer are you getting an upper reciever? I would assume so but it doesnt say anything about one. Maybe im wrong...
  15. Oh yeah i got it too . I was just saying the parts he would need for his sake.
  16. Im kinda in the same boat but i think i figured out what im gonna do. Im getting a Smith and Wesson M&P lower from a local gunshop. Getting a DD LPK, RRA 6 position stock for x-mas. Got some front and rear magpul folding sights off ebay for $88 and then i'm gonna get the complete DD upper from smartgunner.com. The cost of all of that is about $1076.
  17. Dons29- Thanks for the links. I wanted to just get a complete upper but couldnt find what i was looking for but the site you suggested is perfect. Thanks!
  18. So would the ADDAX MIL-SPEC FA-M16 work for me? Hsracer- No there isnt any specific reason i went with the 1:7, i looked into that and from what i got the 1:7 will shoot the variety of light and heavy just fine, plus the barrels is what i was lookini picked it.
  19. Thank! i'll look into something else for a handguard. do i need a tube to route back from the gas block to the action?
  20. Ok so first off this is my first AR build and i wanna do it right. I've read around a bit one good parts,but still need some help. I want good parts but dont need the best and I live in California. So here is my thoughts: Palmetto State armory lower PSA- Lower parts kit Palmetto classic stock Rifle Gear bullet button And he's where i get stuck. I like the M4's and i want a flat top with folding front and rear sights so ... Daniel Defense upper receiver assembled DD charging handle DD 16" M4 stripped barrel (will this work??) UTG pro 2-piece handguard magpul folding front and rear sight I'm still stuck on bolt carriers and what a gas block does and do i need one? Thanks for any help and please let me know what i'm missing or should fix.
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