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  1. Just thought I would add my 3 1911's to the mix. Here's the stats: 1. Argentine Sistema made in the 60's for the Argentine police/military on Colt machinery. It was fully customized by Springer Precision here in Central Oregon 2. Kimber Custom II w/ factory Meprolight night sites and Carbon Creations Kimber grips 3. Detonics Servicemaster which is currently getting the full treatment from Springer. I'm a southpaw so It just seems to be right getting the ambi-thumb safety lol. Also pictured is my Bi-tone (SS/OD) xdm40 4.5
  2. I'm the new lefty on the block . I shoot left handed with my RRA operator. I have never caught a piece of brass and I don't know if that's just plain luck or what. Either way it functions flawlessly and I have 0 complaints
  3. Hello from Central Oregon. Iv'e owned my RRA Lar-15 elite operator for almost a year now and I love it. I was looking for a good AR forum and I looked around and I like what I see here. I hope to be a contributing member and to learn as much as possible.
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