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  1. Email sent V/R, Michael
  2. Hello, I'm pretty new here, but I really like Longshot. I'm sure there are better, but its clean and I can get some velocity out of it without any pressure signs. V/R, Michael
  3. Hey TaosGlock! Thanks! So I'm from New Mexico too! I'm in the Air Force so I haven't been home for a while, but I hear its cooooold. Thanks again and I will be looking out. Michael
  4. Hello all, The gundsamerica guns were gone...Thank you all for all your comments, and I'm going to get a razorback. Zephyr, sweet gun! Thanks again! Michael
  5. Thank you all for all the great information! I'm going to look into the NIB Razorback at Impact Guns...Crossing fingers. We had to work pretty late last night so I didn't get all your replies until this morning...We have to work today, so hopefully the day will pass pretty quickly. Again, thanks all and have a Happy Thanksgiving! V/R, Michael
  6. Hello all! I've recently gotten into the world of the 10mm and I love it. I have a Glock 20sf and a S&W 1006. I started reloading because of it also. I have a question for you all, having these two, what is anyone's experience with the DW RZ-10? Both the Glock and S&W shoot great, but I just love the 1911. SHould I go for something else, get a razorback, or just stick to what I have? Thanks in advance! Edit: Sorry, I posted this in current production 10mm's...I understand the razorback is not made anymore. V/R, Michael
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