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  1. Ambivolent

    +1 for steelborn1

    Great seller item as described fast shipping.
  2. Ill take the last fsb if still available.
  3. Ambivolent

    FOR SALE: Misc AR-15 Parts

    UTG Rail-mount Front Sight -- Designed to mount to a railed gas block (like the one listed above). It's a fixed sight, doesn't flip up/down. Asking $5 + shipping I'll take this Pm inbound
  4. Ambivolent

    New guy intro and build

    I don't really spend alot on shipping since I think the most I spent was around $10 for a rifle stock it's on the Akfiles(I have the same user name there as I do here) just remembe if you participate in it keep th giving going I have instant notification by email so I get updates sent to my iPhone And if you do head over there to participate I hve a list of stuff I'm looking for on the last page ;)
  5. Ambivolent

    New guy intro and build

    I sent you a pm and I borrowed the tools
  6. Ambivolent

    New guy intro and build

    Thanks for the heads up I'll keep an eye on the gas block if it starts acting up I can always swap it out
  7. Ambivolent

    New AR Build

    Nice looking build and I second shepherm on the optics question what is it?
  8. Ambivolent

    New guy intro and build

    Well I've got the barrel installed and torqued my hand guard end cap came in as well as my gas block and gas tube all I'm missing is a front BUIS and a BCG once I get those i can test fire and do a range report Superior arms complete lower DPMS M4 flat top upper BCM upper parts kit CMMG 1:7 twist 16" M4 profile barrel UTG quad rail gas block UTG carbine quad rail hand guard A2 flas hider Colt gas tube Unknown charging handle Matech 600m rear Flip up BUIS I plan on getting either a knock off eotech or acog until I can afford the real deal thanks to a Pay it Forward thread I started on another forum I was able to get most of the parts for this build for almost free and as stated I traded for the stripped upper and complete lower I've got about $130 in it so far not counting the value of the stuff I traded counting trade value I've got about $470 in it sans BCG
  9. Ambivolent

    New guy intro and build

    Yea my birthday is coming up soon I'll probably be getting a BCM bolt carrier group as a present ;)
  10. Ambivolent

    New guy intro and build

    Well got a few parts in today and yesterday Got my barrel it's a CMMG 16" m4 profile barrel And I got a UTG quad rail Here a pic of it now the scope is there just to mock up the quad rail I have a Matech rear BUIS I'm waiting on Now all I need is my gas block, flash hider, gas tube, front sight and a Bolt carrier group
  11. Ambivolent

    cheap "Parkarize" experiment

    I did the same on one of my ak builds about 2 years ago and the paint is still holding up
  12. Ambivolent

    Big Bad Rifle Pic thread

    Yea to get the M1 style turret they quoted me 89.99 installed for the elevation I'm gonna wait to get it installed I inherited my rig from a family friend 10 years ago and shot it a few times before but never for accuracy when I shot it for the first time since I got it back from my pops who has been storing it I got a decent 5 shot group at 50yds well cept for the flyer that was the first shot
  13. Ambivolent

    Any opinions on the MPA (M11) type rifles?

    I had the MPA-30T I believe it was (fullsize M-11 clone in 9mm) top cocking pistol with the faux suppressor owned it for about 3 years and recently traded it for an AR-lower it's a fun pistol that's for sure accurate for the crude sights and would bumpfire like there was no tomorrow never jammed and ate all the cheap ammo I fed it I plan on getting another one later in but I want to get the defender model I believe it is (3" bbl short frame) If you do decide to get one invest in the mag loader after about 15-20 rounds it becomes a pain in the thumbs to load
  14. Ambivolent

    New guy intro and build

    Little update.... Last week my forward assist and ejection port cover came in and I got those installed right away I have a pay it forward thread on another firearms site and I'm recieving a railed gas block, hand guard retaining plate barrel nut with delta ring assembly and a set of handguards (I forgot to ask if they are carbine length or midlength) from one of the participants in that thread also found a regular charging handle for $5 shipped and that should be here soon also I'll post pics when all parts arrive
  15. Ambivolent

    Big Bad Rifle Pic thread

    Yea it has the friction adjustment I don't like it I'm more familiar with click adjustments I'm just going to get the elevation turret replaced since I don't really adjust for Windage that often