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  1. Jaeger48

    9mm up next

    I'd shot the top personally. 8 cents each is pretty good. I don't play with all lead cast which can go cheaper but I shoot indoor enough that I stick with jacketed or copper plated
  2. Jaeger48

    9mm up next

    I reload some very accurate stuff for my hunting rifles and garand. IIRC I average under $12 a box for hunting ammo compared to baseline tare cat's meow "precision" stuff that's usually over $30/box
  3. Jaeger48

    9mm up next

    9mm will take a longer time to make your money back. Assume brass is free and endlessly reusable so I don't include it in my cost calcs. Bullet is the expensive part and 10 cents on average. 2 cents for primer and another 2 for powder sets you at $.14/each so you're sitting at $7 a box. That 500/$99 is $10 a box. Now, you can order from PSA and they he specials running around $8 a box that are hard to beat. Reloading really makes sense for bigger less common stuff but you'll still usually be ahead of factory stuff.
  4. Jaeger48


    any other vehicle or just you? We need a story now.
  5. Jaeger48

    .300 AAC

    *double tap
  6. Jaeger48

    .300 AAC

    From my readings and some Internet heresay the Tac-TX is good to expand at 1,400 FPS. So, point stands. You want a suppressed home PDW then shoot big subs.l and get a shorty barrel. If you need range I'd stick with a longer barrel and supers. It depends on your needed use.
  7. Jaeger48

    Hey towtruck

    Happy birthday!
  8. Jaeger48

    .300 AAC

    No. You don't gain anything in suppressed bit surely will with supers. It depends on your intended role. This chart is taken from another forum bit shoes the velocity differences with barrel length. You're not picking up or losing as much as with 5.56 bit you are getting a gain. That gain is with supers so again, if you want subs them go shorty. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v726/abinok/412260_343799122333216_617473682_o.jpg
  9. Jaeger48

    .300 AAC

    You're still going to lose velocity by going shorter but it's a logarithmic function. I've also read 9" to be the optimized length for the short barreled option but you are losing velocity compared to a 16" especially with supers. Now, subs aren't really an issue because you're trying to keep them slower. R
  10. Jaeger48

    Best drop in trigger for the money

    I dropped my LaRue into an existing armory lower. I have an Aero lower waiting for a build but wanted the LaRue in one I'd use more. I lime the 2 stage feel better for a precision lowe vs the single stage.
  11. Jaeger48

    Grilling time

    That'd be an option. The hopper on this model isn't too big so I'll just run it dry and call it good when the rainy season starts
  12. Jaeger48

    Best drop in trigger for the money

    For a less expensive option than say the Geissle I'm very happy with the 2 stage LaRue MBT. It has a noticeable 2 stage pull but is super smooth and crisp.
  13. Jaeger48

    Mother's day trip

    So we spent Saturday with mommy for most of the day so today my 4 year old and I got a pass to go fishing. We didn't catch anything after lunch so we came home, made dinner, and then got a double green pass to go back. He caught little pile perch off the pier. He was LOVING IT. We haven't had any luck the prior 2 times we've been out so this was special. We used one of the dinkers as cut bait and I managed to hook into a 11ish flounder. He pulled that in like it was the lunker of a life time giggling the whole time. I love taking him out and it's one of the best things to see him so happy.
  14. Jaeger48

    SARCO ?

    They had some cheap GI 1911 mags, I had no trouble
  15. I needed my BUIS this weekend. My red dot battery went dead and I was still able to shoot.