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  1. Jaeger48

    So, Who Is At The Bench Today?

    I just heard TT's OCD buzzing like a bug zapper
  2. Jaeger48

    So, Who Is At The Bench Today?

    loading more 9mm. I see that pile of 223 brass and think about swaging primers, trimming to length... ugh, next time.
  3. Correlation is not causation. It's why I tell people I work with that I can any story with numbers.
  4. Jaeger48

    Pistol or rifle?

    Are you set on caliber?
  5. Jaeger48

    So, Who Is At The Bench Today?

    Started loading some 9mm again tonight. My primer feed tube was upside down so it was skipping a few which was a quick thing to sort out but the worst... absolute worst... Crimped primers. Fudge those so hard. They gum up the press so bad that I have to pull the plate and re-seat it again. had several get through my quick visual sort and that made a mess of things. Not more than a hundred loaded while I worked out. I'd do a set, load 10 or 15, do a set, and load more. Not bad for a half hour before bed.
  6. Jaeger48


    When I go shooting with friends sin the woods we pick up all our cases (brass or not). They're mostly not reloaders so I stock up on more while I'm out there. Speaking of, finally got the reloading bench set up at the new house and feeling more settled.
  7. Jaeger48

    Pants poll!!!

    Jeans = Gap straight leg or relaxed fit Slacks = CK flat front
  8. Is the gas block adjustable?
  9. Jaeger48

    I need some advice on .30-06 for deer

    My garand LOVES Hornady 150 grain SSTs and my 700 loves 165 regular ol' spitzer power points.
  10. Jaeger48

    Who would you want to officiate your wedding?

    I've officiated 5 weddings now. It isn't difficult if you've had some experience speaking in public.
  11. Jaeger48


    I just built a 9mm AR pistol but thinking of SBRing it. a 16" barrel is going to be overkill as a carbine but plenty out there. I bought a PSA lower that is milled for Glock mags but there are several lower block inserts that go right into your normal lower. You'll need a 9mm BCG. It uses a different buffer and is a blow back only. The mass of the bolt is balanced with the spring so it operates solely on the recoil of the bullet. It results in more felt recoil and has more weight than an AR bolt but that's the easy way to make the system work. I figured with mine that I'd break even at around 1k to 3k rounds different between the 9mm build and a 300 BO build. I have the BO but it's my light weight close range hunter. This one is going to be a great plinker.
  12. Jaeger48

    WANT! KR-9

    I need to get paperwork started for an Eform 1 to "make" an AR-9 pistol into a SBR
  13. Jaeger48

    WA Crab

    So my 5 year old loves fishing; especially salmon and crabbing. We've got 3 dungeness and a dozen red rock crab in the freezer. This weekend is also deer opener. I'm hoping we can have a local surf and turf Saturday.
  14. That's awesome! WA mulies are 3pt or better. I'm tempted to take my dad towards Spokane and look for some whitetails.
  15. It is 100% and was always meant to be. People during the depression signed up for it and we've worn it ever since.