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  1. Jaeger48

    EDC Selection

    If I'm at the store it's because I left work where I can't carry so I'd throw my wallet on the ground and run. If I'm leaving the mall aND have my kids my 380 comes out.
  2. Jaeger48

    PSA Upper/ Barrel Nut/ Thread Lock?

    I'm less worried about after talking it over with a friend who punched his out easy enough. I'd have to check my upper but I don't think they peened over the pins on the far side so it should be easy to drive them out if you have an armorer's block.
  3. Jaeger48

    EDC Selection

    I'm going to avoid that much trouble. If it's a real bad day then the rifle goes with. I've NEVER had that situation in my life.
  4. Jaeger48

    Cool or Crazy? Canmunition.

    Cool yes, much too expensive though.
  5. Jaeger48

    Had to get new tires on Thursday from Firestone

    I'll not go to Les Schwab. My bro-law has a wrecking yard so he gets a lot of automotive type people through. Nobody that has knowledge of their vehicle goes with LS.
  6. When in May and September? I'd like to do HG as well since that's more realistic for what I'd be running.
  7. There was the main instructor with 2 assisting. We had 40 people in class. It was far from a "do this different" feel with hands on for all students. There were a couple that didn't know where the bolt release was on their rifle. My buddy and I looked competent so we didn't get much attention after that.
  8. Yup. Went to a class last week and the instructor had something to say about double taps, something to the effect, "you've already chose to shoot. Keep shooting until they'reon the ground and not moving. Look at your shots and the vital zone (vtac targets). A lot of the shots are good scoring hits but I've seen guys get up and run for cover after that. Make them spaghetti sauce, 3 to 4 hits each and stop this double tap stuff.
  9. Bills in committee failed last night. Breathing a little easier now.
  10. Jaeger48

    .22 LR conversion kits

    I get some jams with my 22 kit, one of the brownells, but can consistently hit a metal 4x6 target at 25 yards and irons. I built a dedicated upper for my conversion to go into so I can't speak if it has a similar zero to the 223 POI. My 10/22 is more accurate but they are both fun.
  11. Jaeger48

    .22 WMR Semi Auto Pistol

    What do you see the WMR doing for you over the 22LR? I'm not trying to be antagonistic but I don't see the need as much as I would a 22 LR.
  12. Jaeger48

    Good Podcast

    Pat Mac on Joe Rogan. I really enjoy his perspective and how he's been a badass focused on working through life.
  13. Jaeger48

    Run Cows Run! Video of Oregon Shootout

    They didn't blur the numbers of people texting them? Boy people are stupid.
  14. Other thought- Guys, I'll joke around about doing burpees but seriously do some and stay in shape. I didn't feel that bad after a full day with rifle slung and full belt. Some of the more experienced guys were sitting down or calling it a day before the end of class physically... on a 300 round training session. I get genuinely angry when I hear people spout on about the 3%. Well, if 90% of you can't run a mile or squat your kit then you're no better than other keyboard ANTIFA warriors. I'm not in the shape I need to be but I can sure as s* hump my stuff and have enough left to shoot when there. Pat Mac says your body is your combat chassis- damn that's the truth.
  15. Oh, one thing. It was F*ING cold out and I wore my old Oakley gloves I used to play paintball in. Those were a both more difficult to run gear with but a life saver. If you think you'll ever need to wear gloves... wear them in a course or during your practice. That was very good experience to run and get the feel of how more difficult it was without full dexterity.