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  1. Jaeger48


    If PSA had included a BCG in their father's day dissy I'd be building the next AR. A dissy with dot or fixe rear would be awesome.
  2. Jaeger48


    maybe, I have a couple lowers in the safe that need builds.
  3. Jaeger48


    yeah... got the lower with pistol kit to start off the build. I can SBR it on a form1 with a 10 day turn around
  4. Jaeger48


    dammit, that makes me marginally think of the 16 but hard on a shorty...
  5. Every time I get an email hocking their stuff I send one right back that they won't get a dime until LaPierre is gone.
  6. Jaeger48


    Before WA goes full potato with 1639 I'm thinking an AR9 build would be a fun change of pace for plinking steel under 50 yards, ammo cost, and new shooters. My question is, as a pistol round I see going pistol or SBR as a good option since I'm not going to get the same blast as with a 223 10" barrel. I'm leaning pistol configuration. The SBR though would be nice for a real stock but bad in several ways (transfer across state lines, registered, tax stamp, etc) Pistol stinks for the brace but is otherwise pretty attractive? I can order a non configured lower and build when I choose. What say you?
  7. Jaeger48

    2019 Oregon draw results are in

    I just put in for WA tags. I need to start exploring out of state though.
  8. Jaeger48

    2019 Oregon draw results are in

    f* you in the nicest way possible. I got drawn for bupkiss.
  9. Jaeger48

    Who's lower to get?

    They're not the cheapest. They're in WA so my LGS had them on sale so I bought one for sub $75. I have yet to build it but the finish looks better than my Anderson lowers. The bolt release also has a set screw vs roll pin. That's an awesome feature when building.
  10. Jaeger48

    Who's lower to get?

    No love for Aero?
  11. Jaeger48

    AR Stoner barrel in 350 Legend

    I had a 4-12 vortex on it when I sighted it in but being a blk I put a 1-4 on top of it for the brushy hunting I expectto be using it for. I need to make sure I'm on zero before August.
  12. Jaeger48

    AR Stoner barrel in 350 Legend

    Same with my 16" 300blk but nitride. I have total confidence with my Tac-TX load being sub moa. I was blown away with how accurate it was compared to what I paid for the barrel. Varmageddon bullets are less impressive but for plinking loads they're fine.
  13. Jaeger48

    Some of you may not get this...

    I think it sounds much much better. I had that CD when I as early 20s.
  14. Jaeger48

    Some of you may not get this...

    But which version?
  15. Jaeger48

    Pictures......Yep Pictures.....

    Dead Guy is fantastic. Mirror Pond isn't my favorite but it was the last 6'er I had in the house. Black Butte Porter, Obsidian Stout, and Red Chair in that order.