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  1. I have and it works well for my dad in his 70s. He has a 44 mag Blackhawk with a 4" barrel.
  2. Lincoln City has a fishing charter that's not too far from Tillamook. Bend is beautiful if you're sticking to OR. WA it's hard to stay separated from major cities or freeways but Lake Chelan- Stehekin... I think that would be a great addition to your itinerary
  3. Pulled the recapping pin from my 300BLK die and mounted it in a Lee single stage vs the LNL. Pressed it down and formed a couple cases and test fit in the chamber. Ripped my trigger finger nail half way down the bed because I caught the forward assist with my nail mortaring it out. Did a dance of pain and then sized another. It pulled out just fine. Sized another to be sure and now they chamber and eject with no effort so I know it's fitting the chamber better. Time to size the rest I've processed and do a little trim to make sure they're all good for length.
  4. Does a like mean you're interested or just that you've seen it?
  5. I have an old SKS stock for a project rifle that I sold.
  6. awesome, does everything fit?
  7. I fell asleep with my phone in that last post. It's silly enough that I'll let it stand.
  8. Looks like an over pressure failure and is probably from an obstruction.
  9. I've wanted one but $100+ has always kept me away
  10. Heard this morning that a guy in the office list his brother to covid this week. I have no idea on health, age, etc. I hate that he lost a fully member and am thinking through how to balance the return to normalcy and be empathetic. I don't mind wearing the mask at work (required) and do at stores to placate others. I think so many people are clueless though as Pepper said with cross contamination.
  11. I've loaded up 800 plus rounds of 223 in the past month (processing all the brass with staked pockets is a b****) but one part of reloading has gotten much better with the purchase of this tool. https://www.midwayusa.com/product/1016143772?pid=714745 Filling tunes one at a time was excruciatingly slow. A minute tops now when a tray is loaded to the tune ready for the press
  12. They're required for us at work now and WA is encouraging them outside if going to a store. I'll do it if it could help set elderly people that are more vulnerable.
  13. WA had fishing on the "no go" list during our stay home order. Tomorrow it opens up and sure as shat I'll be taking our 5 year old out tomorrow. He's been so anxious to go and heart broken that we can't. This will be great for him.
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