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  1. I am not sure if this is the right place to post this, so if it isn't I am sorry in advance. I am almost done with my .358AR Suppressed SBR project. All I need is an adjustable gas block. I found one on Midway that I want (Pri Adjustable) for $65. Anyone have a 20% off coupon? $10 off $50 or $20 off 100?
  2. Thanks for the quick reply. The pressure is the main reason I am even considering the .35 Remington over the .358 Winchester. Don't quote me on this but I believe the .35 Rem operates around 33,000 CUP while the .358 Winchester operates at 52,000 CUP. My HOPE is that the .35 Rem will cut down on some of the noise and flash exhibited by the .308/.358 in short barrel applications, while maintaining 2,000+ pounds of energy out of a 12.5" barrel.
  3. If I go through with this SBR I think I will go with a 12.5" BULL Barrel or as thick as possible. I also plan to have it dimple fluted to keep it balanced, as I have a Magpul UBR stock.
  4. For the past year I have been buying all the peripheral parts for my next build. I have everything but a BCG and Barrel. I want this to be more of a fun range gun to plink with within 300 yards. I am having second thoughts about using the .308 with such a short barrel(12.5" + Muzzle Break, probably 14" overall) I was thinking about the expansion ratios of different calibers and came to the conclusion that a .35 cal bullet with low powder volume might be the most efficient in this type of gun. My first thought was the .358 Winchester, but that still has a lot of powder behind it. What do you guys think of the .35 Remington for a SBR? Do both use the same bolt face? I already have a 20" .260 bolt(Same as .243/7mm-08/.308/.338 Fed/.358 right?) and barrel for any long range shooting. The .35 Rem has less powder capacity than the .358 Win, so the FLASH of wasted powder would most likely be less. On the other hand I could just download the .358 Win until I achieved the desired burn rate. And maybe use a faster burning powder and lighter bullet. I am just toying with this Idea and wondered what the experts thought. Just an afterthought, I would like to stay with a cartrige that will allow 20 rounds in the magazine, just like the .308. I prefer Pmags(I have 10 already) so if at all possible I would like to stay with them.
  5. Sorry for all the questions, but do the 308 lowers have the molded in trigger guards? Billet right? Again I am sorry for all the questions, but I am in quite a hurry, 3 Gun matches start soon, and my wife is burning through the tax return faster than I can type, hehe!!!!!!!! I am already buying a gen 3 P-415 tonight, and would like to know about the .308 before so I can buy at the same time. Are these .308s "P308 GEN III (SEMI-AUTO) BLACK ANODIZED PN# LR308-SA-G3" or an older version? All I care about is the right hand bolt drop.
  6. Will LR-20 P-Mags fit in a POF lower? I need info on both Gen 3 P-415 and the .308 version. Thanks in advance! P.S. What stripped uppers other than POF will fit them? I don't mind using pin adapters, but I would like one with pins that match.
  7. I am interested in buying a POF P415 Gen 3 lower and a POF .308, but I have a few questions first. What uppers will fit POF lowers? Any potential problems, or proprietary equipment I need to know about? Will a standard LPK work? Will Magpul P-Mags Fit the AR-15 and/or .308 version? Can you tell me the exact name of the .308 version so I can see it it has the features I need. I'm going to buy them as soon as these questions are answered, please save one for me.
  8. I am interested in buying a POF P415 Gen 3 lower, but I have a few questions first. What uppers will fit it? Any potential problems, or proprietary equipment I need to know about? Will a standard LPK work? Will Magpul P-Mags Fit the AR-15 and/or .308 version? Also, I am interested in a POF .308 Lower receiver. same questions for that?
  9. As of now it looks like there is very little ammo available, but in the future things will change. As for now, if I decode to go with the 50 B&M SA or .458 B&M SA I will probably be reloading. It's impractical, but having a semi auto .458 or .500 with 4000-5000 foot lbs of energy in a semi auto makes my heart race. The balistics are basically the same as the .50 Alaskan. and/or 458 Win Mag.
  10. Also, do they make big bore silencers? Preferably one that would fit on a Flash suppressor/Comp.
  11. There is also a necked down version in the works that uses .458 cal. .458 B&M SA I can't wait!!!!!
  12. Here are what they look like with the AR-10
  13. .50 B&M SA Anyone have any info on this round?
  14. I have built myself a very nice and super strong fully custom "AR10" I wish to make this a SBR 11" to 12" or at max a 16" barrel including comp. I have found a few interesting big bore options, including: .358 Winchester .358 (WSM) .375 (WSM) .450 Marlin .458 B&M SA (AWESOME) Think bigger/longer .458 SOCOM .500 B&M SA (AWESOME) Think bigger/longer .50 Beowulf Etc. My question is, will these larger bore heavier bullets be as/more efficient out of a SBR for up close CQB work than the smaller lighter bullets. I am just trying to find a good round with "Thumper" potential to fire out of my "AR10" platform.
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