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  1. KeithB078

    Forum for FFL Dealers

    I am working on a forum for FFL dealers to Network, also a place for a person who wants to get a FFL to ask questions and get help. Please check it out and make suggestions and ideas to make it better. Thanks http://ffldealers.46.forumer.com/
  2. Stag makes their own piston system i think, it looks like CMMG's so either CMMG makes them or Stag does. It's a well made system
  3. My Daniels Defense Omega 7 large piston quad rail for my Stag 8 came in today. As always with DD very nice fit.
  4. KeithB078

    Palmetto Arms shiiping times??

    They are great to deal with, but i just order stuff and forget it, then when it arrives i am happy :oh yea:
  5. It looks good, they make a drop in for the piston guns as well. I only wish the rail went back to the receiver rail. I may buy the MI free float, not crazy about cutting the delta ring off though, not afraid to by any means, easy job if one takes his time, , but once it's off it's off til i pull the barrel
  6. I have the DD Omega 7 on my Stag model 3 and love the looks and feel. but i now need a Quad rail for my model 8 piston AR, and i don't like the looks for the 3 pc DD Omega 7 for piston ARs, i don't care for the Sampson C either So i am looking close at the Midwest Industries 2pc free float here is the DD 3 pc for piston guns https://danieldefense.com/rail-systems/pist...e-diameter.html and the MI quad rail, $100 less as well http://www.midwestindustriesinc.com/index....category_id=245
  7. Found this Gun maintenance bench by MTM at Gander Mountain for $29.99 It's not made for ARs, but seems to work OK for cleaning and such.. Lots of places to put for supplies and tools, even has a place for 2 cleaning rods. http://www.mtmcase-gard.com/products/shoot...ning-rmc-5.html
  8. I own two Stags, these upper and lowers are well made and fit together so nicely. Stag machines their own receivers, they make parts for others as well, so why is some other lower like Spikes, Aero Precision or CMMG etc for instance better than Stag? Every review or article you read about Stag Arms says they pay attention to detail and make good parts. Thanks for your valued input
  9. KeithB078

    New Member...New Build

    Welcome , very nice build
  10. This Stag 8 has a much nice trigger pull than my Stag 3. So as i am cleaning it this afternoon, i noticed the hammer is different. Stag 3 Stag 8
  11. KeithB078

    Tested the Stag m8

    thanks, pretty good for my old eyes
  12. KeithB078

    Tested the Stag m8

    Thanks, i forgot to mention this m8 has a very decent trigger
  13. KeithB078

    Tested the Stag m8

    First thing i noticed; is the brass does not eject as far as the DI gun, but other than that, i didn't feel it shoot any different, very nice AR. at first it was a bit low, the front sight post was turned way up first 20 rounds, as i was adjusting front sight second 20, pretty much right on except shooter error, being left i tend to pull left.
  14. KeithB078

    Picked up my Stag Arms model 8 today

    Thanks, was partially a Christmas gift from the wife, i have a great one