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  1. wish2no

    Talk to me about home security systems.

    WELL Fu*k. Post got whacked twice. Simple thought, would a UPS keep internet going if house power lost?
  2. wish2no

    Good Evening from Alaska!

    Welcome back! Things are whatever you chose to make them! So all is well. Stick around and chat.
  3. wish2no

    Good Morning!

  4. wish2no

    Buffer tube system

    Interesting, never seen the Odin product. If you have $$ to burn... https://www.jprifles.com/
  5. wish2no

    Talk to me about home security systems.

    Have heard about this but never really looked into it (didnt have internet until a month or 2 ago). Have to check this out. Thanks for posting.
  6. wish2no

    Wolfgang Car Care Products

    Thanks Rampy, will have to check it out. Of course I am not showing my truck, I just want to protect it. Being in OR we get ice on roads and sometimes they use chemical de-icers, and maybe salt (?). Plus close to the ocean. want to avoid rust, but a pretty shine and water that beads and slides off is a big plus. We do live in a rain cloud 8 months out of the year.
  7. wish2no

    Hey newbe

    Sure sounded like it. Everyone (cough-cough) knows if a spiders legs are moving it is still alive... and seeking revenge on newbe. Especially if it a neuro intoxicated killer zombie spider with a grudge because someone just smacked it with a lawn chair.
  8. wish2no

    The Futility of a Gun Buyback

    Its scary yet somehow exciting. By that I mean it the time is approaching when we decide who we are. I dont want violence, I hope it never comes to that. But the pushing continues, just little scratches to see how far they can push. I am sure I quoted an anonymous previously, but to me it just seems to click. Paraphrasing now, been a while since I have seen the quote, but the jest was: Conservatives and the 2nd Amendment are not a rheostat, we are an on/off switch. And they are terrified of flipping that switch. And I can see this logic. Lets hope this next election goes well.
  9. wish2no

    Good Morning!

    Morning G Morning Joel Morning everyone.
  10. wish2no

    Hey newbe

    The hilarious conversation at the PNW campout between you and TowTruck talking about how spiders legs are hydrophilic, and how TT tried to poison you with a neurotoxin when you visited him, are indelibly etched in my brain. Makes me laugh every time I think about it.
  11. wish2no

    Father-in-Law Funeral Today

    I find the entire thing very emotional. I dont handle death well. Guess it is the fear of the unknown.
  12. wish2no

    did something stupid this weekend

    You take care grunt. Something I keep telling myself now that I am an "Old" guy... I feel like a 25 year old stuck in a broken body. The spirit want to go-go-go but the body says no-no-no. My mind says yeh, going to conquer the world today and my body laughs, shakes its head and says WTF you fool? Why dont you try getting up, taking a shower and go from there.... arsehole.
  13. Anyone ever heard of it? Is it as good as they claim and the reviewers seem to think? Looks very expensive, but maybe not if you can really as many uses from it as they claim. Would something like this be good for a regular every day car (I am looking at some their cheapest products) or just get some cheaper product like..... (?). Thoughts or opinions? I had never heard of them before. https://www.wolfgangcarcare.com/
  14. wish2no

    I like this idea.

    Totally agree. Funny how that works isnt it. Ironic.
  15. wish2no

    Went to a flea market today

    Flea markets can be fun. I like those old tractor sprinkelers... the ones where the from wheel rides/follows where you lay the hose. Then hits a bumper at the end that turns off the water. My uncle always had on... with the cast iron wheels. After seeing it I always wanted one too. Pretty expensive new. Good find!