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  1. wish2no

    Good Morning!

    Good Evening or perhaps happy EARLY Monday to many!
  2. wish2no


    Dang, the bins in the back of my truck must worth a fortune. And I would give it all away just to give myself more room for other things. Probably make the local fire department feel a lot more at ease too.
  3. If congress were bound to the same laws they dump on us we would have far fewer and less restrictive bills being proposed.
  4. Agree New-ARB87. The idea is sound, most the people are asleep and used to being hand fed. Hopefully a real Leader will turn up and wake this Republic up. John
  5. Too bad the antifa creature didnt end up with the knife up his ass. It amazes me law enforcement dosent come down hard on these creeps.
  6. Very nice! Hope it lives up to your expectations!
  7. I LOVE Pickles!! Put a pickle on a stick, put it in front of my nose and I will follow you anywhere. Too bad the peanuts didnt stand up. I have seen dill pickle spice you can add to popcorn or chips that is pretty good. https://www.spicebarn.com/dill_pickle_popcorn_seasoning.htm John
  8. Wondering if you gave up on pizzas. I make a killer pizza. Honestly a pizza is ALL about the crust. Toppings should be limited. Here is a link to making the dough. You really need 00 Flour. I ordered min on line. For a pizza it requires a high protien content. Also notice the sauce... need to keep the seeds whole to get a layered flavor profile. Watch the video... bet it helps. Actually 3 videos, first one is on the dough. Second one is making the sauce, third the classic Marghrita pizza, which has become my favorite and specialty. Dough: THE SAUCE: The PIZZA:
  9. Makes me think of a VW Bug with a truck bed.
  10. Nice. That holster and belt are awesome! Everybody is getting a new gun but me.
  11. Interesting. Never heard of them before. I have never been an FA person myself although wouldnt mind shooting one sometime just "cause". At todays ammo prices it would probably never get used if it were in my safe.
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