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  1. wish2no

    Hey gshayd

    Happy Birthday
  2. wish2no

    Eating in the 1950's

    Sounds right. Also, during wwII they came out with margarine, which is opaque white and included a packet of coloring to make it appear like butter.
  3. wish2no

    Coming home to a good meal

    Yes, this is correct. Growing up in Texas, beans were always served in a bowl on the side. I have not had chili in a long time, motivated to make some now!
  4. wish2no

    What I feel like this morning....

    I think he is cute as can be. Reminds me of Bill the cat...
  5. wish2no

    Trump @ War

    Yes, this is going to be a contentious election regardless how it goes. I would like to see us gain huge majorities in both houses and in the governors offices across the country. The libs are already nuts. How do they not see how ridiculous they are acting.
  6. wish2no

    This is just too dang cool.

    That is a neat truck. Wouldn't mind driving something like that around.
  7. wish2no

    Yea, It's Monday.

    Don't you hate it when that happens?
  8. wish2no

    New rules

    That sucks. You do all of them at the same time? Who issues the test?
  9. wish2no

    Good Morning!

  10. wish2no

    Yea, It's Monday.

    Man! That would ruin your whole day!
  11. wish2no

    Good Morning!

    Morning. Sure missing having internet at home!!!
  12. wish2no

    Sears Goes Bankrupt, Mired in Debt and Deserted by Shoppers

    I think Sears lawn and garden may still exist. Sears Craftsman riding lawnmower almost always came out on top of consumer value. Perhaps B&D has taken it over.
  13. wish2no

    Another project in the works

    Good work Tow! Maintenance will always pay off.