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  1. I agree with both of you. Also, what exactly is "Hoarding"? I dont see something accumulated over years of saving to be hoarding. To me, hoarding would be someone who went out at the first sign of the virus and bought up everything they could. But, that could be a business "investment" or for personal use, and there is no law against hoarding, or selling it. There was a story a while back about the guy who bought a butt load of hand sanitizer and he was not allowed to sell it. He ended up having to just give it away. Seems VERY wrong to me. I hope a lot of this comes up in the courts. We need to stop people making up rules, statutes and laws out of their ass because they think it is for the public good. Its the old "For the children" argument.
  2. wish2no

    Friendly diversion. My watch collection

    Nice. I like watches. Cant afford to collect them, but have a Sekio autowind that was my Dads. I spent more having it fixed than it is worth, but, it was my dads, so I dont mind.
  3. wish2no

    Samurai Film Festival

    One of my favorites... Ichi, The blind samurai.. 9 minutes long.
  4. wish2no

    Awesome photo of the day.

    Cool picture. Not many windows on those ships are there?
  5. wish2no

    HR 5717 Gun Violence Prevention Act of 2020

    Yes, exactly. AND, there should be a constitutional test for each item in any bill. Furthermore, ANY bill introduced that even is suspect of having an unconstitutional idea in it should be killed, and the person who introduced it, if a blatant violation, should be held accountable politically and publicly. With some sort of punishment for not taking their oath seriously and making the effort to even understand the constitution.
  6. The possibility of Constitutional abuse and later retention of those Unconstitutional policies is at a high risk right now. We need to be vigilant and point out any abuses and peruse them.
  7. Kind of an off topic but it raised my curiosity. Headline: Dairy Plants Dumping Unused Milk as Demand Dries Why not dehydrate, powder or turn into cheese for future use? Put in the national stockpile for food emergencies? I guess maybe the facilities dont exsist to handle the demand, but really seems ashamed to me. And what a loss for the dairy farmer. Just think how much lower prices might go if this was able to be put into the market. I say all of this being one who does not like or drink milk (I do love cheese). https://www.newsmax.com/newsfront/virus-outbreak-dairy-plants-dairy-farms/2020/04/02/id/961068/
  8. I am not laughing. In spite of the gov paying market value for the items it was his property. Sounds unconstitutional to me. I think it is morally wrong to try and make a profit off of this issue, but free market... he made an investment and it was taken from him. They dont say if the guy had planned to sell the items... if not, and he was merely saving for his own use/survival of himself, friends and local community I think the government is WAY WAY out of hand in seizing his stockpile. I dont know. Maybe you disagree with me and thats fine, tell me why. The constitution, I keep coming back to it during this issue, says outright in the 4th Amendment that it requires the government to allow Americans to be secure in their person, papers and effects. https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2020/apr/2/justice-dept-hhs-distribute-coronavirus-supplies-s/
  9. wish2no

    Hey alpo

    Happy Birthday 
  10. VERY Interesting. So, how will the government compensate all those who destroyed their stocks via an illegal federal action? I am so glad to see a court follow the constitution... any topic, not just this one. Government has gotten so abusive and out of hand it is like a Kraken. john
  11. wish2no

    Hey Valkyrie1911

    Happy Birthday 
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    Good Morning!

    Morning/afternoon all.
  13. Sponsored by the Russian Govt... good video, about 25 minutes.
  14. Just a short 1/4 page comment... jest of it in the snip.. SNIP: " Economic depression and unemployment can be overcome, but a massive loss of American civil liberties might be tough to unwind, according to economist Ben Stein on Newsmax TV. " https://www.newsmax.com/newsfront/benstein-economist-stimulus-pandemic/2020/04/01/id/961001/