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  1. Just graduated from High School. Years later I was working at a motor shop in Tampa FL that repaired Onan generators. Evil pulled in with his motor home for some repairs and mingled with us workers. I told him a friend of mine had a 7 year old son who worshiped him. He pulled out a photo of himself and signed it to Stephen, my friends son. I gave it to his dad to give to his son and he said his kid melted he was so happy.
  2. Someone besides a lot of skill, has a lot of time on their hands.
  3. Moisture is definitely a legitimate concern. First, you need to be sure to drain an water that accumulates in the tank on a regular basis. Also, at least in my case I have a water separator in the line followed by an oilier. Here is an example although you can get lesser units at around $10.00. https://www.amazon.com/NANPU-Compressed-Regulator-Lubricator-Separator/dp/B07PB7WRZJ
  4. I am sorry, that is scary looking so must be illegal. The bullet thingy probably holds more than 3 rounds which makes it an assault weapon. And it is black, that is pure evil and scary... you are going to have to change that. Its got a thingy on the front of the barrel and a tubular thing by the receiver that can only be good for killing masses of innocent people. I am afraid you are going to have to get rid of it. I will send you my address. Sweet!
  5. wish2no

    Good Morning!

    Afternoon from the PNW where a light rain has almost made the air breathable again. The dense, thick, noxious smoke has made for a difficult couple of weeks.
  6. Well, you are speaking CA. TX surely has an exemption in this case. All it is missing is a longhorn rack on the front, although looking at the shape of the vents that may be what they are trying to emulate.
  7. Here where I live there is a large asian population and you will find bacon like that in most grocery stores. All sorts of thicknesses from 1/4 inch in increments up to 1 inch. The butchers will cut it to whatever size you want. Good stuff. Try cooking it like a Peking duck. Time consuming, do a large batch, but delicious.
  8. WELL, it all makes sense now!
  9. I have made my own rubs and sauces many times in the past. What I did learn, more specifically with the dry rubs, is only make as much as you plan to use in a couple of days. Inevitably when I have tried to make extra to store for the next cook it turns into a hard hockey puck in the jar.
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rrTk0zRUdpY
  11. It would be fun but likely not as efficient or effective as sending in some logging crews like the ones who clear the paths for power transmission towers. Reminds me of a plan to use nuclear weapons to clear the route for route 66 through the mojave. Glad they didnt do that!
  12. wish2no

    Good Morning!

    Evening. Things slowly clearing up but still very nasty outside
  13. Thats awesome! My Mom is 88, sharp as a tack, line dances, drives, mows her 3 acres on the tractor herself etc. When I left TX for OR I left a beautiful, pristine Ithaca model 37 with Damascus steel barrel and a .22, 9 shot revolver model unknown at the house so if I flew out there I would feel comfortable. My Mom used to shoot the shotgun on occasion when we would go dove or quail hunting.
  14. wish2no

    Good Morning!

    Evening from HELL. At least it looks and feels like it outside. Whole freaking state is on fire.
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