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  1. wish2no

    Thoughts From the "Throne"

  2. wish2no

    Bitten by what?

  3. wish2no

    Last of the Doolittle Raiders dies in San Antonio

    I heard a story about him on the radio this morning. He was also the oldest person of the group.
  4. wish2no

    Great!! Just great! Where is the F35?

    Lets hope so. Russians or chiineese would be like finding a golden egg. Agreed... did they find the pilot?
  5. wish2no

    Where are we on Bump stocks?

    This was the last I heard also. So if they win, I assume the company would be compensated.... how will all the people who did destroy or turn theirs in be compensated for their loss? What comes of the units people didn't destroy or turn in if the ruling is declared unconstitutional? Actions like this are just mind boggling. Guess with this logic and unethical type of law-making they could ban red cars if they wanted and make you turn them in or destroy them without compensation. Makes me worry when they will do the same with our AR's or really any other type of firearm or accessory. Oregon had a bill some time ago that proposed to ban every weapon that could hold more than 5 rounds. So much for rule of law.
  6. wish2no

    The Armory is in mourning.

    Wow. Unbelievable. What a sad surprise. RIP and Godspeed. I will miss his posts.
  7. wish2no

    Now they're coming for MY guns!

    Why are ALL these laws in All the states not declared unconstitutional? Seems to me the the 2nd amendment was never to be infringed... how do these laws stand scrutiny? Very frustrating to me. And wrong. What will it take to right these unconstitutional laws? How come if someone was arrested they just couldn't claim it as a natural right and that should be the end of it.
  8. wish2no

    Good Morning!

  9. wish2no

    Silent Capture Buffer/Spring Assembly

    I have one of the JP silent capture buffers and they are wonderful. Very quiet. and easy to install plus very versatile. You will like it.
  10. wish2no

    Good Morning!

  11. AGREED. I think we all deserve regress.
  12. Where did you find this info that the bill is dead? I see now the REPUBLICANS are trying to pass a bumpstock bill. When will it all end? I was also thinking, had the bill passed and became law it would have made law enforcement persons vulnerable and endanger them. If you were going to be a felon for owning one of these outlawed guns I would imaging some would chose to fight it out rather than go to jail. For example if you were carrying and got pulled over, you know you are going to be fined and go to prison I would suspect there are those who would shoot without warning and go on the run for as long as possible. Just saying, this could be a terrible consequence of having such draconian laws.
  13. wish2no

    Good Morning!

    Afternoon. My weekly trip to the library for internet!
  14. wish2no

    Wearing Perscription Glasses when shooting

    Thanks for all the input on this!