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  1. I agree, the intimidation factor is real. Also you mention another problem, running out of ammo before you know it. I can see legitimate uses for full auto and certainly believe it should come as a standard feature on all weapons capable of such. It would probably get more "Bad Guy TV Rambos" killed while responsible users would be very judicious about using it in full auto and end up surviving more often than not. There was an interesting study and I can only vaguely summarize right now, so dont take these numbers as fact... But the British I believe did a study and before having access to full auto the kill ratio per round fired was around 1 in 10. Once full auto was an option that ratio jumped to 500 to 1. Again, these are made up numbers, I am unable to locate the study right now, but you get the idea.
  2. What a bunch of pansy ass, cry baby , thinking they are entitled, dishonest, repulsive, losers. And thats giving them the benefit of the doubt. Plus i dont want to get banned for saying what I really think of them.
  3. I wont miss not having access to soybeans. We should trade them for steaks.
  4. I am surprised it would be that high. As much as I abhor "his" policies it is very sad to see someone as "sick/mentally lost" as Joe being used as a puppet. Joe is obviously not making any decisions, he is mentally unable to. So whoever is making the policy is also extremely out of touch with the populace and what is important to us. That is very dangerous. His party is dangling Joe by his puppet strings and using his power to force an agenda completely against what the public wants. And the media goes along with it. A total coup attempt. Luckilly I believe they played their cards too soon to be successful but it going to be painful and expensive to undo all the damage done in his name. If the democratic party had any compassion at all they would let Joe out to pasture in a nice supportive house and let him live out what life he has remaining without stress and duties. Allowing him to be used is dangerous to our country. I pray this is resolved in the coming election. It would be wonderful to come out of this next midterm election with good republican/constitutional super majority and begin to dismantle all the worthless departments, like the DOE, Green advocates,etc. and severely investigate and remove/try and imprison all those in the CIA, ATF, and other alphabet departments until we have a group of genuine people looking after our own interests... not those of other countries ot the lgbtq...abcdef queer and other minority groups that have taken over. Sorry to be so blunt but they need a good look at life and how they are ruining it for everyone.
  5. I bought a .22LR NAA perhaps 20 years ago. Took it to the range and didnt know what to expect. From around 5 yards my first shot... hit the target pretty centered and it was easy to tell the round had tumbled by the hole in the paper. Also, after that shot because of the small grip the barrel was pointed straight up at the sky. A few more rounds pretty much the same results. That was that. Then they came out with an ingenious new grip that you could fold the gun into making it safe and when you drew the gun the grip would rotate out and lock giving you a much better grip. Rounds still tumbled, not sure what I was shooting it was so long ago, probably Remington T-bolt. When folded back up into the grip the guns print was only slightly larger than the gun without the grip. The grip made the gun 99% easier to aim and shoot with the additional safety when in your pocket. It was a novelty to me at the time... like I said, 20 years ago probably, it was new on the market and cost right at $200.00 if I recall. If I Still had it it would be interesting to see how the newer ammo worked in it. I believe it was all stainless steel, barrel maybe 1.5 inches long. Not sure if it was rifled or not. Would be interesting to experiment with now. Very concealable, and perhaps somewhat effective as a backup pistol. As I said I paid right at $200.00 for it 20 years ago. Not sure what a replacement would cost at todays prices.
  6. The real answer is to not infringe the constitution and bill of rights. Full auto vs someone with a fast finger is pretty much negligible. Actually, in my opinion, having to pull the trigger each round is actually superior to full auto except under certain circumstances. Having to pull the trigger between rounds gives you even at the least some control to adjust your aim. Full auto, you recklessly waste (again my opinion) a minimum of 50% of the rounds fired. I do not have the article at hand but during WWII I believe it was they analyzed rounds fired per kill. The full auto was totally destroyed by the ratio of rounds fired per kill. My thoughts are, if settled into a ditch or bunker you are better served using semi auto. Of course there are exceptions, perhaps if being charged by many troops or bad guys the inherent random fire may serve you well if by no other means than terrifying to other side by the number of rounds put down range. I actually find this "funny" when watching movies. Some guy will splash 30 rounds into a wall and surrounding area only to be taken down by the guy wiith a pistol who waits and actually aims their weapon. I know, its movies. But I dont have any trouble thinking of it in an actual context. Spray and pray vs aim and have a much better chance of hitting the target. I suppose this is why full auto weapons have never found a place in my heart or gun locker. Yeh, it may be fun once to let a 30 round magazine rip. But in real life, it would seem a waste unless you had two people backing you up carrying thousands of rounds of linked ammo. Just my opinion. Many people enjoy it for reasons of their own. Me, if someone is attacking me at home I will stick with the semi auto. Just seems more efficient in my mind.
  7. I had to replace my old heat pump when a tree service dropped a tree on top of my old unit. The unit was 15 years old, not very efficient. The cost to have the trees dropped was $2K. In the end they did not charge us for the tree work but we still had to replace the entire heat pump unit... INSIDE and outside. Cost around $15K. Coleman unit with custom made inside emergency heat coils and handlers. That hurt. But needed done anyway. After getting over the shock of the cost it has been a very good, reliable unit. HEPA 16 filters, electric heat kicks in when outside temps drop mbelow about 40 degrees. Do have a wood stove I can fire up but not worth the trouble for a couple hours a morning. I will tell you having the HEPA 16 filters is huge! We have had forest fires that blotted out the sun the past couple years. Going outside was like walking into tear gas. Inside the house, as long as I could make the GF keep the door closed was still very comfortable. The smoke, even over a period of 2 weeks was still under control and much more comfortable. I have since bought an HEPA 16 filter with carbon linings that I just keep unused in the heat pump space. HEP 16 filters are very expensive... at least mine is at 5 inches deep and about 24x 36 . I keep the new filter in the heat pump room for emergencies and run an HEPA 12/14 filter for regular use at 1/2 the cost of the HEPA 16. But when needed I have the hepa 16 ready to install. Heat pumps are pretty efficient at temperatures above 45 degrees in winter and cant be beat for A/c in the summer. Living in OR we only run the A/C maybe 2 weeks total all summer long. 90% of the year I just open windows from a crack to wide open and it works out well. Smoke and sometimes pollen it is desirable to run the heat pump unit. John
  8. I might add to this... sorry I was unable to figure out how to just edit it... but after a couple very serious incidents where I realized I was out of my league (remember I live on a small property surrounded by huge large properties, 500 - 2000 acres, in a canyon, no cell signal) I bought myself an ACR PLB... personal locator beacon, satellite communications that can send help to my position anywhere on earth. Even it, in my location still fails its tests 50% of the time due to trees and hillsides... but it is an excellent LAST RESORT cry for help if needed. Not expensive if you figure the cost over its 6 year lifespan... and it makes my Mom more at ease knowing I have it with me. I think it is something anyone traveling or exploring, especially if alone should consider ( https://www.acrartex.com/products/resqlink-plb-375/ ). Try your cell phone first. If things get life threatening then use the Personal Locator Beacon. I am in an area very high in cougars and bears. If I feel I am going to be stuck out overnight, in the cold, possibly with injuries, weapon or not, no cell signal... this is what I would pull out and activate. Absolute last resort rescue option. But it is comforting to have it and as mentioned gives my family in TX ( I am in Oregon) a margin of comfort also. I cannot recommend it more highly for anyone going off the beaten trail. Of course use common sense to begin with... let people know where you are going and when you expect to return. Just some thoughts from an old explorer who does not want to die sooner than necessary! John
  9. Agree with all of you. At the opposite end of the spectrum I have SO MUCH STUFF I can take care of myself as well as a couple neighbors. ONE of my garage refrigerator is overrun with medical supplies. I have no qualms about this... the way I keep bumping into things and falling down I use them regularly... quick clot, bandages, large bottles of iodine, triple antibiotic, antibiotics and a plethora of other items. I can tape everyone in the neighborhood together into a big ball if needed. Water is my weakness. I have a well but it is useless without power. Winter is no problem, lots of rain and snow. Summer is VERY DRY and a big problem without a water source. Everyone in the town gardens. Plus, the town is close knit and looks after eachother which is a huge benefit. AS A COMMUNITY I BELIEVE I AM IN FAIR SHAPE. As a community our biggest weakness would be power and fuel. With electricity and gas/diesel we could be pretty independent. Take fuel away and we would still find a way although with more difficulty. I am getting older and make it a point to make myself part of the community. As I have gotten older I have been very surprised at how much more difficult it is to do things I previously thought routine. It is difficult to accept. But there is no getting around it. I was VERY strong and motivated 20 years ago. I still have the motivation but the body says 'aint happening. Projects that took an hour 15 years ago can take me a full day now. It is "depressing" but normal. Bottom line, I have a very good supply of survival, bushcraft items... using them now would mean I am in a crisis situation and hopefully I could still make them all work. I do keep a major first aide pack in my vehicle, a firearm, and blankets/cloths if I should get stuck on the highway. I am no longer (and never was) Rambo... I have had an extreme life in the wilderness all of my life and actually used all these supplies at one time or another. I have now realized I am not able to do that any more. I can do things, as mentioned, 15 years ago would take an hour, today 15 hours... so given a true survival situation It would be very difficult but I might be able to survive it... I do carry the supplies, but my body dosent have the strength to do it by myself any more... unless I absolutely had to in which case I would draw on my previous knowledge and experiences and through shear determination get it done... maybe. ..
  10. Totally get it. When I was buying them they ran about $$5.00 a tray for the blueberry desserts, perhaps $7.00 a tray for the taco filling and misc sausage trays. Corn, green beans, and other veggies ran around $5.00 a tray. These prices my the way also included shipping if you bought them in lots of 4 trays at a time (mixed entries or the same). I guess I was lucky to get what I got when I did. I bought a few of the taco filling, and personally dont care for them much. Not because of age, they are just bland to me. I have pulled out a package here or there during family get togethers... put some salsa and sour cream on the table along with the taco shells and everyone is happy. Not killed anyone yet!.... that I am aware of! ; ) John
  11. Great video showing how trigger functions work. Still, also that which makes it legal is you still need to pull the trigger each round, semi-auto. For a young person with functioning fingers it appears it could allow for faster repeat fire. When you enter an "old guy" into the equation (if I am understanding it correctly) it still requires the necessary one pull, one round function. For those of us with old, arthritic hands this is of no value as we are limited by the ability of our fingers to react quickly enough to make any difference. If I am reading this right, a standard semi auto is going to give me the same rate of fire as this trigger. NOT to knock the trigger, it as a human muscle coordination issue. For someone like me who has arthritis it would be easy to just pull the trigger back once and allow the weapon to fire. But no matter how easy you make it, still following batfe regulations, to fire still requires semi auto it is of no use to old hands unable to respond as quick as the trigger allows. I wish there were a way around this... full auto resolves the issue yet remains illegal which in my opinion should be a major court challenge.. besides being afoul of the 2nd amendment, it also discriminates against older persons with physical limitations. When someone comes up with a legal method for full auto that works for many people with physical limitations, especially in their hands, designers will receive no benefit from such innovations. I find that unfortunate. Want to become the next Stoner, figure out a mechanical solution to this problem and become rich .... until the batfe finds a way to illegally outlaw it under current laws and legislation.
  12. I will keep an eye out for it. For a senior this may be a "Best" most usable option.
  13. Musk vs the entire internet.
  14. Its Washington State. What do you expect, look at their bizarre politics. They represent MAYBE 3% of the population but manage to rule anyways. I am looking forward to when the offshore Cascadia fault lets go ( https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2008/08/080826124413.htm ) I will be able to do some coastal fishing from my front porch. Marijuana will be the least of our worries.
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