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  1. I have read/glanced at what you said and agree with parts, question other parts. "Let me sleep on it and I will get back to you in the morning" ( o tired tonight to try and address your observations. When I am more awake and coherent I will respond to you with hopefully logical opinions. Just opinions. Things posted weird, but ok for tonight... John
  2. wish2no

    Good Morning!

    Evening. Glad to make it tonight. Been busy installing a garage door opener and GF bought a new car so trying to allocate my time judiciously the past couple days. Nothing traumatic, just time consuming. Going to pop in and out tonight as chores permit.
  3. wish2no

    Good Morning!

  4. wish2no

    Karma comes calling

    And why is he not being arrested, put in prison and awaiting trial???
  5. Government. The most inefficient and intrusive way to accomplish any goal. Not to mention the fact that their motives are never sincere.
  6. wish2no

    So, Who Is At The Bench Today?

    But an epic cremation also. If I ever get caught up with projects around the house I am really looking forward to getting my reloading equipment back out. Right now, just trying to keep the house from falling apart. A career in and of itself.
  7. This was also what came to my mind also right off the bat. But, we seem powerlwss to stop the insanity, so what do we do? Do you save money or buyTHINGS that will help you in the future or possibly be used for barter. Difficult choice. Especially for one who is on the edge either way. Lots of complications for someone older with limited resources wondering what will lead to the best quality of life in the future. Buy THINGS, or set money aside to pay the Dr bills. REAL question is which is most likely to be subsidized or bailed out.
  8. wish2no

    The Most Confused Man in America

    Alice in Wonderland. She is correct. It defies me how people, AMERICANS, can come up with any argument. They are all sheep asking to be slaughtered. AN D the sad point is they dont even understand it. First they came.... you know the rest...
  9. Yes. I am not a nutrition expert. But I can tell you what has worked for me. And I want everyone on the board to benefit. Not saying it will work for everyone, but mostly it will. Getting off the SAD (standard american diet) is very tough. But the benifits are documented. Even small changes working toward the bigger goal are good. I anm no saint. I had 2 cesear salads yesterday with some sort of tomato soup/bisque (was eating out). Sure it was not the best health wise, but just make changes as you can. Little bits add up.
  10. Looks and sounds GREAT! Wish I could get my hands on a couple dozen out here.
  11. I was putting a ladder away and found 3 spam cans of ammo I didnt even remember I had. Think I had moved them out of the well house when the well was crapping out on me. Didnt think 2wice about it, just moved to another shed. I think 2 were .556, dont know what the 3rd was. Just stacked them in the shed and will look later.
  12. wish2no

    A good trip to the DMV

    Lots of people here will take a day off work and drive to a small town to renew knowing it will save them hours.
  13. wish2no

    $300.00 inflatable Hot Tub Update and Review

    If it isnt lead, it is copper, if not copper it will be something in PCV pipe. We cant win. Just have to live with what you have. I am sure lead is bad, maybe copper, why not, just learning now what we new about lead. Drink right out of the spring in the ground and they will find something wrong with it. The world is not pure. We do the best we can. And, IN MANY CASES the change their opinions later. You cant make an informed opinion anymore. For me, I will take the electrolytes and if copper is going to kill me I will be some sort of conduit between now and the after life. What else can you do... and I especially emphasize often, but not always, the opinion changes. Used to be Aluminum.. Going to get Alzheimer, now, totally debunked. \Bottom line, live your life and make it as happy and comfortable as you can. We are all going to go sometime sooner or later. Hopefully later!!!!
  14. Sounds like a reasonable LIBERAL interpretation to me. I say this only 1/2 in jest... I know I project my mores onto things friends tell me and they look at me like a deer in headlights when I respond.
  15. wish2no

    Too much truth.

    My cats get angry if I am not constantly holding or petting them. I try typing over top of a cat sitting on my chest in spite of a whole room of places, many with food that they could otherwise be. But, I get the jest... cats are very independent types..