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  1. Best not screw with Spartacus! I am going to be dining with friends and family. Maybe just 7 people but 3 families which makes us felons in the mind of Kate Brown and her fellow libtards. As I understand it many police and especially Sheriffs refuse to enforce it. But I will be having to leave the relative safety of my conservative little town and go to a big liberal city (Eugene, OR) for the feast. If harassed by anyone you can expect a lawsuit being filed the next day. Our idiot of a governor is beyond her 30 day emergency nonsense according to the OR constitution. I will be looking to see how many lawsuits get filed come Thursday nationally. What a shame.
  2. Death of a thousand cuts. Video with several encouraging charts and statistics:
  3. I am glad but sorry it had to come to that. I would like to have seen him clean the clock of the left and their biased courts.
  4. Happy Thanksgiving to all. I plan to celebrate with family. I will be going into liberal territory to do so, hope it dosent make headlines. May everyone have a safe and happy holiday without any drama.
  5. They are defining lines to justify their psychopathic intent to punish anyone who supported President Trump. Should Trump lose I really fear for a future that leads to a civil war. The left are vengeful and looking for support to come after anyone who supported Trump. I really fear for our society should Trump ultimately lose.
  6. I have no words. I pray Trump is rewarded for his service and all of us who know it do whatever it takes to be sure he is. The left has gone mad. Wont be long before we see the American Killing Fields unless we come together. We need to do whatever it takes to be sure this dosent happen. We need to keep an eye on society and if necessary do what must be done. Not a happy thought. Pray it dosent come to this, but be prepared if it does.
  7. wish2no

    Hey Direwolf

    Happy Birthday
  8. Their weak spot. Truth and logic.
  9. I have to admit this whole thing has been tiring and disruptive. I wake up about 2 to 3 hours later than I used to wondering what to do today. Then I just wander around doing nothing waiting for it to be time to eat, and I have probably gained 15-20 lbs because there is nothing else to do and wait until I can go to bed. Tomorrow - Same shat, Different day. So bored.
  10. Dental insurance has always been a scam. When I was working it cost $1750.00 a year out of my paycheck and I did not have the option to drop out. Maximum benefit you could get was $2000.00 after paying $150.00 deductible. Now, on Medicare I dont get dental. Scares me.
  11. Glad I am retired. At least I dont have to worry about my job. And I just ignore the rest of it.
  12. No joke. Been feeling that way the last 8 months since all this covid shat started. I have just stopped listening.
  13. Its the "New Math" they taught back in the 60s. I look at the bills and have no idea how they figure all that out.
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