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  1. wish2no

    Good Morning!

    Morning! It IS actually morning, not evening today! Have some tree people here to remove a tree so it dosent crush the house. Yesterday they removed a 160 ft Fir tree. The earth shook as 20 foot chunks fell and hit the ground.
  2. wish2no

    Binary trigger--sticker question.

    I think your analogy is a good comparison. I also think modern Gatling guns that fire at such high rates of speed might be great for certain targets but used for many more. Yet, if the can keep an enemy pinned down when our troops are in trouble so they can re-group, that is a very legitimate use. At such high fire rates it dosent take long for the count to go up quickly. Teach them to shoot is another point. Would it be cheaper and save American lives to invest more in training vs just handing out cartridges? Like you, I am not a Veteran, and not a strategist. I dont know what logic they use, I just hope whatever they do it is the best for the troops. I had just remembered the statistics after Qweevox posted and made me wonder.
  3. wish2no

    Binary trigger--sticker question.

    So found some data, not what I was looking for but gives an idea of my point I think. Still searching, bullet to kill ratio, thinking pre WWI battles but my google-fu just not working tonight. 250,000 rounds fired per insurgent killed: https://jonathanturley.org/2011/01/10/gao-u-s-has-fired-250000-rounds-for-every-insurgent-killed/ Post from another forum I found while searching - bullets per kill ratio: According to figures released by the Department of Defense, the average number of rounds expended in Vietnam to kill one enemy solder with the M-16 was 50,000. The average number of rounds expended by U.S. military snipers to kill one enemy soldier was 1.3 rounds. That's a cost-difference of $23,000 per kill for the average soldier, vs. $0.17 per kill for the military sniper. According to the U.S. Army, the average soldier will hit a man-sized target 10 percent of the time at 300 meters using the M16A2 rifle. Graduates of the U.S. Army sniper school are expected to achieve 90 percent first-round hits at 600 meters, using the M24 Sniper Weapon System (SWS). The sniper has special abilities, training, and equipment. His job is to deliver discriminatory, highly accurate rifle fire against enemy targets that cannot be engaged successfully by the regular rifleman because of range, size, location, fleeting nature, or visibility. Sniping requires the development of basic infantry skills to a high degree of perfection. A sniper's training incorporates a wide variety of subjects designed to increase his value as a force multiplier and to ensure his survival on the Battlefield. The art of sniping requires learning and repetitiously practicing these skills until mastered. A sniper must be highly trained in long range rifle marksmanship and field craft skills to ensure maximum effective engagements with minimum risk.
  4. wish2no

    Windshield Wipers and their screws ????????

    Not seen screws in my vehicles the last 50 years. They all used "pinch clips" or whatever they are properly called. Never seen screws. Maybe you are speaking of a different part of the wiper than I am thinking of. Heck, push come to shove, tap it and use something common.
  5. wish2no

    Binary trigger--sticker question.

    Further thoughts that I wonder about. IF gun control, restrictions etc. reach a point where you are going to be a felon and go to jail just for owning a semi-automatic.... what is the deterrent for anyone to just convert everything they have to full auto anyway? IF the choice becomes register your guns, turn them in or go to jail.... the penalty is the same anyway. WHY wouldnt those who know how just turn everything they owned, if they wanted to, into full auto. Myself, I dont know that I would, I am not a spray and pray person. I want each shot to count. I believe if push come to shove I could do more damage by making each shot count rather than every 10th shot. Plus, who knows where those other 9 rounds went? Perhaps an innocent person? Personally, and I am no expert, but only use I see for full auto is if being swarmed by an entirely hostile crowd that will likely kill or maime you and you just want to take out as many as possible. And I dont criticize that logic. Personally, I would chose a shotgun with perhaps #2 buckshot and a full open choke to just STOP as many people as possible. I dont care if they are dead or alive as long as it stops the deadly assult. So, other thoughts and statistics... I am just going to guess, cant find the statistic, but when the military switched from semi auto to full auto they had a kill rate... again, a made up statistic since i cant find the data right now, perhaps 100 rounds fired from a full auto vs semi auto per kill. If I can find the data I will post. All that being said, I think it is unconstitutional to ban or have to register full auto weapons. My opinion. I think everyone should have te option to purchase full auto, DIAS or any other device without stamps, taxes, registration or any other government intrusion.
  6. Just curious if people plan to get together this 4th of July? Any treats lined up for the BBQ? I always stay at home. So nothing unusual there. Its been a wet, cool summer, no fear of fires. I think I may wait until dark and go do some night shooting for a half hour or so. Been a year or more since I have practiced that. Be curious to see what muzzle flash does to the new tritium sight picture. Not shot it at night yet. Going to put some salmon, true cod and chicken on the Rec Tec pellet grill. Usually a rodeo in town, not seen or heard anything about it this year, suspect it was cancelled. Could usually hear their firework display going on.
  7. wish2no

    Hey Snake46

    Happy Birthday
  8. wish2no

    Hey MnP4me

    Happy Birthday
  9. wish2no

    Hey Oedipus Rex

    Happy Birthday
  10. I carry a 9mm pocket pistol, even to church. I live in a small town, maybe 50-75 people. If I leave town I carry a couple spare mags. I also keep a full size 9mm in a lock box in the vehicle along with 3-5 extra mags. I have trained with all of them. I would like to keep a rifle in the vehicle but have not found a concealed and secure way to store it where I would feel comfortable to leave it in the vehicle. Like TJ at home I have access to pistol, rifle and shotgun with enough ammo to stay busy a while.
  11. wish2no

    A little crazy near me today.....

    Yes, things are happening at random places for random reasons and you really have no assurance a regularly safe place still is any more. I think a lot of people that were already on edge are snapping due to the covid lock downs and random, contradictionary rules officials are just making up and in some cases obvious abuse of power. I think it at least a partial driving force in all the chaos that is going on. Then there are those who are just using it as an excuse to rape, rob and pillage because officials refuse to confront it. Ultimately your safety is your responsibility. Screwey world. Protect yourself. At least you may be alive to debate it in court.
  12. wish2no

    Concealed Carry Insurance

    Here is a great 30 minute video by a lawyer discussing things to consider and comparison of a couple of the top choices. Very worthwhile video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wilf_R5wlNQ
  13. wish2no

    Concealed Carry Insurance

    I chose USCCA. They are very proactive, send out e-mails almost daily explaining how to approach certain situation, short writeups on how legal cases were resolved and what to do different, TONS of educational videos and brochures on their website and you can call anytime and get really knowledgeable information anytime. You also get discounts on many products. They also almost weekley have live interviews with experts in many fields that you can call into or text into to ask questions. Its insurance. You buy it hoping to never need it, but at least they give you a constant supply of information so its almost like getting an "on line" class with your membership.
  14. wish2no

    Who's fishing

    I LOVE fishing. Used to go almost weekly until my Dad passed 20 years ago and not been hunting or fishing since. Oregon hunting and fishing regulations are just too difficult to understand. I would be afraid to try it unless going with someone who knew the ropes. I do love fish for dinner. And, Jaeger48s elk stew and steaks were some of the BEST eats I ever had! LOVE to put an elk in the freezer.