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  1. wish2no

    If it weren't for bad luck.......

    When I bought my place 18 years ago the well had a MacClean water filter in it. Still there and working great. Iron is my issue also. Th filter uses a media, I have only had to have the media replaces 2 or 3 times since moving in. The filter backflushes itself 4 times a day (you can set it to backflush as often as needed), and well worth the 1K investment. Like I said, mine came with the house and is still running strong. Makes a huge difference in the water quality. Only the water coming into the house is filtered, outdoor water is just straight from the well. I highly recommend the filter system, it is just a bit bigger than a a full size Actelyne tank. Link below to the new models for iron: https://www.well-water-report.com/2012/10/question-about-macclean-iron-filter.html
  2. wish2no

    Rugged Obsidian 45 Suppressor

    That is an awesome looking suppressor. Only suppressors I have are foam and you put them in your ears.
  3. wish2no

    Sino Defence AK´s worth the money?

    I thought the Norincos were pretty nice also. Not a highly refined (pretty) weapon, but absolutely reliable and was always able to shoot a 2-3 inch group from the bench at 100 yards using the cheapest of steel ammo. Not familiar with Sino...
  4. I am WAY out in the boonies so expect a day or so delay, but must admit shipping has been very fast lately. Mail delivery person, sometimes a man, others a woman even drive a 1/4 mile up my driveway at times to hand me something. I think my post office is understaffed, speaking with the deliverly lady the other day when she drove up she said sometimes she has to run 2 routs a day. I find about 1/2 the time my mail isnt delivered until after 7PM, total darkness and I dont want to trek out in the rain to get the mail, so I just get it the next day. I am happy with my local postal service.
  5. wish2no

    Ole and Lena

    Damn I wish I couldnt relate to this!
  6. Going to be an interesting week. Wonder is class action suits can be filed?
  7. wish2no

    Global Cooling At Your House

    Thats what my mom has in TX, big 500 gallon propane tank outside the house. And some kind of humidifier as the heat enters the house. The whole house is falling apart, its an old 85 year old goat farm house with huge cracks in the walls, way outdated electrical, house just falling apart but nice piece of property. She loves it. I plan to go visit maybe march/april, be the first time I have been back in 18 years, try to help her out. She is 86 and still drives the tractor and does the mowing and yard maintenance. That is when she isnt line dancing at the senior center!
  8. Good to know! Thanks for posting.
  9. wish2no

    Good Morning!

  10. wish2no

    Say Whaaaaat???

  11. The country is watching what goes down in VA very closely. Oregon is trying the same dance. So tired of politicians doing what they want regardless of what the voters have asked for.
  12. wish2no

    I think that I am losing it

    Everybody has an anaconda except me...
  13. wish2no

    Global Cooling At Your House

    My house is arounf 1800 sq ft, but very small footprint, kind of 4 split levels from ground to roof. Wood stove on "3rd" lever, big open living room. Kitchen net level below the bedrooms level below that. I can get the stove going, have a big "Vent" at the top of the 4th level that sucks the heat in and redistributes it to the levels below. Despite that, I get the stove going, it gets to 85' on the 3rd level where the stove is, 90' upstairs loft and bedroom but still 65 downstairs. Pick our comfort level. I had hoped the heat pump circulating fan would suck up the heat from upstairs and send it downstairs but it dosent. I personally sleep better in a cold room with blankets, so dosent bother me much, ane because the house is well insulated, once the upstairs is heated (the thermostat for the heat pump is on the same level as the stove), I figure the HP isnt going to switch to backup/emergency electric (EXPENSIVE) heat for most of the night if at all. I hav gotten up at 6AM and it is still 68' upstairs, so the heat pump has not turned on all night. THEN, the GF gets up and opens the freaking sliding doors upstairs to toss food out to the birds. She dosent know how to shut a door behind her, so end up with a huge sliding glass door wide open for 3 or 4 minutes, upstairs where the heat is, then the HP kicks in. She is clueless. Maybe if she had to cut, split, stack, haul to the house and bring up the stairs to the stove she would have a better appreciation of how much energy she wastes... but thats another story...
  14. wish2no

    1911 sights for old eyes

    OK, I am CHEAP. At least now that I am on a small fixed income. MANY years ago, many , many many... I bought a Colts Gold Cup Trophy. Put it in a safe and forgot about it for 25 years. Pulled it out a few years ago to shoot, it is a beauty. Except my damn old eyes had trouble with the the sights in the PNW perpetual fog. I spent maybe $10.00 and got a bottle of bright orange and bright green sight paint and while cringing dabbed it onto the front and rear sights. I think it helped, maybe. Definately a lot easier to see in daylight. Gun is a tack driver. But feel like I committed a sin doing it. But it seems to have worked when i shot it. That was many years ago.
  15. Tough one for sure. Makes me wonder about my impending demise at some point in the future, as we will all have to deal with. To be honest, I dont have any idea how many guns I have. I have them scattered all over in what I think are safe and secure places, but if I were in a car wreck people would probably find guns for 10 years I remember them when something triggers me. A couple I know I have I myself cnt remember where I put them and cant find them, kinda annoys me. I have shown a couple close friends where i put them, at least the ones i could remember, but them , not being here but once or twice a year, and me, moving things from here or there for on reason or another, if something happens to me they are just MIA. Even with me here a couple are MIA... really annoys me. Guess I should have a map or something, at least some would be found... even for myself. Some things have been in hiatus for 10s of years. When I meet my maker I am hoping a couple close gun buddies will take what they want, then hoping the rest go to the OFA (Oregon Firearms Association) foundation so they can use them for training or give to collectors as a thank you for their substantial donations. I dont even want to think about ammo. So much of it is squirrelled away it is easire for me to buy a box of ammo than have to go find what I have. I never intended it to be this way, it just kind of happened over the years, get this, get that, put something here or there and you just forget about it. Just easier to go buy a box of ammo if I plan to shoot than try to figure out where the possibly miltiple thousands of round I already have are located. I should try and gather everything together, at least that what I remember I have here or there in case it should ever have to be donated, but just dont have the time or energy right now. Every time I see an ammo sale I get all excited but FINALLY learned to tell myself NO, use what you have... if I can find it. Kind of a sad story huh? But could be a lot worse. My future promises to be an adventure just scrounging around the house/property