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  1. That is going to be really nice!
  2. Keep in mind barrel twist also when choosing a bullet weight. I grew fond of the 69 Grain IMI Razor Core. I have not bought ammo for at least a couple of years, but the IMI seems to be of good quality and reasonable cost. I am not familiar with current pricing or availability.
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    Good Morning!

    Afternoon from the PNW
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    Hey md65636

    Happy Birthday
  5. Very sorry for your loss. It is a painful thing. Prayers of comfort to you and the family.
  6. Congratulations! I have been using my 30 year old compressor without issues. It is a tool required where I live.
  7. I find it alarming(?) that we even need to have this discussion. Cant think of the work to use... depressing, disparaging, unfortunate... you get the idea.
  8. Same here. Every 3 years or so I try to coordinate my tractor needs then order a bunch of gravel etc. then rent a tractor for a week and try to get everything done. I usually end up with around 45 yards of 3/4 minus rock for the driveway, 20 yards of compost for the gardens then use the backhoe on the tractor for other misc projects the remainder of the week. Last time I rented it was around $200.00 a day for the tractor but if you kept it over 4 days the price was the same for a week. So thats how I try to "logistisize" my investment.
  9. I have a LARGE collection of cast iron skillets, pans, pots, dutch ovens etc as well as VERY heavy stainless steel cooking ware. I do keep a couple "non-stick" pans, very heavy and anodized to use if needed. I find the SS just as non stick as the cast iron. These are GOOD pans, not much difference in weight. As far as PTFE you are correct about the temperature. Years ago I had a friend who raised exotic birds and was horrified about any non stick pan. Thy will give off a vapor deadly to some critters if overheated. Therein lies the problem, people don know how to cook, or more to the point dont understand the properties of the utensils they use to cook in. If used at correct temperatures you will have no problems. Problem is 99% of people who buy a pan and cook have no clue. They just toss it on a burner and cremate whatever the put inside it.
  10. wish2no


    Very sorry. I totally understand the feeling of "helplessness" . You will manage. You still have a lot of good "parts" working. Take it slow, easy and learn to compensate and work smarter.
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