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  1. Noye Bonnet (one of the earliest known uses or the last name bonnet- a name given to a strong, good looking male or female derived from French origins).
  2. I agree it is frustrating that no one has had success perusing the events, at least to prove the accuracy of the `indiscretions. Also the fact that this was not quickly and seriously investigated before results were confirmed is a travesty. What does one do? As individuals none of us have the resources to peruse. And you can bet future elections will be more corrupt and better hidden as democrats spend the next couple years insuring that voting is maligned enough to guarantee themselves "wins" in the future.
  3. One page article on the reason for the bombing and destruction inflicted. Justified or a Callous Act? The Bombing of Dresden Explained https://www.historyhit.com/justified-or-a-callous-act-the-bombing-of-dresden-explained/
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    Morning from an icy Pacific North West
  5. I had to call in late for work one morning because I couldnt find my keys. Found them a few minutes later in the refrigerator. Ended up not being late for work.
  6. What is this thing you call "Sun"? I vaguely remember the term used around last September. Pepper smiled once?!
  7. Wow, great post. What valuable information. I bookmarked this page for future use. THANKS!
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    Cant see the links....
  10. Your post was patriotic! Facebook has not banned you yet?
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