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  1. Adult beverages are only stated as an option, not something practiced... the $500.00 a month is my mortgage. I can shoot from my garage (covered/enclosed) or my back porch. I can clean weapons or reload in the house (heated/air-conditioned). Hence, the BBQ, smoker, showers etc. Anything one can do in their house or on their own property is an option.
  2. There are several lawsuits in progress right now. Currently, there is a hold on measure 114 going into effect. The measure is blatantly unconstitutional. But that has not stopped the libtards from going crazy and fighting at every turn. The measure is very far-reaching, magazine capacity limits, having to get a permit to purchase any weapon at all. The permit requires you take classes that are not available at your own expense, then you also have to purchase the permit itself, essentially a tax on your Second Amendment rights. They claim any current standard capacity magazines you own can still be used at a range but you cannot sell them or use them while carrying. They have no way to know when a magazine was purchased. Then you have people like me who have magazines everywhere, if I were to have to photograph them with a time stamp I would never be able to find them all until I was needing them. Plus I keep most of my vacuum packed to protect them from our humid environment. It would be expensive and time-consuming to unpack them to photograph them, assuming I even found them all before the required time. I suspect most people will just ignore the measure. Many local Sheriffs departments say they will not enforce the measure. It is a huge, confusing, unconstitutional, impossible measure for most people to conform to. A big cluster f**k.
  3. There are zero regulations at my range, day and night shooting, however the current longest distance right now is 100 yards. Covered staging area with targets of any type you want to use, reloading area and swinging targets, up to 50 yards. Heated and A/C areas for cleaning weapons, BBQ's, Smokers and toilets and showers, hunting allowed as well as drinking adult beverages. I pay around $500.00 a month, but I have not used it in almost two years.
  4. Morning from the Pacific North-West.
  5. Not surprised. Just like obama the biden admin is strongly anti-Israel. Leaking Israely intentions to hamas and others. Israel needs to be independant from the US. Stay friends as much as possible but act on their own without consulting the USA. Istael needs to find new, actual friends to partner with.
  6. At least they are taking it out of THEIR profits. My electric company has a fixed monthly charge on the bill they use for the same purpose. So even if you are barely able to make your payment you get screwed into paying someone elses bill.
  7. This is not going to turn out well. You just cant fix stupid.
  8. Wow, so much work. I am sure it will look good and be satisfying when done. I hope I never have to replace a tub. I get pooped just sweeping the bathroom floor. j
  9. Sounds good. I have a couple favorite salads. One is an asian cabbage salad to die for. A long recipe but probably the best salad ever. The other is simple, just tomato slices topped with onion, garlic, feta cheese then dowsed with balsamic vinegar and olive oil.
  10. Gosh, I feel sorry for all of you. My family is very small but have a few cousins. We are all very close and would do anything to help each other. All my life relatives have taken in misc cousins here and there until they could get back on their feet. My mom and dad took in a cousin while she was going to college and another time 2 cousins for a year or two while their dad was grieving the death of his wife and getting his life back together. Everyone was treated the same. I shared my room with my two cousins. Dad would bring us all a piece of candy about twice a week when he got home from work. We would stash it, trade it with each other.... never any issue or concern. They are family. That was the bottom line, Family. You take care of family whatever their need. I can relate to Specops photo. I lost family in the Holocaust. Also some who survived. My religion does not postalize, it accepts everybody who chooses to be a good person, Noahides. I cant imagine the mindset of the JWs who encourage distancing from family members. It seems to be just a punishment and control motive to me.
  11. Trying to attach an image without success. This is the content: The US is 3rd in murders through out the world. If you REMOVE: #1 Chicago #2 Detroit #3 Washington DC #4 St Louis #5 New Orleans the US is then 189th out of 193 countries in the world. All 5 of the above cities have strict gun control laws. The media is no longer objective, they are highly biased, basically part of the democrat machine. I also read an article where 29% of US citizens think only a revolution will remedy the issue. I am sitting her at home and hear massive amounts of gunfire going on for the last hour or so. Guess the neighbors are having a shooting party along with their BBQ this 4th... just like every other 4th I recall. john
  12. Perfect and unfortunately true.
  13. I was watching this the other night. Wish I could afford one. I grew up with both trailers and campers and found the trailer to be more suitable for me. I like the idea of being able to disconnect to explore then reconnect when ready for a change of scenery.
  14. I dont shoot anymore so I could sell off what ammo I have. I will be rich! OK, perhaps a bit better off. Well... at least be able to have a few trees trimmed. I bought what I did mostly 10 years ago, put it away and figured It was my version of stacking gold or silver at a price I was able to afford at the time. I am sure most of it has increased 50% in value.
  15. Unless I am mistaken, Exxon is currently in process of building a mid sized plant somewhere in the south (sorry, didnt read the article, just going by the title).
  16. My opinion is it is intentionally trying to generate discord with the people. The dems are ruling like a monarchy. I have never witnessed such incompetence in my lifetime. Heck, even reading history this administration rates right up there with the most corrupt. I honestly think they plan to push to a point where they refuse to accept any elections, and believe they are rigging as many as they can. They want to rule period. Unfortunately, some republicans are not much better. Lets pray for a midterm that elects mostly constitutionalists and give a majority in both houses. Then lets hope they have the cajoules to set things right, prosecute ALL the democrats ( and republicans ie; Sarah Brady) who have corrupted the country and put us back on track. Then hope the people realize how monumental the task is and elect a constitutionalist president.
  17. I am praying for this! It would be great to see justice delivered equitably. WIthout equal enforcement of the law there will never be cooperation and healing needed for the survival of the country similar to what it once was or was intended to be. I dont see this happening until people toss of their entitlement mentality.
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