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  1. jcslone

    Reaper build

    Sexy yes, how much? :P what's the upper/lower?
  2. jcslone


    Well I guess you wouldn't call it a "torture test" as much as a overall performance/reliability test. We shot up to 300yds (600 was closed that day), shot for accuracy (both from the bench and various unsupported positions), and did a crap load of rapid fire drills. Since then over 4000 rounds have been put through my dad's and over 1500 through mine (Uncle Sam told me to go to work so I had to put my baby away) and we've had no problems whatsoever. I can't wait to take my girl out again and put her through the works.
  3. jcslone

    Del-ton versus Noveske

    I see what ur saying. I'll definetely look into those lubes, gotta keep everything nice and slick lol. Yah, we were in Crow Valley for a little over a week (until the exercise got kancked). 24th is one I want to go on if I ever get stationed on the East Coast. Personally I prefered OIF to this MEU. But that's because our chain of command is straight homo this year.
  4. jcslone

    S&W M&P15 OR Build

    for now its recreational, maybe competition in the future if opportunities present themselves.
  5. jcslone

    Del-ton versus Noveske

    Really now? Could you explain this in detail more please? I'd imagine so. I haven't had any experience with different loads yet. His rifle was clean. As for what kinda lube he uses I can't say to that. CLP is all we get issued and all I use. (on that topic do you have a recommendation?) Hehe thanks for the moral support bro, it's been a mix of weenie and salt spray the whole time but the Philippines were a blast!
  6. hey ya'll wassup? Working on my first AR here. I've been in the Corps for 3 years as infantry so I'm not a total stranger to the platform. I recently purchased a Smith and Wesson M&P15 OR and have been working with a fellow grunt (competition shooter and gunsmith) on a parts list and I'd appreciate your input. S&W M&P15OR Adams Arms Piston System VLTOR EMOD milspec stock Burris 3x32 Tactical Prism Sight Tango Down stubby grip-black Magpul BAD lever LaRue Tactical ACOG Mount QD LT-100 VFZ Magpul MIAD Magpul enhanced trigger guard - aluminum Daniels Defense Omega rail 7" Troy Ind. HK Style flip up front sight I don't have any pics right now because I'm deployed but once I get back stateside I'll be sure to get some up. thanks!
  7. jcslone

    Del-ton versus Noveske

    Most of the Colt M4's I've shot had a lot of wobble between the upper and lower recievers. At first I thought this was just due to the crazy abuse we put our guns through but I got issued a brand spankin' new one and it had the same wobble. Might be just the govt contract ones but idk. My buddy's M4LE 6940 (i think that's the model number), had more wobble in it than my M&P15. Again, could be just variances between the different models. Another thing that factored into my recommendation is the pricing. S&W's are a few hundred less than Colt's on average I've noticed and still give the same performance and accuracy. My buddy's Colt also experienced some double feeds and stovepipe malfunctions (we were both shooting the same ammo, Centurion .223 and were using PMAGS). I've never had any malfunctions with my gun. 3 years thus far. 0311 Infantry rifleman, OIF 9-1 and 31stMEU Fall Patrol. got another 3 years in :P Thanks bro.
  8. jcslone


    Both my dad and I have M&P15s. First day of shooting his we tortured them with around 500 rounds Centurion bulk .223 loaded up in PMAGs. The rifle performed flawlessly until my half-wit ex gf somehow managed to force 32 rounds into one magazine (even then all the weapon did was double feed, which is an easy clear). When shooting from a benchrest @ 100yds with an EOtech 552 (same ammo), I held a 3 inch grouping of 30rnds rapid fire (double and triple taps in rapid succession). I've never noticed any problems with my dad's or my triggers. Maybe it's something that got worked out or just fixes itself over time. In short I'd take a M&P15 over a Colt M4 any day.
  9. jcslone

    new member with new AR

    Nice deal man! Thank goodness for friends! Lose the NcSTAR and BSA and run with a Burris or SWFA SS Scope (if a fullblown riflescope is what you want). Nikon Monarch X series are expensive but extremely nice. what kind of shooting do you plan on doing with your new-found best friend?
  10. Smith and Wesson M&P15. Follow this link: http://www.ombexpress.com/i_372.aspx and take a look at what's there. IDK if you're LE or Mil or not but they have really good pricing. The M&P15's are on par with Bushmasters and the high end Colts. I've put mine through some pretty rough stuff and never had a malfunction with it and it's very accurate.
  11. jcslone

    Del-ton versus Noveske

    Noveske is some really really nice stuff, and as previous posters have said they have great barrels and good worksmanship. Del-Ton is on the lower end of the scale from what I've researched. As for how the military Colt M4's stack up in the mix it all depends on how old it is lol. I've shot brand new and beat up USMC issue M4's and they're decent. My personal recommendation is the Smith and Wesson M&P15. Both my dad and I have that rifle and I am truly impressed with their reliability and accuracy. Our first day of shooting them we put several hundred rounds each through our rifles with zero malfunctions of any sort (MagPul PMAGs and Centurion bulk .223). I was also able to hold a 3in 30 round shot group at 100 yards doing rapid fire on a bench with a GripPod. My dad has also had excellent results shooting at 300 and 600 yards with his. In short, Colt's a good, but overpriced for what you get, IMO. If you're still in the market for an AR, get the M&P15. www.ombexpress.com has them for $800 or less. I got my M&P15 OR model for $766.15 shipped (military pricing :D ). You will not be disappointed by their products.