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  1. I have been considering the trigger on my carbine for a couple of weeks. Right now building one from scratch is a little ways off, so this is mostly research and mental exercise. While the trigger on my DPMS Oracle is very acceptable, if I am going to build one I want to get as close to a perfect trigger as possible, so here is my question. On a carbine to be used by an average guy who will likely not have to wade into battle on a regular basis. I am looking for a general purpose carbine that can be used for self defense and hunting. What is the best trigger type for this kind of carbine, a match trigger or something along the lines of the Geissele SSA, which is advertised as a high quality, two-stage trigger that is an improvement on the stock triggers? All opinions welcome, but first-hand experience with a name brand would be most appreciated.
  2. I am very interested in the .300 BLK, especially if they get reasonably priced ammo on the market as promised. A light super sonic round for hunting and a heavy sub-sonic for home defense sounds like great rifle. Since I don't own or plan on owning a suppressor I am assuming that the carbine length gas system is the one I will want. The only question now is do I get an upper or a complete rifle?
  3. Why the different gas systems? One pistol length and one carbine length gas system and both have 16" barrels. I am not sure I am getting the reason for the two
  4. For what it's worth, I just read a review of a PC build in Shotgun News that complimentary.
  5. +1 I have been doing a lot of research and I am giving one of the M-223 scopes serious consideration for my Oracle 5.56 to replace the red dot sight I am running now. It looks like a lot of scope for the money.
  6. I have the same model. With the rail on the gun I would suggest a set of the Magpul BUIS. I also switched out the A2 grip with a Magpul MIAD and a MOE stock for the less then comfortable Pardus stock that comes with the DPMS. A couple of sets of Magpul's XTM Rail panels make the rail more comfortable.
  7. I ordered one of these from Botach Tactical for $49.99 (at the time) because I wanted something inexpensive. There are probably much better choices, but the KZ has been a good choice for my first AR. It is a solid fit and every accessory fits perfectly. If you can afford better I would suggest getting it, but if you need a less expensive rail try this one.
  8. I missed that one, but I just looked it up. He does have strong opinions. Opinions are good, they get people thinking and evaluating wants and decisions. I appreciate that he has thoughts on the usefulness of the particular item in discussion here and I am more then happy that he shared his in-site. I just don't get the need for "if the recoil is too much for you grow some balls". I think that insulting rhetoric weakens an argument and blocks the uptake of information by those reading. I would like to compliment the community on this forum. It is nice to be able to ask a question and get real answers. I am a member of another AR forum and asking questions there gets you more insults then information. The people here have been friendly and helpful on this forum and I appreciate it.
  9. Thanks everyone for the input. Keep it coming, the discussion is very informative.
  10. Thank you for these valid ideas. I am familiar with the H and heavier buffers and springs. When my carbine starts to show the need to slow down the bolt, due to gas port erosion or what have you, I am planning to change out the buffer for an H. I brought up SBRs because that is here I have seen them referenced, not because I want one. If that changes I will look at piston guns. I have read from a lot of people online that the mid-length gas system is easier on the gun and easier to handle so what I really want to know is if I switch out my carbine length gas tube for a pig tail that "lengthens" my gas system to a mid-length gas tube can I expect the same advantages? I an not sure why this insulting bit is necessary. I have never found the recoil of any gun in .223 or 5.56, including a T/C Contender, to be in anyway harsh. The in-escapable fact is that there is recoil on these guns and that this recoil, no matter how light, has an effect on ones shooting. If a mid-length gas system reduces recoil and improves my shooting ability then I want to add a pig tail gas tube that parrots the mid-length.
  11. I have heard mention and seen pictures of something called a "Pig Tail" gas tube, usually in relationship to SBRs with 10" and shorter. The story seems to be that this type of gas tube helps an SBR gas system act like a longer one. If this is true I am wondering if there is one that will "lengthen" my carbine length gas system feel and work like a mid-length one. Everyone I talk to says that the mid-length system is softer shooting and easier on the gun. Does anyone have any input on this?
  12. AWRIGHT AWREADY.... I hope you appreciate...
  13. Tonight I picked up a MagPul MOE stack, MIAD grip and a set of XTM rail panels for my carbine. Within an hour of getting home I had all of them installed. One of the problems I have had with the carbine is the A2 grip. It is too small for my hand and the checkering is a little sharp. The MIAD grip with the largest back strap is as close to a perfect fit as I am likely to get. In addition, the MOE stock (commercial model) fits much tighter then the original stock and is easier to use. All in all I am very happy with the new furniture. I will definitely be using their products again. I will post a range report as soon as I get it out to shoot.
  14. I would like to point out to you that you are looking at the Top Shelf. The DDs are considered by most to one of the top carbines on the market. Right now I run a DPMS and it works just fine for me for now but if you have the coin you should consider the DD gun and just get to the top. Spikes has a great rep too and if you want to save a little money, popular consensus says that the Spikes will serve you well. .02
  15. I think you will like it. Mine has be a good rifle so far. When you get it I would appreciate it if you would stay in touch with me. I am running a project for my blog tracking the quality and longevity of the DPMS products. If you're willing keep up with me how it works out and maybe take some pictures of various parts to compare to mine. It would be very helpful to me.
  16. I have run about 1000 rounds through an AR and a Golani. The 390 that I have run in my AR have gone off with out a hitch but the 600 or so that that have been run in my Golani have caused problems. Wolf brand have a tendency to get stuck in the Golani chamber after having the rim ripped off by the extractor. You can shoot the steel but I would advise setting up a spare bolt just in case you in case you break an extractor or ejector while shooting. There are good books on the repairing the AR that will help you get this done.
  17. A good place to start is High Caliber Training. They conduct Bushmaster and DPMS armorer training and are about to launch a program for Remington guns. If you really want to be an armorer then becoming a machinist is going to be necessary as well.
  18. No problem. I hope you enjoy what ever you get.
  19. I have a DPMS Oracle 5.56 and I am thus far happy with it. I only have 390 rounds through it at this point so any claims to "outstanding reliability" would be premature at this point, but they have been 390 accurate and on target rounds, shooting under 2" at 100 yards and I have not yet had a malfunction of any kind. I have been shooting mostly Russian steel cased ammo and the gun is DIRTY at this point. I am recording each and every round on a spread sheet and posting results to my blog as I go so I have a pretty strict regiment going right now. On the barrel twist rate. Your choice should be based on your intended use. If you plan to shoot a lot of heavier bullets then the 1/7 gets pretty important. I have read reports on forums of up to 77 gr working well in the 1/9 but I would not count on it. If you want to shoot heavy bullets, get something in 1/7. I hope this helps.
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