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  1. Chris10mm

    Perplexing behavior from Glock 20

    Well guys just wanted to let you know that I slipped out to the range this evening, and was able to borrow a Wolff guide rod and 24 lb lb recoil spring from a friend, who had used it in his Glock 21. I had no issues with the brass sticking, if the cartridge made it into the chamber, it fired and ejected without a hiccup. However, my gun had several jams where a round would only be partially stripped from the magazine, and would hang up on the feed ramp, or the slide would go right over it. From what I have read this is not uncommon with these heavy recoil springs, because the rebound speed of the spring is very fast, and it really slings the slide back into batter. I think what I am going to do next is experiment with either a 20 or 22 lb recoil spring, and see what happens, if that doesn't work it will be time for factory ammo. Either way I look forward to getting to the bottom of this issue
  2. Chris10mm

    Perplexing behavior from Glock 20

    I knew before I purchased it that the 10mm had a tendency to do "weird" things, and that the pistol may need to be tweaked a little bit to get the most out of the cartridge, which I don't have a problem with because I really really like the gun and the 10mm. The cases that end up crushed are cases that have been fired and fully ejected, and again, not every round gets crushed in this manner, it's only a couple or three every magazine, and yes the crushed rounds feed and function properly. Every round fired through the gun is dimensionally similar, the "trouble" rounds look the same as those that fired and fully ejected without any issues. I am hoping that tinkering with factory ammo and/or recoil springs will solve the problem. BTW, I will post some pics of the crushed brass tonight.
  3. The A-Bolt will be a little nicer in fit and finish than the Ruger and Savage, but I doubt that it will perform any better. You would be well served by any of the three, my advice is to get out and handle an example of each, then decide what you want.
  4. Chris10mm

    for hunting in all conditions: wood or synth stock

    I own and shoot both wood and synthetic stocked rifles, and personally it doesn't make a lick of difference to me, both of them work well, and both seem to be equal in accuracy.
  5. Chris10mm

    Perplexing behavior from Glock 20

    Thank you for the warm welcome, I think I am going to like it here! My gun is completely stock, aside from a Jentra plug, and all parts appear to be in working order. Thus far I have used brand new Starline brass for my reloads, and my loads appear to be operating at safe pressures(including those that I pull from the chamber). I think I am going to take your advice, and solve the problem by process of elimination, first I am going to buy a couple boxes of factory ammo to run through it. If I continue to have problems, then I am going to going to experiment with recoil/magazine springs. I will keep you updated on what I do, and we'll see if we can't get it worked out
  6. Hey guys, new to the forum, there seems to be a lot knowledge here, so I thought I would join in :D Anyway, here as of late I have experienced some peculiar behavior from my Glock 20. I purchased the gun back in February, and had put about 120 or so rounds through it with no issues, I hadn't really shot it much due to .40 caliber bullets and 10mm brass being hard to come by, but recently (as in the past couple of trips to the range) it has been acting up in a funny way. Every so often, at no particular interval, the gun will "jam" if you could call it that, the gun will fire several in a row, and then fail to extract the next round, I mean the case will literally be stuck in the chamber, and the extractor will partially strip the next round from the magazine. In order to remove the case I have to lock the slide back, drop the magazine, and pry the case out with my fingernail. What do you think the problem could be? Also, I have noticed that the case mouth on some of the cases are crushed, and I have no idea what could be causing that. The reloads I use are 200 Grain Hornady XTP Fed. LP Primer 7.8 Grs. Longshot 1.260" 180 Grain Speer Gold Dot Fed. LP Primer 10.7 gr.s Blue Dot 1.260" It's very frustrating, because my gun shoots both loads fairly well, and I really do like the gun. I have made no modifications other than adding a "butt plug". Any input or ideas would be much appreciated.