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  1. I used the darn things almost every day you know to get an itch under my body armor
  2. All four are ASP brand the leader in impact batons and come with the if you break it we fix it warranty Top is a 26" friction lock baton with the Duratec grip and the electrolysis coating Comes with the side break scabbard It has been opened and closed a few times but other then that is new 80- OBO to your door Lower is a 21" chrome friction lock baton with foam grip, well loved but works perfectly fine and comes with both the side break and the federal scabbards 8 60- OBO to your door And the button locks Both are 50cm (a hair over 20") and foam grip One it the air weight with the cap button and is like new (only opened and closed a few times) The other is full weight and is well loved but mechanically GTG Aireweight 100- to your door Full weight used 60 to your door I have one envoy scabbard (for button locks) I can part with its 20-
  3. He asked for 45 before you, you got all from the sorting I did sort out 2k 9mm after your first batch for him But no No 6.8 I'll pm you if I get any
  4. 4000 .40 brass once fired mixed headstamp 30- per 1k face to face 40- per 1k to your door Rich. 503-502-3059
  5. To the military possibly I can always add some more to account for that I have another 5 gallons of range brass to sort Local 50?
  6. 2000 once fired 9mm brass Mixed headstamp 60- to your door
  7. I'm still pissed they sold to blue line Now where do I get blue label on off ball brands
  8. Firearms instructor Got mine back during the prototype run before they went into full production when Matt at LEED and OCPD delvoloped the changes to the LAPD
  9. Well to be honest I baseed my price of off of what I saw on craigslist I purchased it because it had SAPI plates and and I'm keeping those to move into my primary vast which is the new Oregon city Safari land carrier if you want a zippered external that thing is awesome
  10. Retcop Yes unfortunately you are My current duty vest I purchased from a law-enforcement supply store I had to provide proof of certifications before purchase and it's only a level two with level two standalone trauma pads on top of it, but yet I can go online and buy level 4 ceramic aramid hybrid rifle plates with no screening at any type
  11. Yes that is how it was explained to me It required approval and then there were rules about selling They were not allowed to sell online or ship it in any way only a face to face sale was allowed... I'm assuming as I am not that person I just have to obay the standard fed regs about body armor I don't know or understand all the rules as I didn't make it that far, ( I have a medical discharge from boot) I have bought and sold a lot of police armor fed and local... this is the first military set I have ever possessed
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