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  1. I have both PSA and Spikes. Both are great with no issues. Like... You wouldn't go wrong with picking either one these lowers.
  2. I may have to disagree with an 80% lowers sole purpose is to give the middle finger to Uncle Sam. It does fill that bill very well though I may say! My vision was to put great time and workmanship into finishing an 80% lower rather than just assembling another lower. I did take your suggestions to heart and have decided to just purchase a complete lower and get the instant gratification of completing another form1 to add a new SBR to the collection.
  3. I was able to neatly fold a color copy of my stamp and place it in the hollow compartment of my Magpul K Grip. That way it is always with the lower. I had mine engraved on the left side above the trigger area.
  4. Help me out guys. I was pondering the idea of doing an 80% lower and then having it registered for an SBR. I'm sure this is possible, but is it worth the hassle in forms and what not? Has anyone been down this road? Thanks in advance
  5. The 9mm "BCG" is really not a "Bolt Carrier Group", it is an integral bolt in roughly the same shape as a "BCG" commonly used with a 5.56. There are no moving parts on an AR9 bolt due to the blow back characteristics of the weapons gas system. As far as ramped vs nonramped, IMHO get a ramped bolt so you will not have to do any machine work on it. What are your plans for building an AR9? Lower, upper, barrel...etc? I hope this helps answer the question you had.
  6. This makes no sense. Do you even understand how the Trust works?
  7. MSRT

    Painting magazines

    Sweet looking Multicam mags!!! I second the Rustoleum paint. I've never had any issues.
  8. MSRT


    I wish thats how it worked!!!
  9. Why dont you shoot the piss out of the stock colt barrel? Also, why do you want a quad rail? If you're looking into the 12"-15" length, that adds significant weight. Look into the modular systems that you can place rail sections where you need them. "Ounces = Pounds, Pounds = Pain!!!" Why carry extra unneeded weight? if its the look you want, go ahead. My rifle is a tool, Its main purpose is to be as functionable as possible weighing the least as possible. Just some food for thought.
  10. I've used them all! Blackhawk, Mechanix, Oakley and Hatch. Currently I have a pair of Hatch CT250s in my back pocket for working the streets. They dont have the needle protection but fit like a second layer of skin! In the tacticool dept, I have a pair of Hatch Operators and Mechanix M-pact. I tend to wear the Hatch more due to the Mechanix still having the new glove stiffness. If you're like me, you spend money on gear just to test it out then throw it in a box when it doesnt perform like you thought.
  11. I looked yesterday on Gunbroker and they did not have anu USGI Magpul follwers. I'm in the same boat, I want to upgrade the rest of my mags also.
  12. Thanks for the help. Looks like I'll be going with the TangoDown route. I need the shortened length having the attachment closer to the receiver. The rifle itself is 39" long! Its like carrying a musket!
  13. CRE10......What type of lead round are you using in your glock? I was really contemplating using lead in my 34. I've heard of others using lead and not running into any problems. Any other opinions welcome.
  14. What he said^^^^^^^ Its best to use the right tools for the job! You'll be glad in the long run.
  15. My Dept issued me a Vietnam Era M16A1 for patrol use. I'm looking to run a single point sling with it but limited to any physical changes to the rifle. They are loaner rifles from the Feds and can not be changed in any way. What are my options??? Thanks in advance!
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