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  1. That's kinda what I figured. What mount are you using?
  2. Well i need to get a mount to go on an Evolution forend so I figured i might as well get a QD.
  3. I have a Harris bipod and I need a quick release mount to switch it between my rifles. I know ADM and Larue make them. Do you guys have any other recommendations? Thanks
  4. I have the PRI block that works with ar-15 and ar-10 uppers.
  5. Thanks for the VX-R review! I like mine. It's not the patrol model though. It's the VX-R hog version. If you press and hold the button for 3 seconds the illumination turns off and will come back on at the brightness setting it was on last. I will check out the Vortex models when I purchase my next scope.
  6. Surplus Ammo also has BHW barrels sometimes. That where I got mine.
  7. Yes the vx-r patrol model is the one I am considering Thanks!
  8. I don't have any experience with the patrol models but I have the vx-r hog scope on my Ar and love it. The glass is very clear. The illumination is bright and clean. The push button activation is positive and the motion sensor function works great. I really like it. I am considering the 3-9 patrol model for a 308 build.
  9. Awesome thread! Very interesting. I would like to hear your opinion on the Leupold vx-r line. I have a 1.25-4 on my Ar. I am considering the 3-9 for a 308 build.
  10. Very interesting reading! Thanks Hunter.
  11. I'm going to use model paint on mine. Not to jack the thread but what can I use to take the old paint off. Its the paint on the fire and safe from the factory. It's to bright for my taste.
  12. I'm thinking about building a 308 for hunting. My longest shot I am able to take around where I hunt is 400 yds. and the deer don't get real big here. I was wondering which barrel length would you guys suggest? Is there that much difference? Some of my buddies are trying to talk me into going hunting in Kansas. If I go this will go with me.
  13. Welcome to the Armory! Lets see it!
  14. That's pretty nice there Spec.
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