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  1. TwistedSS

    Kahr Pistols

    I've got a Kahr P45. The only thing I would have to complain about is the very rough checkering on the grip. After about 50 rounds my hands were sore. I slipped on a Pachmeyer grip and now all is well. The gun is very accurate, dependable, small, and fairly light.
  2. TwistedSS

    New Glock

    Yep thats the recoil spring! You beat me to it.
  3. TwistedSS

    New Glock

    My new toy: Bought it from a friend who JUST bought this last month. Due to some unfortunate circumstances, I ended up purchasing this from him for significantly less than what it was worth. It is a Gen 4 with the extra grips, but I like the standard grip best so far. It has Glock night sights also. No range time yet, working night shift all weekend. Should get to try it out Monday morning.
  4. TwistedSS

    My Toy

  5. TwistedSS

    Predator rifle, what are you shooting currently?

    Very neat scope and I am thoroughly happy with it. It is EXTREMELY clear even in low light situations, holds a zero after large adjustments for long range, very good solid construction. Can't beat it for the price. As for working as advertised, its not right without the Nikon mount. (My sight height is 3" with zero MOA incline/decline as opposed to 1.5" and a 20 MOA incline with the Nikon) However, if you go to nikonhunting.com/spoton/ you can actually compensate for that by entering your own variables to tell you exactly what distance each circle means. With a 100 yd zero, sight height at 3", shooting a 52g A-Max at 3190fps, it shows my '150' yard circle to be 234 yards! I prefer to just dope the scope anyways. The reticle is calibrated with a 55g 'ballistic tip' at 3250fps at a sight height of 1.5". Does it work as advertised? I would say yes. Check out some of the videos on youtube of people constantly knocking down targets anywhere from 100 yards to 600 yards using only the reticle. I certainly believe it can be done.
  6. TwistedSS

    Predator rifle, what are you shooting currently?

    24" DPMS bull barrel with nikon M223 optics.
  7. TwistedSS

    PSA Lower build

    Its actually a DPMS upper, 1:9 16". PSA doesn't have any barrels for their uppers and they don't have any A2 receivers.
  8. TwistedSS

    PSA Lower build

    Upper came in yesterday...Finally together! Just picked up a VTAC 2 point sling also.
  9. TwistedSS

    AR15 Picture Thread Part III

    DPMS 24" Bull Barrel, .223 4-Round group, 100 yards. Sub 1/4 MOA.
  10. TwistedSS

    PSA Lower build

    Thanks. As soon as the uppers come in, i'll be much happier. I can't stand having one and a half AR's laying around. lol
  11. TwistedSS

    AR15 Picture Thread Part III

    This thread is filled with win.
  12. TwistedSS

    Big Bad Rifle Pic thread

    Heres's my rig. Its a 24" DPMS 1:9 bull barrel with target crown. .223. Have shot several sub 1/4MOA groups with this. 4-Round group at 100 yards off a bench. Shot with 52g A-max, 25.0g TAC powder, WSR primer.
  13. TwistedSS

    PSA Lower build

    Went over to Palmetto State Armory today to pick up a lower build kit. I used th PSA receiver that I bought when they first came out a few months ago. Waiting on the uppers to come in at the end of the month to complete my 16" A2 build. Figured i'd share