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  1. Not sure yet, havnt been to the range, but It came highly recomended from a friend, and it seems to have a nice break. Ive heard the reset is great on these triggers too.
  2. Well ok maybe I should say my first assemble. I have a Sig m400 that I love. A couple of months ago I stumbled onto a 6.8spc upper, so I decided that I would buy a stripped lower and a build kit, and try my hand at building a lower so I would understand better how all the parts interact. I know it really wasn't all that complicated and the advanced AR owners could do this in their sleep, but I had a little bit of learning curve and I did learn a lot. Here she is. YHM upper with flattop and flip up sights. I used a PSA lower with a PSA build kit. A Giselle SSA trigger, and Magpul furniture in FDE. Im pretty happy with it. Im going to have to get another EOTech for this gun now....
  3. My newest addition to the family... Remmy 700P LTR in .308 win.
  4. Hey guys. Most of you know me as a pistol caliber shooter, although I have an AR and AK I also like to shoot. Anyway, I just purchased this new toy with the hopes of getting into long range precision shooting. The gun is a remington 700P LTR with a fluted hvy bbl, and is chambered in .308. I cannot afford a super duper scope as of now, but I had my eyes on a firefield 10-40x50 illuminated scope that is in my price range for starters. My goal is to learn all I can and I am looking for advice. I admit to not knowing a lot about the type of accuracy this gun is capable of but I am anxious to learn. Here is a picture, and I paid $850 for the gun and rings. Did I get a good deal, and will my choice of scopes suffice for a novice to begin with?. Thanks for all the advice guys.
  5. My new toy..... Arsenal .410 conversion
  6. I actually went into the store to buy a saiga 12ga they had, but I just fell in love with this when I saw it. The AK reliability was a selling point also.
  7. Ok, so its not an Ar15 but it is black and nasty looking. Shes a Saiga .410 with an AK buttstock complete with a 15 round mag. Cant wait to get this girl to the range. I think this will rest comfortably in the safe next to my AR....
  8. Welcome to the new world order where liberal pinkos, allow illegal gang bangers with 3+ strikes to be out on the streets. Only in California with its anti gun laws would a baseball fan be this safe.......
  9. why worry about it, the world ends tommorow at 6pm local time.... :nana:
  10. I took today and tommorow off work. You should have seen my bosses face when I told him why...
  11. For the record, I tend to be anti-media, very pro Military and pro LEO, but I also know that mistakes can and will happen in LE that lead to very bad situations, and if we all simply bend over and not stand up with questions in an effort to avoid them again, then we will ALL lose the very rights most of us claim to defend. I respect LEO's but they must also be held to a higher standard period. I believe in most cases the truth lies somewhere in the middle of reports, and where there is smoke there is usually some fire. This situation has huge second and fourth amendment ramifications. Suppose it turns out the cops had the wrong address (or wrong person by mistake), but were "justified" in the shoot because he had the gun when they breached? That doesnt scare the crap outta you from a 2nd amendment, "Stand your ground" or "Castle doctrine standpoint????
  12. I hope no one on here forgets who the jackass in charge of this particular department is.... Does the name Clarence Dupnik mean anything? Is anyone surprised this department is in full damage control mode after this one?
  13. I am 100% behind the good LEO's out there everyday helping the citizens. I will also fight to see the bad ones removed from the force. Now that being said at my home if you do not announce yourself as LEO before busting into my home, I will follow your sage advice word for word That announcment in this day and age quite frankly is a safety tool for LEO's and I hope all LEO's use it as such..... If you announce yourself, I will follow your legal orders, because I still have the civil courts at my disposal after the proverbial smoke clears
  14. You strike me as the type that would have no problem giving up someone elses rights, if the police said it was necessary. No one here is saying for sure the police acted wrong (although with more info coming out its looking more likely), they are saying this needs to have the lid blown off because something smells with this one. There are some hard questions that need to be addressed before this will pass the litmus test of a clean shoot. Letting a man bleed out by denying medical personnel access to him after the threat was nuetralized for starters would not be within departmental guidelines in any department. And I believe most upstanding LEO's would agree. This alone is going to cast a shadow on this shoot. I might have sided immediatly with Law enforcement on this one if a paramedic hadn't stepped forward and said they were denied access to a man still alive and no longer a threat...it also turns out the couple had NO CRIMINAL HISTORY, and NO DRUGS WERE FOUND in the residence....and you dont think this raises serious concerns for the citizens of this country.
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