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  1. Great dealing with spyderhead, purchased some 10mm brass and dies from him and the transaction and communication was super smooth. Fred R
  2. Yeah it's 1911 platform. I picked up a 9x25 6-inch barrel and a 6-inch 10MM slide... once I figure out this cartridge's idiosyncrasies loading up these 115GR my plan is to move to 125gr. Currently using some once fired 10MM starline brass that I'm resizing for this. Resized about 100 pieces for the first outing and managed to split a handful of pieces at the case mouth, the brass headspaces correctly in the barrel so I think it could be an annealing issue that I've read has been a problem with starline 10MM brass in general. Should be fun project either way. Fred R.
  3. Shadow, I actually picked up the 9x25 dies from Dillon about a month ago, just have been waiting for the barrel and slide to come in, have the barrel and should have the slide later this week. I actually have the RCBS 9MM neck expander after reading a few of your posts on different forums regarding loading these. The Lee 357SIG expander/charging die actually is a good idea if I decide to ever run the 9x25 on my progressive. I did see the post where you pulled DT 9x25 loads and measured the powder on the 115gr XTP... 10.6gr of longshot @ 1.250". I want to try a few different loads and see what works best for my gun, just want to make sure that I don't put too much of a crimp on these and end up with a bad situation. Thanks again, Fred R.
  4. I know this an older thread but I searched the few other threads on here regarding the 9x25 Dillon and couldn't find the answer. Anyways I just picked up a barrel in 9x25 and was wondering what you guys crimped this round to? I read a few of the threads here and couldn't find a definative number. I loaded up some 115grain XTP test rounds ranging from 10.2gr to 11.0gr of longshot but have yet to crimp them as I couldn't find any crimp measurements. Can't wait to take it out to the range, sounds like a FUN round. Thanks, Fred R.
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