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  1. For Sale Walther P99AS in .40 Short&Wimpy. All black with Brook's Tactical A-Grip. 6 Mags, only 100 or so rounds through the weapon total. All papers, box, sights and 2 holsters. I am the original owner, asking $550 O.B.O. If you live in NM we can do a private transfer, if not, I will ship to your FFL(NO CALIFORNIA SALES). PM me if you're interested. I'm offering to the 10mmTalk community before she goes up on GunBroker. Thanks.
  2. The Witness is the best 10mm for under $400. To echo everyone else, replace both recoil and mag springs out of the box. I've had my WonderFinish Witness refinished in a flat black GunKote with no problems. However, the WonderFinish is a bugger to work with. If you want the witness, get it. If you want the C-bob, get that. Both are fine weapons.
  3. The New Delta's are going for about $950. Any more than a grand and you're being taken. Our main distributor(Acusport) is scheduled to get 4. One of those is earmarked for me and I'll let you know how they shoot. Most dealer's should be able to get them mid June or so. Have not posted in a while. Good to be back.
  4. Well, I broke down and ordered my CZ97B and it arrived at work today. First let me start by saying the pictures on the site and literature don't quite do it justice. This is a large honkin' pistol. Kinda reminds me of my buddie's Mk. 23 SOCOM. The slide is a bit more angular and there are fewer of the curves that make my 75B Tactical so... I dunno, sexy? Not that it's unattractive, just more angles, less radiuses. The 10 rnd. mags are exactly the same as the Baby Eagle/Witness mags, but thats no suprise. I believe Mec Gar is the vendor for all of them. And the gun arrived with 2, just as they all should. The instruction manual was one of the better I've seen on any weapon, despite being printed in Czech, German, French, Spanish, and lastly, English. Large blow ups, part descriptions and functions, all in a glossy color volume. Very classy. My only negative thus far is the damn magazine brake. Yes, I know the Euro-peons are very anal about their mags but on a combat handgun, as this specimen clearly is, I expect that mag to leap forth from the frame to expedite a fast reload. But my drift and punch set can fix that soon. The manual says not to simply remove the brake, but to have a 'smith alter it for you. My 75B has never had a round through it by me or mine with said brake in place and it works just fine. I can only assume they say this as the brake does sheild the mainspring from foreign objects and debris. I had a chance to speak with our CZ rep this morning regarding a customer owned gun that had been back for warranty repair and I took the opportunity to inquire about the 97B in the 10mm. He said there has been a substantial demand from the customer base regarding this specific issue and the most he would tell me is that it's on the table. CZ has been in a real "wait-and-see" mode when it comes to the marketplace and due to the Dan Wesson line selling like it is, Alice and the crew in Kansas City as well as Uhersky Brod are at least contemplating adding another 10mm to the line. We shall see. Joe
  5. Well, I got my Witness today. The first thing I noticed was the lack of a 2nd mag. I stand corrected on that. Nice matte finish, smoooove action. There is an aluminum FLGR, but I think I can live with it. The front sight is actually milled as a part of the slide with a red dot painted on for contrast against the white rears. The rear sight seems to be a new style for them. It is a Novak-style slant by LPA, very sturdy. The only tool marks are on the top of the triggerhousing, the whole presentation is very nice, especially at the price. However my Hogue Fingergroove wraparounds for my CZ-75B Tactical would not fit, but that doesn't suprise me. The 10mm frame is substantialy longer. Also, my Bianchi #5 BlackWidow holster for the CZ was no dice either. It fit great, but the retention strap is just a bit short for the Witness. Again, any New Mexico members interested, I'm happy to help you get one. PM me if I can help. Joe
  6. Hello all. I've been more of a observer than a member recently, but just had to post this. I've recently come into my dream job: Firearms Manager for the Sportsmans Warehouse in Las Cruces. I get to fondle and drool privately on most of the new weapons that come availalbe. I currently have access to 17 of the EAA Witness in 10mm through Acusport, full size with 2 15 round mags and WonderFinish. If you are a New Mexico resident, I can get these for you for $394.99, plus tax. Again, I can only sell to New Mexico residents and cannot ship to another FFL in another state. I'm not making anything on this, just thought I'd let help out any one here trying to get one.
  7. Have you looked at the 1895 Guide Gun? It comes in .45-70, stainless and a 18.5" tube. Might be more cost effective than cutting a XLR down.
  8. Don't feel bad, my Eclipse did the same thing. A Wilson Bullet-Proof slide stop in .38 super works great and looks good.
  9. I've followed your adventure with this 1076 and all I can say is : YOUR GUNSHOP ROCKS. A 1076,1006,1026, and a freakin' Delta Elite Gold Cup? Under one retail roof? Jeebus. Thats awesome, man. Enjoy your new toy and keep the gun shop a closely guarded secret, lest all the other toys vanish. Joe
  10. Hi all. I've been silent for a few months, not much to say. I'm currently working my dream job: I work a gun counter at a local chain sportsmans store. Or Warehouse, if you prefer. I get to fondle weapons I had only read about previously. The new Sig 556, S&W M&P15T, CZ SP-01, etc. If anybody has any questions about new firearms availble on the retail market, I'd be happy to give an honest opinion about from the P.O.V. of one who handles them for a living.
  11. Tetragun floro-polymer lube & grease. It is awesome.
  12. I picked up a rare CZ75B Tactical at one of the Big Reno Gun shows last year. This is a 1 of 1000 made, the only thing "tactical" being the OD green frame and rubber combat grips. Its an awesome gun and my only gripe is the plastic guide rod. My uncle is an acomplished machinist and turned me a rather nice stainless steel one on his lathe and it adds just a little heft to the foreend. Also have a CZ52. If you see one, buy it. It'll be the best $125 you ever spend.
  13. At the sporting goods store I currently work at, we had one PT1911 come in and was promptly snatched up by a customer. This seemed like a solid gun when we looked at it and he took it home, pleased as punch. Two days later he comes back with the familar black box in his hands and a frown on his face. He took the pistol to the range, fired about 200 rounds through it and when he tried to disasemble the weapon, the slide would NOT come off the frame. He said it shot great, but when he pulled out the slide stop first (his first mistake?) and then the bushing,plunger and spring, the slide was stuck solid. Myself and the the other guy at the gun counter spent 20 minutes trying to un-stuck the slide. My first thought was that maybe it had a series 80 style firing pin block a la Kimber which dictates the grip saftey not be engaged when trying to remove the slide, but that was not the case. It appears that the FLGR is stuck against the barrel link. The hole would not line up and the slide stop could not be placed back in. So off she went back to Taurus. We'll see how this plays out. Despite excellent customer service, my experience with Forjas Taurus has not been...well consistant. You get exactly what you pay for. Joe
  14. Don't get me wrong, I love a good local gun show, for reasons most of you have listed. I'm just beotching about the dregs one encounters there. I don't like been treated like I'm stupid (which I can be) or being bent over a barrel for something just 'cuz it's not readily available. I've found awesome deals @ shows before, like my CZ75B Tactical brand freakin' new for $375 or a 75rd drum for my AK for $45. I'm not going to stop going to local shows, not at all. But as gun people dealing with gun people, I, we, them, us, can do better. Thats all. :yes:
  15. Ever been to a local gun show and see the random people that inhabit our culture? There are many good people out there, most just looking for a good deal or just simply to sell or browse out of pleasure. Then you see the humorless, know-it-all arsehat with the ridiclously marked up stuff that won't bugde on anything. I was at a local show here in Las Cruces in Febuary and saw a Walther P22 that i was mildly interested in. Now, I happen to work at Sportsmans Warehouse at the gun counter (temporary dream job) and am familar with current market value on most new handguns. This guy wanted more than $100 more for this .22 than it was worth and got quite indignant when i told him that was a bit much. Now, i know people have to make a living, but come on. This guy's stuff was not special, nothing rare or exotic, but it was all way more expensive than it needed to be. He is basicaly preying on people that don't know any different. And he is not alone. Remember when the local gun show was where you went for the deals and bargains? Not the local dealer bringing his guns at a 10% markup and attitude? There is another local dealer who turns his preteen kids loose as salesboys and tries to push his stuff. Maybe I'm an jerk, but I don't want to talk to a frail 15 year old boy about how much this new .45 kicks or which ammo has better terminal performance. I'm ALL FOR kids being involved and i was a huge gun nerd at that age, but really, how much practical knowlage can they have? Then you have the guy who basicaly brings all the CRAP out of his closet or wherever he keeps it and sells it at a premium. Not collectables or memorablia, but honest to goodness CRAP!! The used holsters falling apart, the ancient blackpowder kit guns that were not assembled correctly and the assorted tools, knives and just general crap that is not worth anything, intrinsicly or usefully. And of course, all at a premium. Lastly you have the honest gun broker. The guy who just loves guns, loves talking guns and loves trading for and selling guns to and from honest Americans like him/herself. He doesn't always have the newest .900 Monster Magnum or the slickest new urban assualt ninja go-to pistol. What he does have is what he is into or what is actually valuble to most gun people. He is ready to deal or trade and doesn't get huffy when you're not interested in his stuff. He dosen't scowl, will joke or share wisdom as needed and you don't leave his table feeling like you got shafted if you buy something. Sadly, he is the minority now. The asshats are taking over. What do you think?
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