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  1. mrsroberts

    My next handgun... which one?

    i suggest to look into KAHR PM9 I carry one and love it ... its compact small and you can choose a variety of calibers
  2. mrsroberts

    ... rather kiss Obama

  3. mrsroberts

    Kahr PM9

    At first when I purchased the gun it's was only used as a carry, maybe 200 or less through the gun. so it was and still in excellent condition it was hard till I took it to the range and played with it a little bit. It shot great and the recoil was so light. perfect for small people. on average I'm about "5'6" 104lbs. so it wasn't to big for my hands and was perfect to sight up for me . Excellent gun. :hotshot2:
  4. mrsroberts


    Utah is cheaper and is only a 4-6 hour hour class vs. Texas is a 8-10 hour class and a lot more in cost like $70 more and my husband is getting his Texas and some of the states that we travel through does not honor the TX CHL but the do the Utah non-resident. Will let everyone know how it goes
  5. mrsroberts

    Kahr PM9

    I had recently received a KAHR PM9 for a gift from my husband. Was very nervous considering I have never shot anything so small and concealed such as the KAHR. I have a bad habit of trigger retention, I shake and get nervous... REAL BAD .... lose all concentration. with the KAHR I felt like the I had control of the gun for the first time. I took it to the range for the first and first shot was middle bulls. was relieved once i know what to do. i would shot then sit it down and start all over... wonderful gun for someone small and petite like me especially women .... get one i suggest it :flea: :flea:
  6. mrsroberts


    I have never had a CHL-CCW-CPL before.. don't get me wrong I am not the perfect shooter but I'm not the worst. I'm a Texas resident and I am thinking about getting my Utah non resident CPL... any one got any pointers before the class. I posted earlier about my Kahr pm9 ....... wonderful for females by the way...
  7. mrsroberts

    Handgun picture thread.

    love the collection especially the gun safe.......
  8. mrsroberts

    New Gun owner

    I have shot a walther p22 and a rouger 10/22 I am very comfortable with them both and I am fine with a glock just nervous when i shoot. I can shoot an AR15 FINE not perfect but pretty close. so what is my problem ?
  9. mrsroberts

    New Gun owner

    what page im having trouble finding it
  10. mrsroberts

    New Gun owner

    If I may ask without feeling numb in the brain what does ** "Shame shame... You forgot to Plug the B&G..." ** mean?
  11. mrsroberts

    New Gun owner

    Thanks but maybe you can help me with one question I may have I have a bad habit of getting the shakes holding a gun properly before firing how can I help that if its possible?
  12. mrsroberts

    New Gun owner

    Hi my husband has taking me shooting for about 3yrs. I'm by far not an expert however I did accumulate some knowledge of his gun knowledge and more. He bought me a KAHR PM9 tonight and I need to know some Information about the KAHR how its is for a female to carry and handle. I have not yet taken my CHL class I do plan on taking it here in a few weeks or less please help me if you can I'm a little nervous to carry the gun I don't know it well... Thanks Mrs. Roberts