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  1. Anyone have 1 maybe 2 they could sell? Or point me in the right direction to find some Thanks
  2. Hot wings with cheese? sounds different
  3. Ive been hearing how great the stuff coming out of Deschutes brewery is I dont think its made its way to the east coast yet.
  4. Yep that long screwdriver did the trick I also added heat for good measure. I better replace the screw cause its all types of mauled from early attempts. Thanks fellas!
  5. I tried getting that screw out last night, that thing doesnt want to budge.
  6. I'd like to replace the shell of my A2 stock but I cant seem to take it apart without damage.
  7. Battlefield 4 looks like its coming along nicely, I will be getting the xbox close to when it comes out. I gotta say I am looking foward to what it can do besides gaming.
  8. I always keep a pair of panties laying in the back seat which I frequently rotate, all in the hopes my friends think I get laid.
  9. Yeah thanks, I've been wanting a tap and die set but nothing this big
  10. Geez now it makes sense haha I feel like a dope asking now it seems so obvious. Thanks
  11. No, he joined the marines then became a truck driver. I believe these might be his fathers but I am not sure. I am thrilled to have them even if I may never use it a few times. This pitch gauge what is it used for? Forgive me I've never seen anything like it.
  12. I cleaned them up a bit but I have a few questions maybe you guys could answer. It came with a tool for the small taps but how do I use the bigger ones? Something must be missing right? I also have no idea what the thing with all the fold out blades is for or if it even belongs with the rest of the stuff
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