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  1. Did anyone receive a notice from Ruger about new product suggestions? I plan on filling mine out today and returning it with 10mm suggestions. I also received a response from Ruger about upcoming 10mm offerings: Hi Jess - Because we are a publicly traded company I would not be able to comment on any products that may or may not be in the works. That being said, if you'd like, you can write to our CEO, Mike Fifer, at "Tell the CEO," and let him know what you would like to see Ruger make next. https://www.ruger.com/dataProcess/tellTheCEO.html As you may know I'm a big advocate for anything new in 10mm. We have enough offerings in the mainstream calibers and need more 10's! If you didn't get the email, please go to that link and let the CEO know! I have several Ruger firearms and they have all been fantastic plus their unwritten warranty I can vouch for personally. Since I still live in Maryland and will be going forward I have to cast my vote towards a new 10mm revolver. My suggestion will be a GP100 framed 6" 10mm setup like the 610 minus moon clips. That is my missing piece and what I would like to see! Please share this on any website you feel it can catch traction. Thanks!
  2. Henning Cone, Henning flat bottom, Wolff 20-22lb and rock on! Oh... Hogue FTW!
  3. Sorry about the plug Get yourself one of these Heavy cone bull barrel and full length dust cover for front heft, 3.5lb single action trigger, fully adjustable rear sight, black or fiber front sight, flared magwell with Walnut grips and Hard Chrome finish. Plus you can add a C-More red-dot and it's 15+1. Add a Henning cone guide rod and 22lb Wolff spring and rock on!
  4. I had a Dan Wesson Razorback too for the same reason you are going that way. Key word... HAD. My findings echo much of the same... .45 for your 1911. Get a EAA Limited with the bull barrel and enjoy 15+1. If you get the DW you may want to go with a flat bottom block, heavy spring and a Tungsten guide rod.
  5. Both are good shooters if you like 1911's. You lose capacity and some front end heft you could get in other models. The Dan Wesson if you are set on a 1911.
  6. I tested these about a week ago. Line #12 on the 200gr tab at the bottom. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Ak5OC6bPsjO8dEh6eGZ3N3hpUU13SXM5cm9pZy16T0E#gid=7
  7. Someone stole my Thunder LOL. Just save me some to test!
  8. In here is all the information. http://www.armslist.com/posts/1965700/maryland-handguns-for-sale--eaa-tanfoglio-witness-match-10mm
  9. I have pictures of them all on my Facebook page EAA Firearms. Yes they are fully supported. I put expansion test numbers on that page for my Match, Hunter, 1006 and Razorback. The Razorback was tightest!
  10. If it was rest shot it would seem to take out anything you could be doing. My first shot with my Razorback was a dead bull off-hand.. They are either right or not from what I have seen.
  11. Would you say it was worth $3k or would you rather have a Razorback/Delta or other and $1700 in ammo?
  12. I didn't realize you were back in the 10 market. Let me know if so and I will put you on the active list instead of discontinued.
  13. Any information on your old commercial load? What powder and weight?
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