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  1. Made my mind up and I am going with the M-223 3x12x42 BDC600. Will be ordering it from the local gun store and as soon as I get membership to the gun club I will be breaking in and sighting in the rifle there. I was told to bring my own target with a metal frame. Any suggestions on how to make one? Or where to get a target for shooting my new DPMS? Thanks
  2. Thanks, I agree. I spend hours reading post full of information from this site.
  3. For sure going with the Nikon. While I sit here waiting for monday to get to the gunshop and take another look at my DPMS LoPro I went to the DMPS site and looked up the # I was given to make sure that I did get the 223, but the DPMS site says that it is a NATO round. I know that from reading the post here that I can shoot a 223 out of the NATO round, but not a Nato out of a 223. My papersork from the gun shop says 223 but I am itching to see what the barrell has on it. I am hoping that it reads NATO round. But in either round I will be happy. So with that said,does the RFA2-LPC given to me mean that this rifle could be either the NATO or 223? Yes, I am very green. lol
  4. No doubt in my mind, going with the NikonM223. Now just which one? lol Decided to aply for membership at the local gun club, join NRA, and sight the rifle in there. I think I am going to like this combo for yote hunting. And I can hunt them all year. compaired to a couple months of trapping.
  5. Thanks for the welcomes. feels good to be here.
  6. Thanks, good looking scopes. Should be able to pick one of them out in a few days. The scope with the range finder is tempting. Will look for some reviews on it, along with the others.
  7. I looked at both of the scopes you mentioned and wonder what the longest range they are effective. How do you sight them in? May seem like a bad question, but this is new to me. Not sure if these are good for hunting? Got some questions about them and I will search the web to see how they are used in shooting Coyotes. It was fun going to the EoTech site and play shooting, but how doea one compensate beteen a 75 yd shot and a 200 yd shot?
  8. Been reading post for several hours, glad I found this site. Lots of information. I have a specific Q. Yesterday I purchased my first Ar. The DPMS Panther Classic Lo Pro in 223 with the 16" barrel. The purpose is for Coyotes and Fox. I traded in my 870 Supermag and my middle fingers will now have time to heel.lol ( to much recoil) I need to find a scope that matches this rifle. I really do not think this is the rifle to take 600 yard shots, more like 30 max. With that said I know not to buy more scope than the rifle can handle so to soeak. Looking forward to any help I can get on my choice of scopes, or a direction I can go to find the information I need for my rifle? Thanks, Trapperreynolds
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