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  1. donald150

    M4 ramps,

    If your asking if you m4 feed ramps should match the curvature of the bullet or case, the answer is no. The ramp is designed to direct the tip of the bullet into the chamber.
  2. donald150

    .308 PMAGS in stock at Brownells

    Out of stock already. You can get them from Botach but I would call or email first.
  3. donald150

    What Caliber Upper on my next AR.

    I went with a S&W 5.45 upper and couldn't be happier. My next one is going to be 300blk.
  4. donald150

    What is out their for .308 AR's

    Yeah, when I grew up and had to start buying my own shoes I realized that brand names are not always worth the hype. People do the same thing with AR15 lowers. There are some that would rather get waterboarded than have a Stag lower with a deer on it.
  5. donald150

    What is out their for .308 AR's

    That bushmaster looks fine. Here is a demo dpms, it is the one I have. It is 7.62nato http://www.nelsontactical.com/shopping/dem...308-p-4487.html For the price, I like the Bushmaster because of all the magpul stuff.
  6. donald150

    6.5 Grendel or 6.8 SPC

    I am not sure if you know this or not, but the 300aac has commercially available ammo and the components will NEVER be non existent. It uses standard .308 bullets and you can resize and trim 5.56 brass for 300aac. This is going to be my next caliber AR, I already have a 5.56 and a AR10.
  7. donald150

    6.5 Grendel or 6.8 SPC

    Have you considered the 300 AAC (blackout)?
  8. donald150

    AR 10 Rifles under $2500.00

    http://www.nelsontactical.com/shopping/dpm...sass-p-380.html Its 7.62 and $1870.49
  9. donald150

    AR 10 Rifles under $2500.00

    I bought my second DPMS .308 and I love it. It is actually 7.62 NATO. I bought it from Nelson Tactical on sale. http://www.nelsontactical.com/shopping/
  10. donald150

    Which Ar Caliber to get

    Think about this: With the 5.45 ammo being about half the price of 5.56, if you bought as much as you are talking about, you could use all of the money you are saving on ammo and buy a complete 5.56 upper to go with your 5.45 rifle.
  11. donald150

    Which Ar Caliber to get

    Unless my math is off, that is under $.14 per round.
  12. donald150

    Which Ar Caliber to get

    $.09? Try $.20 http://www.aimsurplus.com/product.aspx?item=A54539R
  13. donald150

    Which Ar Caliber to get

    Wall hanger? Hardly. A simple barrel and bolt swap and you can have many different calibers not to mention hornady makes 5.45 ammo and I think there is one more manufacturer that also does. As for ammo not being imported, that is a non issue. If it were to dry up, it would be a capitalists dream and many companies would be making it. There are many AK74 and ars that shoot it. Bottom line is 5.45 is roughly half the price.
  14. donald150

    Which Ar Caliber to get

    Depending on distance and barrel length, the 5.45 will out perform the 5.56. The 5.45 (7n6) bullet has a air pocket in the tip right in front of the steel core and it is designed to yaw and tumble on impact. The 5.56 counts on velocity to cause it to fragment. The 5.45 will yaw and tumble at a lower velocity than the 5.56 needs to fragment. There are ups and downs to each. 5.45 ammo is cheap so buy a bunch of it if you go that route because it may not always be that way. On the other hand, if you go with the 5.56, you can use a .22lr conversion bolt in it and shoot even cheaper. I ended up going with both. Edit: keep in mind, most indoor and some outdoor ranges will not let you shoot the 5.45 (cheap steel core) ammo.
  15. donald150

    Such a dilemma

    My last one was built in 5.45x39 and I LOVE IT! I have one in 5.56 and it just cost too much to shoot. Even reloading costs about $0.25 per round. Whenever I take out the 5.56, it will have the CMMG .22 conversion in it. That 5.45x39 ammo is cheap and it is a pretty wicked round. It does not rely on high velocity like the 5.56 and it is not designed to fragment. IMHO that makes it perfect for a short barrel. I am currently working on my newest 5.45 build and this one will be a pistol to match the rifle I built. The pistol will have a 7 1/2" barrel. My barrel should be done any time now. If you decide to go with the 5.45, you better stock up on ammo because that imported stuff is pretty much all you have and you know how that can dry up. If the 5.45 ammo dries up, you can just swap out the bolt and barrel to 5.56 The only thing I don't like about the 5.45 platform is the fact that you only have one chioce of mags. The C-products mags have worked 100% for me so far but I really want some magpul mags in 5.45 So my vote is for the 5.45x39