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  1. served in the Air Force from 68'-91' Spent time in Nam, PI & Korea. Always amazed me of some of the lies that Mil guys could come up with that hadn't even been overseas. The thing that bothers me is guys that weren't in (my genaration) that keep on asking about war stories. Not something I care to remember! So I tend to tell them about how nice the scenery or something way off the subject to get them forget what they asked. Some folks try to build themselves up because they can't stand the truth about their own reality! Just get tired of the wantabes or wishihads!
  2. LOL I like it, us old guys are full of gas anyway
  3. LOL. I have been back a few time during my Mil time and couple times to see my brother but it's been since 2007. He seems to have fell off the earth, haven't heard from him in years. I had a cuz tell me from Clarksville that it was getting high in her area. Thanks for the reply and keep dry!
  4. Hey Nest, Hows the water around Nashville? I lived in the Hermitage area till 68'. My bro lives in centerville area
  5. thanks for the info. May have to put put one on the my birthday list!
  6. Thanks for the info! I fiqured it would making cleaning easier, just wondering about if it would l also make the action smoother. Hadn't thought about cooler. Thanks for the inputs.
  7. Hey Guys new to AR's and down't know if this has been posted before. Is it worth the price on buying a Chromium Plated AR15 Bolt Carrier Assembly to replace the OEM. Would appericate any info you guys have!
  8. Welcome to the site..were's the pic
  9. My Ma is 78, 5' tall about 150Lbs and can't pull a slide back. I had her shoot my Ruger LCR and she loved It! Doesn't have to worry with it jamming in the purse while firing.
  10. PapaJack50

    New From TN

    Welcome to the Armory..they treat new guys pretty good here and have a lot of good info to share. I just bought a DPMS AR15 a couple months ago.
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