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  1. So I have been around the net I see this and that about many company's and their ar15 being better than others. I have narrowed down my two picks ( i think). The RRA and the DD. Either one will be my first and only purchase of an ar15 so I want it to be a good. I have seen as well the knight arms company and the LMT. With not taking to much time from everyone here can some of you that have purchased in the past shine some light on this topic. My budget is $1000-$1200 , this will be for home defense and something to leave my kids when they are older. Well thanks for your input.
  2. Good morning to everyone. I am looking into buying my 1st ar 15. The purpose is to complete my collection and for when the SHTF. I have looked into the RRA and DD. Both seem like very good weapons but I dont see why DD is so much more. My budget is $1200. Can anyone shine some light on this ,Thanks
  3. I'm in the market (still) for a Ar15. I thought I wad set on buying a RRA till I was reading something online and came across the LMT. Does anyone have any input on which one would be a better buy. This would be a defense weapon for if and when the s!@# fan
  4. So I'm in the market for an at15. I have my eyes on the bushmaster, rockriver and now the sig. Can anyone give me some direction. It's going to be a second hone defense weapon and a primary for when tshtf. My budget is about $1000. Help anyone
  5. Great post ground zero . I just hope that more places would take of us firefighter
  6. Good post . I had something like last night. Cc of hard to breath. We roll up to find her in topical position. Tripod, skip breathing ect. Slap on the cpap , nitrogen and ran her to the we. She made it. Over she had a chf attack and at the end the daughter admitted that she had a dnr that she didn't have on her.
  7. My prayers go out to you brother
  8. Great job old timer. Keep an eye out for him.
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