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  1. Looking for some answers to a magazine problem with a friends Remington 742 in 30-06. The rifle has between 300-400 rounds down the tube and started having magazine feed issues. The bolt will not strip a round from the magazine and then jams against the feed lips. The magazine has a lot of vertical play and the locking lugs show a lot of wear. I purchased a new magazine and it came marked as multi-cal. I cannot insert the magazine because it jammed on the first set of locking lugs on the magazine. I have read about the problems with this rifle and it seems that there are several sizes of magazine catches that I need to try to fit the magazines. Considering that this rifle has a lot of problems and is not worth that much on the market woul it be worth sending it to a gunsmith with the knowledge and parts inventory to remedy the problem?
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    Sorry your having this issue. Glad you had it checked out right away. Prayers for a good outcome.
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    When Hollywood got it right. https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=old+movie+with+zombie+democrats&view=detail&mid=7D5FE335BD442E15EC347D5FE335BD442E15EC34&FORM=VIRE
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  10. This is a crazy huge spider. Huge spider drags opossum across Amazon rainforest floor in horrifying footage
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    I sleep like a baby.......I wake up every couple of hours and cry.
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