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  1. A friend that has a summer cabin on a island in a remote lake in Saskatchewan purchased a Yaesu FTA-250L handheld aviation handheld to take with him to stay in touch with the FBO that flys him and his party out to the island. He is 32 nautical miles away and wants to put a antenna that he can mount in a tree for better range. he needs a recommendation on a antenna that will readily adapt to this unit. I am also concerned as to how long a cable he can run to a 5 watt handheld without compromising signal strength. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
  2. I bet they reclassify rape as “assault with a friendly weapon “.
  3. I hope the B21 is everything its cracked up to be. I remember that in 1999 a F-117 was shot down by the Serbians using a Russian S-125 surface to air missile that was originally designed in the 1950’s. While the missile was upgraded over time the Serbians variant had only second generation upgrades to the missile and radar that where implemented in the early 1960’s. One month later a second F-117 was heavily damaged by the same type of SAM system. I Know nothing is invisible to modern radar but the problem is that advanced stealth aircraft designs often take more than a decade from planning to being placed in to service. Radar systems and SAMS are constantly having software upgraded, often using AI to improve detection and tracking. Hopefully a great leap in technology was built into the B-21to keep i ahead of the new countermeasure’s out there
  4. zoomy

    Hey Woodsman

  5. Switching VPN servers worked.
  6. VPN still blocks the Armory. I think Ill switch to another server on the VPN.
  7. Im using Express VPN also. I will turn it back on and see what happens.
  8. Good morning everyone.
  9. When using my VPN I cannot access the AR15Armory. I keep getting the Server not found or server stopped responding message. Anyone else have the same problem?
  10. I will meet up with you some day. Till then Gods speed.
  11. Glad the house is ok. Still a major hassle and mess. My wife and I spent the day driving south on I -55 on our first leg to AZ. We dodged several of those orange construction barrels as they blew across the highway. Trucks had a hard time staying in their lane. Made it to our nephews house in Bathalto, IL for a visit and overnight and then onward to AZ in the morning. Lots of downed tree limbs in his area, but his property was spared. When he bought his house we gave him a Stihl model 026 that my wife bought for herself in 1995. That was three years before I even met her. We used it to clear 3.5. Acres to build our house. Is a fantastic, reliable and long lived saw. 52cc motor and 20” bar are a perfect combination.
  12. The MSM is really starting to dim the lights on this story. They started with gleeful giddiness having a pre midterms anti MAGA narrative to awkward mumbling and half hearted references of right wing extremism.
  13. Good morning y’all.
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