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  1. i have a magpul ctr and like it no wiggle when you lock it if you go shooting in any time soon and want to see how you like it drop me a email im from seymour spaz157@aol.com
  2. spaz157

    training with the SKS

    the look on the kids face peddling is priceless
  3. spaz157

    Shotgun picture thread

    two moss 500's and win 1300
  4. spaz157

    Rimfire picture thread.

    here is mine minus scope
  5. spaz157

    AK picture thread

  6. spaz157

    door breach rounds

    anyone know where to find door breaching ammo for 12ga
  7. spaz157

    pre ban ak74

    CT bones me again
  8. spaz157

    pre ban ak74

    I have been looking every for a pre 94 ak74 is there such a thing or am i crazy or blind
  9. spaz157

    CT ban ?

    doed any one know if all colts are banned in ct or if it just one with ar 15 in the title
  10. spaz157

    what ar to buy

    i got a stab a 3 diffrent pre ban ARs a pacwest, eagle, or a busmaster wich one do you guys think is the best bet