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  1. FinFan77

    Know what I think?

  2. FinFan77

    What size Tin Foil hat do you wear????

    What an idiotic waste of time and resources. They need to be profiling suspects by more than just what they search for on the internet.
  3. FinFan77

    OK Guys, Let's Talk Beds

    I'll see if I can get someone to take some photos of me in bed and post them up for you.
  4. FinFan77

    Antibiotic resistant bacteria

    Just noticed your sig. Love it.
  5. FinFan77

    Antibiotic resistant bacteria

    No kidding not to mention who knows where that mouth has been.
  6. FinFan77

    Naked & Afraid

    I just hate to hear of people ceasing to kill lawyers.
  7. FinFan77

    Antibiotic resistant bacteria

    Yup. Antibacterial everything. Crazy. Now once in a while I get a little creeped out and hit everything w/ one of those wipes (phones, keyeboards, mouse, doorknobs, etc.) but that's once every few months. I've taken a lot of antibiotics over the years for chronic strep and bronchitis and wonder what they will use when I am old and almost dead like GT?
  8. FinFan77

    Pictures of Anthony Weiner's girlfriend

    I didn't even bother looking.
  9. FinFan77

    At what age does wisdom kick in?

    OSHA approved. And I cd have told you it doesn't come at 47, I'm hoping it comes at 48.
  10. FinFan77

    Potty humor

    Seriously? No schat?
  11. FinFan77

    One for Joel