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  1. i want one too! my email is:angf117@comcast.net ric martin
  2. angf117


    i agree:) i was army first,then air force:)
  3. i agree,even though we can pick someone off from a long way,you always need to carry a knife!
  4. hi ya'll just purchased a cz-52 from jgsales.com its a rather large 7.62X25 weapon....i shot it at an indoor firing range last week....when i started firing everyone in the room stopped wanted to know what i was shooting lol...i guess these things arent seen much..but the ammo is cheap...anyone have a rec if its a p.o.s. or a good weapon?
  5. www.wideners.com they sell the m885 200 for 70 bucks www.sportmansguide.com they sell all brands of it
  6. thanks for then info i was thinking about duracoating my plum crazy lower:)
  7. hi all, glad to be here im new,name is ric...own an ar but figured what the heck ill spend 100 bucks on a complete composite lower....then after i received it i started thinking maybe i wasted my money...but what ive read on reviews from people these things last! any opinions?
  8. but on the other hand i was a 19k in the army(m1a1 tank crewman)...i really enjoyed that too:)
  9. i am a c-5 air force loadmaster(salute) have been one for 9 years now....have 3500 flying hours since 9/11.....i have to tell you i very much enjoy this job!
  10. i would be interested in a red one with no ar to go on my back window:)
  11. hi my fellow tennesseans:) names ric just joined am 18.5 years military have 1.5 left(salute)
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