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  1. very nice get it and lets go shootin, i bet it kicks like a mule
  2. i had a kel tec sub 2000 .40 cal good gun for about a year after that front sight turned all the way around stock quit locking your right junk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. yup i bet the parents to , one question why no amber alert nation wide, they treating it like a murder case or missing person?
  4. even though i already traveled all i want in my life would like a ride in a apache , get my guts twisted by an f14, and before i leave this world be given the opertunity to fire 30,000 rds. through a mini gun. but i have used every saw known to man
  5. very cool did you free hand those carvings or were they stencils
  6. you are all right ,that being said i say bring our troops home . if they so much as blink in our direction turn there rock into dust hoooya
  7. sorry to hear about your situation. i went threw a similar thing with kids , i found a $300 dollar punching bag helped, it will wear you out and help you relieve your anger good luck
  8. you are absolutely right if you are nice to them and honest if your carrying they are nice guys just trying to get home safely to there families
  9. i also wear justins they are expensive but man they do last i would stay with justins
  10. hello all quick question ,does anyone understand why the protesters are even protesting. what more jobs, equal pay? do they not understand by protesting those who have jobs are fired, those who want jobs cant get one cause they are to busy protesting anyone else see the irony?
  11. thats bad redbarron but try this, i was at walmart and the people in front of me were wearing boxers and t shirts the bad part is they dont realize how stupid they look
  12. i think it needs to b more its nasty anyway
  13. i own three berrettas 92fs, bulky yes all made in italy, $1100. a piece very smooth guns . never had a problem, not sure about the ones made here in us
  14. bushmaster is a decent gun in the price range you are lookin for
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