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  1. I was Wiseman, went to Tikinator, back to Wiseman. I am amazed people remember that far back. lol
  2. Just being real. Android has no games and very few apps that take advantage of a tablet form factor. Who wants to buy a game that was designed for a phone screen? You may want to check out a Chromebook from Google, they are pretty cheap and may be a better option.
  3. I can see it now. Obama care passes, do not pass "Go" do not collect $200 dollars. (Unless you have 3 dependents not over the age of 18)
  4. There is not a tablet market. Just the iPad market and a liter of failed other tablets. If you don't go for an iPad don't bother with a tablet, he will not enjoy it and it will sit on a shelf. All other tablets lack games, apps, and ecosystem support that iPad offers. iPod Touch is a great way to go too, albeit in a circumcised 3.5in screen size. Still very useful with all the advantages of the iPad in a smaller pocket size. Netbooks are dead BTW.
  5. I lived on a beach for a year, moved home to Texas. Sold my soul to corporate America, and now drive a Chrysler 300. Next question. Lol
  6. Thumper is slacking? I leave for a few years and all hell breaks loose! Thumper, stop slacking or Neil will promote you to guest!
  7. If I don't have my glasses on, I can't see a damn thing. I thought this was Glocktalk till I put on my specs. Lol
  8. I bet you say that to all the wayward former admin. lol VTD, still as sexy of a beast as ever my friend.
  9. The Young and the Lifeless. I do love the show, but I think it jumped the shark a bit this season. The mid season finale helped to bring it back though.
  10. I am proud to see what the Armory has grown to! It's been a very long while since I've been here, but I do recognize some old names. Hi guys!
  11. You know, a lot of people always joked they would have to haul his corpse out of the Senate because he would never step down. Right they were.
  12. They are already talking about changing it back to the old rules in memory of Kennedy. BTW, if we had Conservatives as dedicated to their ideals as Kennedy the Republicans would be in a lot better shape then they are now. Kennedy had his demons and his skeletons in his closet, we all do to some extent, however this man did a lot for many regardless if you agree with his political ideals. I did not agree with his political views one damn bit (except for fighting to get the armor the the troops) but I respect his passion he had for his views which was literally, unwaivering. I wish we had more in Congress, especially in the Senate who held true to their ideals rather than crumbling for political expediency and party pressure.
  13. Another will just step right up to take his seat. Don't blame the man, blame the people who voted him there for decades.
  14. No way! He is motivated now, I don't care what he says, he wants to beat the Packers in the division and stick it to the people who he feels "betrayed" him. His secondary goal is to win one more Super Bowl and go out on top. If I was playing fantasy football this year I would pick him up as a secondary QB, his value is low and I think a very motivated Favre is just dangerous to not have on my team.
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