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  1. MadeInUSA

    Hey MadeInUSA

    Hey, I forgot too until i saw this thread.
  2. MadeInUSA

    Hey MadeInUSA

    Thanks guys. Been a long day at work.
  3. MadeInUSA

    BHW 25x68 barrels & dies

    Good luck on the sale!
  4. MadeInUSA

    Favorite Christmas Movies

    Die Hard 1
  5. MadeInUSA

    Guess whats happening at H&K?

    I'm still waiting for the PSA clone.
  6. Those are some nice deals. I missed out on a NIB Razor gen 2 4.5-27 for $1400 this morning.
  7. MadeInUSA

    Pants poll!!!

    For work, Carhartt washed double front duck. Otherwise, Wrangler boot cut. I gotta say, the Carhartts made in Mexico are inferior to the ones made in China. Last June I was cleaning moss/algae off an Ipe deck. The deck cleaner, which I think is just diluted bleach, completely messed up the Mexico pants color, while the China pants that are 5-6 years old are still perfect.
  8. Damn! Good luck on the sale!
  9. Last night I stripped my 1911, duracoated the frame OD, slide and controls matte black. Also bought a CZ P10c optics ready yesterday.
  10. MadeInUSA

    A little more workshop tinkering.

    Hey, does the 556 holders fit pmags?
  11. MadeInUSA

    Ghost peppers for sale or trade

    Do the peppers come with a commercial box of Tumbes? Lol I'll pass, since jalapenos are around my limit. Good luck on a sale or trade!
  12. MadeInUSA

    Leader of Free World Congratulates Communist Leader

    Where was this Commie uprising in young adults during the 8 years of the Obama administration? Has anybody even heard of Antifa before the Trump election? I think Trump tried to play the Left media, yet again, and nothing happened.
  13. MadeInUSA

    2020 Armory get together

    Same here, that's has been the only vacation I've had in the last 12 years...unless you count my sister's wedding last Memorial weekend.