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  1. MadeInUSA

    seriously? 1 Billion?

  2. Good luck on the sale
  3. MadeInUSA

    556 brass

    Ive had good luck with Diamond K brass. The have 223, 556, mix of both and even headstamp sorted.
  4. MadeInUSA

    Am I That Weird For Loving This Music?

    Corb Lund is awesome. Getting Down on the Mountain, Truck Got Stuck, Shine Up My Boots and Hard on Equipment are some of my favorites from him.
  5. MadeInUSA

    Am I That Weird For Loving This Music?

    That song is awesome! Thats a relaxing on the drive home type of song though. It just lacks harmony. Heres a couple of my favorite songs that i listen to at the end of the night.
  6. MadeInUSA

    WTS: 2010 Sig Sauer P220R

  7. MadeInUSA

    Anybody have a Blackstone or similar griddle

    Aahhh, so your really looking for a mostly camping deal. Correct? I have an electric one, its pretty dang good, just doesnt get quite hot enough to fully load it up for griddle/smash burgers. Eggs, bacon and hashes are great on it. It is electric and i think cast aluminum cook top.
  8. MadeInUSA

    Anybody have a Blackstone or similar griddle

    Ive had the SS half moon griddle for a few years, i just rub on a coat of oil on both sides after im done cooking on it....just like i do for my cast iron pans. No rust, yea, its not shiney anymore... What type(s) of grills do you have now? Also, what do you currently take camping? Make/model would be helpful.
  9. MadeInUSA

    Anybody have a Blackstone or similar griddle

    It definitely was a 2 burner. The griddle was either a smooth cast iron or carbon steel and it had a removable backsplash similar to your link. In hindsight, if we just used half of the griddle(1 burner) then flipped the burgers over to the fresh side, both sides of the pattie would be well browned.
  10. MadeInUSA

    Sears Goes Bankrupt, Mired in Debt and Deserted by Shoppers

    I worked at a Sears Hardware my Sr year in HS back in 04-05. 04 and early 05 was great. Then corporate said they will close every hardware store that doesnt have appliances by the end of March. We literally got rid of all electrical, hardware and 90% of plumbing to make way for appliances. Now, being a Hardware store, we didnt have any room to keep stock of all appliances. We had a huge line of grills, lawn equipment and outdoor furniture. So every time someone bought an appliance, we had to tell them itll ship in a couple days. Needless to say, when folks heard that, they'd cancel and go to another store.
  11. MadeInUSA

    Bug and Missing Feature Reporting

    Every time i click on a thread ive already looked at/read through to the last page, it sends me to the first page of the thread when i click on it again.
  12. MadeInUSA

    Anybody have a Blackstone or similar griddle

    I just have a Stainless griddle for the Weber. Its basically a half moon chunk of stainless steel. It works pretty well if your only cooking for 3-6 folks. Its sortof a pain to throw more charcoal under the grate. As far as gas units, my buddy had a smaller one. 12"x18" i think. It took a long time to heat up and couldnt keep heat even when cooking thin griddle/smash burgers. But it could cook carmalized onions, omelettes and hashes all day long. The smaller ones seem to have hot spot and heat retention issues.
  13. MadeInUSA

    Will this work?

    Dang TT! That smoke ring on the brisket is absolutely perfect!
  14. Price on the 300? Edt: Just looked at Ruger's website....$2k, dang.
  15. MadeInUSA

    Am I That Weird For Loving This Music?

    And ofcourse, my all time favorite/ "your a dang Commie if you dont like it". https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Hm4_rXQAyLM#searching