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  1. MadeInUSA

    ZQI Turkish 9x19 ammo any good?

    I think Military Arms Channel used to use it, I think the problem was availability. He might of even done a factory tour video.
  2. MadeInUSA

    Trying to get some info on an Olympic Arms rifle

    Welcome to The Armory! A model number would greatly help us to determine what parts would be needed, if it's still in its original configuration.
  3. MadeInUSA

    Last day of vacation blowout

    Some purists say that bark is from smoke and dry rub. Crust is from the carmelized sauce.
  4. MadeInUSA

    Last day of vacation blowout

    That's crust looks perfect!
  5. MadeInUSA

    It followed me home Ma! Can I keep it?

    Sweet! Nice find!
  6. I think the blame, in this specific case, is being pawned off on the resource officer. How many altercations did this shooter have with law enforcement in the last 2-3 years? I believe it was around 32. Plus the 2 credible tips to the FBI just months before the shooting. I'm not trying to relieve all responsibility for the RO, but, IMHO, had the local and federal goverment did what they should have done, the RO wouldnt be in the predicament that hes in.
  7. MadeInUSA


    This sucks. I'm out. A client just signed a contract for 2 months of work. I cant start demo till August 22nd when he leaves for vacation.
  8. MadeInUSA

    Mass shooting in Va Beach, 11 dead

    The only time I've heard of a Legal suppressor being involved in a shooting was a cop that murdered his wife. He used his duty pistol and had the department issued suppressor on his person, not on the pistol, when he shot his wife.
  9. MadeInUSA

    vortex 3x magnifier

    Good luck on the sale!
  10. MadeInUSA

    Got 1/4 of the back patio cleaned off.....

    Wow, that looks awesome TT!
  11. MadeInUSA

    For Sale .308 Custom Rifle

    Good luck on the sale!
  12. MadeInUSA

    Rifle Dynamics AK stock adapter

    Good luck on the sale!
  13. Good luck on the sale!
  14. MadeInUSA

    Tri Tip Recipes Wanted

    I'm not cooking Newbe. 😆 I never cook any whole muscle above 130 IT with carry over. I might grill it tomorrow. And I'll try to remember to take some pics.
  15. MadeInUSA

    Tri Tip Recipes Wanted

    Thanks TT! I have a few random dried chiles from my last batch of chili. I might as well grind them up for a marinade. I might shoot for a temp of 250-300* on the grill now. When I initially heard grilling and roast, It didnt occur to me to dial back the charcoal a little.