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  1. MadeInUSA

    Need a standard milspec stock

    Commercial or mil spec buffer?
  2. MadeInUSA

    Need a standard milspec stock

    What kind of stock are you looking at getting? Fixed, adjustable, color etc?
  3. MadeInUSA

    DuraCoat Aerosol

    I just used the kit not too long ago to refinish my 1911. It's not as smooth of a finish compared to using an airbrush. But still not bad. As with any finishing job, surface prep is paramount. Edt: I used to mix yourself kit with the small aerosol sprayer.
  4. MadeInUSA

    What Handguard is this?

    Its not
  5. MadeInUSA

    What Handguard is this?

    It's a Geissele mk8. Its newer version is the mk14. Biggest difference between the two is the internal demention. A mk8 can accommodate alot of suppressors inside. Where the mk14 is very comparable to the BCM slim line, both in outer and inner dimensions. Theres also a version of each that have a section of 1913 rail machined into the HG at the front. At the 12, 3, 6 and 9 o' clock positions
  6. MadeInUSA

    WTB: Used Aimpoint

    What kind of RD? A mini or like a Compm2 or PRO?
  7. MadeInUSA

    Striker Fired with a Safety??

    I have a FNSC 9mm that has a manual safty. It's a nice shooter, but no one makes +2 extension for it. Damn good trigger break though, like glass. It also feels a little chunkier in the slide than a glock.
  8. MadeInUSA

    Great New Stuff From Grunt Style!

    Their shirt quality is top notch. Plus, they're just a few towns over from me. I definitely need to get that second shirt though!
  9. Yea, maybe for you Californiats, lol
  10. You might want to bring an extra coat for me, again...
  11. While the IH sticker is pretty cool... Do you know how funny its gonna look when he pulls up in a Prius, then huge grill following him. 😂
  12. That is the Cadillac of grills! I especially like the pull out shelf on the left. Only thing your missing is a nice hardwood cutting board.
  13. Holy crap, is that Awesome!
  14. MadeInUSA

    Holosun Optics..Updated Pictures

    That looks pretty neat. Too bad I already have a Romeo Zero on order for my 365XL. I finally got 500 rds of 124gr HST through the XL. So I ordered a Tier 1 Axis Slim today.
  15. MadeInUSA

    Hey MadeInUSA

    Hey, I forgot too until i saw this thread.