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  1. Fireman_JB

    Mega Build

    Thanks for the comments, fellas!
  2. Fireman_JB

    Lets see some Black Hole Pictures

    Don, It's good to see some other lefties jch, That 264 looks great with that fluting!!!
  3. Fireman_JB

    Lets see some Black Hole Pictures

    The barrel, fromt he 308 group buy, 18", twisted flute Gun first groups, not the best but had a barrowed scope, and really just wanted to functin check the new build... Federal 175g Sierra Matchking Hornady 168g TAP
  4. Fireman_JB

    Mega Build

    Little update, I got out to check operation and shoot a couple groups... 100yards, 34* slight wind, borrowed Millett TRS scope off my SPR build... Federal 175g Sierra Matchking Harnady 168g TAP I know I can shoot better groups when it gets a little warmer out. I would like to get someone behind the trigger that knows what they're doing
  5. Fireman_JB

    savage 17hmr accuracy

    X2 My Savage 17 HMR is crazy accurate...
  6. Fireman_JB

    Done-ish Tactical Machining .308 build

    Looks great moto!! Sounds really good for staying on budget!!!! I didn't give myself a budget and it's a good thing! I just bought parts when I had the cash...
  7. Fireman_JB

    Mega Build

    Thanks for the comments The tube is a pri 15" in natural finish. You can get them for AR15 or 308 (Armalite or DPMS pattern barrel nut). They come in carbine, rifle or 15". Natural(shows off the carbon fiber,like mine), black, and dark earth. It comes with the barrel nut, you will need the right barrel nut wrench for the barrel nut. I also bought the forearm wrench to tighten it down, so that was an added cost. You could improvise and tighten it without the forearm wrench but then run the risk of damaging the tube. The rails are modular and can be moved/removed, you can buy more if you wanted to add more. They also make one for the AR15 platform that is triangular, called the Gen 3 Delta... There are cheaper rails , that's for sure but this is the subtle bling (if you will) that I was looking for. I bought mine from mountsplus.com because they give a nice .mil discount.
  8. Fireman_JB

    Mega Build

  9. Fireman_JB

    Mega Build

    So true. I've noticed a (how do I say) more friendly, less e-weiner measuring vibe over here. Which I really appreciate!
  10. Fireman_JB

    Mega Build

    DAmn, I saw your's too. Now I've seen motowerks and you on both. You also have a very nice build!!
  11. Fireman_JB

    Mega Build

    couple steps closer...
  12. Standard weight, 18" twisted flute. If it shoots half as good as it looks I'll be extremely happy. I didn't measure the barrel before buttoning up the forearm but it is a 15" pri and I had 2.5" of barrel left over. If I would do it again I would get a shorter forearm to show off the flutes(which look amazing) or save the money on the fluting with the long forearm. I really like the pri and I'm very happy with the build so far. I'm waiting on some headspace gauges, just to make sure it's good to go then I'll be at the range. To zero the irons. I'm still saving for the scope and mount I want, but will probably take the TRS off my SPR build to check accuracy. As for the scope, I'm save for a LaRue mount and a 4x16 Viper PST.
  13. Sounds good, thanks.
  14. Now I'm starting to wonder what size I need. I already ordered a DPMS mid gas tube and installed it in my gass block. Are there any range reports from guys that already have their barrels? I don't have any other barrels to compare to. I have a carbine length gun and a rifle length, so nothing I can pull apart and compare...