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  1. As another newbie, I too have been confused by this. I was looking at one of the Eotech red dots and it's saying it's a 65 MOA sight. Any help wrapping my head around that one?
  2. Yes, this is why I'm confused and posed the question. I've seen varying and conflicting charts even. For now, I'll just zero to whatever I'm shooting at the time. With 30 round mags, I'll just pull the trigger and move the damn thing around until I hit something...
  3. I must be ignorant, or clearly missing something. Based on the trajectory chart, a 25 yard zero illustrates to me that at 250 yds, the round is still 8+ inches above your target line? Are you really holding the muzzle that high at a 25 yard target? Again, totally new to this. All of my other weapons are pistols and I appreciate your patience.
  4. Thanks so far guys. I'm not running the A2's. I have a flat top upper with the fold up BUIS from Yankee Hill. Again, the problem is that I'll I have available is a 25yd range at this point.
  5. I found a lot of great info on this site and on the netl, but some of it is contradicting. First off, I only have access (Without driving an hour) to an indoor 25yd range. Secondly, I don't plan to shoot extreme distances....probably 200 yards or less. I've read that a 25 yard zero is the same as 200, and I've also read that a 50 yard zero is the same as 200 and several other variations in between. Can some one help clarify the best way to zero at 25 and what that ultimately gets me at 100, 200, etc? Sorry if this is duplicative, but I'm now confused with the various answers I've found.
  6. Will do as soon as I can find somewhere to shoot outdoors. We have two expensive and private outdoor ranges and an indoor 25yd public range, which is the only place I've taken it.
  7. It came yesterday - This thing is a HOSS, and very well constructed. I had to go buy another pistol to put in it...
  8. Havoc - What brand flash hider/comp do you have on yours? I like the looks of it.
  9. Thanks guys for the clarification and assistance. I'm very happy I found this board.
  10. Mine should be here on Friday. Ordered the green bag at the sales price of $39.99 - Now I need to fill it up...
  11. Great, thanks for the quick response and assistance.
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