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    barrel instal problem

    Hello, I just got a saturn barrel and apparently it come with an over-sized barrel extension. Does any-one have a link to or instructions on how to fit then to a upper receiver? I am torn, between two ideas 1)I was considering heating upper and freezing barrel but afraid it may be too much a size difference and it get stuck. 2) take some 1000 grit wet/dry sandpaper, encircling the extension, turn barrel and lightly sanding the extension. Any good help or info would be appreciated. thanks, Kurt
  2. Whitestar23

    Springfield Custom Carry 10mm

    Things must have changed i had called them 6 months before Katrina about a champion operator in 10mm and at that time the person I talked to said no problem.
  3. Whitestar23

    Sons of Guns

    Oh and forgot yet another show from the discovery channel that make me both mad and embarrassed that they found possibly the most stupid people in the state.
  4. Whitestar23

    Sons of Guns

    At least she cleans herself and dresses up for the show, when they were located in their old place off South chocktaw they had a range in the shop, I went to shot a couple of times and it looked like a homeless person dressed her. They charge crazy prices for what you get.
  5. Whitestar23

    barrel instal problem

    the tightness issue is probable a combination of two good companies trying to remove slop from mil spec variances. The upper is tight with two other barrels i have but they fit in on out, one is a bushy the other BCM, it is also cut for m4 feedramp. I know there is a problem with the barrel extension on the saturn, it is a A2 instead of M4.barrel extension 1 barrel extension 2
  6. Whitestar23

    How have I never seen this?

    only thing I like from them that Civilians can buy is this
  7. Whitestar23

    458 socom mid or carbine?

    See that is what I would have liked to hear from RRA, either the guy had no clue and punted and they just don't care.
  8. Whitestar23

    458 socom mid or carbine?

    Which length gas system is better? I asked rra but they never emailed me back.
  9. Whitestar23

    barrel instal problem

    Well, I guess it is good that it did not fit. I was so enamored by the new barrel I have missed a very important fact. Someone at Saturn made a D'ho and put a a2 style feedramp barrel extension on it instead of m4. Called Alexander Arms, Sent up the Chain till I talked to Bill Alexander himself, Said sorry should not have happened, they send a return label and are shipping out a new barrel. The funny thing is when I ordered that stealth upper back in 2009 from Bravo company I had to send it back because Larue messed up the order to Bravo and shipped them out without the m4 slots cut. Man what are the chances?
  10. Whitestar23

    barrel instal problem

    Well I think I figured it out. The barrel is Saturn, made on tight side of specs. The receiver is larue also made to the tight side. Together they don't fit or possibly they fit too well. I was curious so I tore down a different upper, forged mega and the barrel slid in easily. I'm going to buy a caliper and check sizes and figure it out from there. "Well I should say not easily but snugly"
  11. Whitestar23

    barrel instal problem

    Barrel is stainless with no coating, I don't have a mic. I am pretty bummed but think I should probably buy a caliper and check the variance. I had a bravo company barrel and it slid in and out without any problem, the Saturn goes in 1/8 an inch and stops cold even with some kroils on it. I have heated ak trunions and froze the barrel and it dropped in, they are both steel, I have been thinking that might not be the way to go. I afraid the alum might crack when the both reach room tempiture.
  12. I've been waiting on a new Saturn 6.5 Grendel barrel for three weeks. Today is finally the day it's supposed to be dropped off, I'm on the ladder painting the ceiling. I hear a creak in the door, old house it does it when the wind blows. I then hear brown tearing out of here go to door a whopping 6 steps from where I'm standing, no package, just a note saying adult signature required. I jump in my truck but can't find him. I try the info trace number and it shows nothing, call UPS, fight the system to talk to a person, they try the number, no luck. They say they will have local shop call, hour latter they call and say sorry he will knock real loud tomorrow, I said no luck I have to leave for a job at 6:30am and I'm gone for 7 days so they need to redeliver it tonight. Her response is the drive already said he would not do it. DAYS LIKE THIS I HATE BROWN
  13. Well, the pick-up station was on my way to Lafayette so I stopped by and picked it up at 6:00am. They were supposed to be closed but I demanded they get it for me. I use to have a real cool driver, we would shot the breeze about Nascar and guns, if something needed a signature he would give it to the neighbor's wife b/c she is always home, home schools their kids, but he got transferred and they have been changing drivers on my every 3 months or so. So far they all have sucked.
  14. Whitestar23

    My Neighbor Made This

    I would not leave those guns in there too long till it's sealed, wood is probably still pretty wet.
  15. Whitestar23

    My Neighbor Made This

    One year old red oak, did he kiln dry it or just air dry it?
  16. Just wondering aren't you a little worried about the rail cracking without a heavier spring to absorb some of the recoil? I had a colt in 10mm 10 years ago and shot it pretty regularly and it cracked at the rails, and i was told that the frame was forged not cast.
  17. Whitestar23

    POF-USA billiet lowers

    I've got a gen three, I thought it was worth it bc it has duel bolt release. The other gen I say no not worth it.
  18. Whitestar23

    458 socom mid or carbine?

    I finally heard back from rra, I had asked which was better and why, response was they both function the same the only difference is handguard length and that is just preference. Well that was worthless! And incorrect according to alot I've read!
  19. Whitestar23

    Mega monolith

    Has any-one built on one of these? Do you think it was worth it? Cost seems real high to me for what you get but that's just my opinion. Would like to hear what other that built on one think.
  20. That's awesome, make me need to buy a pelican case real soon.
  21. Whitestar23

    458 socom mid or carbine?

    I emailed them 10 days ago.
  22. Whitestar23

    where to buy good barrels?

    I thought you could not buy a barrels from larue unless you buy a complete upper.
  23. Whitestar23

    Any easy way to repair finish front sight.

    Thanks for the welcome and advise will try and find some tomorrow.
  24. I had to take off my iron sight on my bcm upper to put on my rail. I scratched and dented the heck out of it trying to drive the tapered pins out. Broke two punches trying to drive them out. Any way to match the parkerized finish? Should I just saw the heck with it and krylon flat black it? The blood and sweat I gave did not do anything to match.
  25. Whitestar23

    Spikes Battle trigger first impressions

    I started my first build the other day, used the spike enhanced trigger (zero fail boron). Put it together and it feels exactly like my factory bushmaster. In a blind pull test between the two I and one friend could not tell.