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  1. demusn1979

    Those of you that are almost complete

    ArmaLite AR-10 Have, ArmaLite Upper Receiver & Lower Bolt LPK Gas Tube & Pin Noveske N6 16"bbl MagPul Miad Grip & Moe Trigger Guard PRI Natural Gen 3 Forarm A-1 stock W/Trapdoor Need, Smith Stainless Vortex ArmaLite Carrier Trigger To Mr.Springfield Gunfighter Charging handle And then it's off to optics.
  2. demusn1979

    ok...i give...how do i open this?

    Guess those cans work pretty good. That is beautiful surplus ammo.
  3. demusn1979

    Laser Devices OP-6

    Well thanks to the fourms it looks like my problem has been resolved. Someone on another board put me in touch with Joel at L/D who cares about their customers. He assured me he personally would take care of this problem. :beer2:
  4. demusn1979

    Laser Devices OP-6

  5. The light over heated appx 3 minutes and one of the batteries leaked also L/D. I returned the light to Raul atC/S. I had the light for less than one year(1 year warranty). Raul called me and informed me it would cost 50.00 to repair the light. I told him to box it up and send it back. I called back and told to include the burned up batteries and he said he would fix it under WARRANTY! I received the light it worked for about 5 seconds and the bulb went out. I called back Raul is never at his desk so I left numerous messages to no avail. Finally two weeks ago a girl answered the PHONE and said a bulb was shipped. Still no bulb from customer no service. So if you want a weapon light that explodes and the lousiest C/S in the industry get Laser Devices! Now I know why Sure Fire is at the top of the game no questions asked great C/S and a pleasure to deal with.
  6. demusn1979

    EOTech 552 vs 553

    If CR123 batteries do this to a weapon light what would happen to a 400.00+ EOThing. The batteries were melted bulb and lens gone,smoke and gasses for about 5-6 seconds.
  7. demusn1979

    Accuwedge..how tight?

    Sent my old sp1 in for a 30 year inspection with one and it came home without one, I didn't replace it.
  8. demusn1979

    Eotech Raiser...

    YHM riser works great,Lower 1/3 and priced right.I like YHM a lot. There IN my price range.
  9. demusn1979

    Optics for carbine

    I put a Nikon 1-4x shotgun scope on my carbine,Very nice. A little over 200.00 from SWFA.
  10. demusn1979

    I need a bolt & charging handle.....

    Teknic Checked out your site and will be taking you up on some of that free shipping. Samson front flip sight is looking right for my 20" build.
  11. demusn1979

    I need a bolt & charging handle.....

    Take a look at bravocousa.com Nice guy,CMT Parts.M/P tested a little extra.