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  2. The suppressor has got to be some of the best money you will ever spend. As for the Trust, I did not go that way. My suppressor has no place to go except to my son. So in the will is a simple bequeath page describing the suppressor, type, numbers also the paper work filled out except the dates and death certificate. So he will not have to come up with the $200.00 for his stamp, also the other small pain in the butt. A trust has to have its own tax return every year. One less tax PIA to mess with. I know there are differences of option as to a Trust or passing on a suppressor in a Will. I took the advice of my attorney for what was best in my circumstance. I got my SureFire FA762K a few years back so it’s not the newest model on the block. But it works on all my uppers .300 Blackout, 6.5 Grendel, 6.8 SPC, 5.56x45 and both my POF and M&P-10 7.62x51/308 Win. All that was needed was to add a quick detach muzzle brakes to both the 7.62x51s and all the uppers, I switch the uppers around between my two lowers (Stag and LMT). No more ear muffs, No more ear plugs! If the wife has to have her sleep between her 12 hours at the hospital she shuts the windows. I live on 10 acres and can stretch my target range out to 300 yards. Life is great, pull the trigger any dam time I feel like.
  3. Reading through most of the posts on this subject (the 5.56.) I find that most of the concern is availability and price. Yet here on the pages of AR15 Armory I think the thought process of our president and his right hand dept. ATF are being missed. Obama’s weapon to get what he wants are words spoken to people that do not know any better and he is good at it. He wants desperately to be remembered as the president that put a knife in the heart of the Second Amendment. Listening to our fearless leader in his explanation of this proposed ban on “Armor Penetrating Ammunition”; I cannot but get a sinking feeling that someone at the ATF has put into his little head, what a wonderful head fake a ban on what is described as Armor Penetrating ammo will make! Now that it has finally hit them that the AR platform can be termed by them as a handgun! Starting with; as protector of the law enforcement community, as fearless leader this small step of banning “just this type” of Cop killing ammunition is the least as president with the cooperation of the ATF must see to be done! I’m asking you guys to think as Jo average, then toss in Mrs. Jo average; neither one knows the difference between an AK an AR or 1911/.45 cal. much less what ammo they use or there capability’s. All they hear, read and see on TV is some nut in a school or movie theater killing their kids by the handful! Every movie they see, be it on war or crime, even the good guys; with an AR in full auto with a never ending magazine, killing everything that moves. The president and every gun grabber that can get on TV holding up an AR, this weapon from hell; that now can be turned into a *Hand Gun* to be hidden under the hoodie of the criminal that scares the shat out of Mrs. Jo average! The sinking feeling I am getting is;; this is not *Just The First Step* not by a long shot. ATF says OOPs a miss print; miss print my ass! Listen to the words Obama and shortly after every other firearm hater will be using, “this ammunition used from this *type* of gun penetrates law enforcement soft body armor as a hot knife through butter! There is a new type of gun that was not thought of when the firearms laws were made. Action must be taken before this easily concealable gun with a 30 round magazine can be walked into one or more of our schools! This assault starting with the ammo just may get some legs, after all he is just looking out for the Cop on the beat. Right?
  4. Tyr

    Sound Suppressor

    Thanks for the input, even if no one had one of the suppressors (IZOR) I asked about. I put together a string of your thoughts and sent them off to my buddy. Also suggested he join AR15Armory.com and just as I was; he will be shocked at the amount of good info that can be had here. Thanks again Jake
  5. Tyr

    Sound Suppressor

    Thanks; I looked there before I posted here. I am about to tell my buddy, if it seems too good to be true, then it most likely is.
  6. I have just received a question from a buddy asking if I have ever heard of a sound suppressor by IZOR? My answer is no, so here I am looking to see if anyone here has heard of or has any info on them. (Titanium suppressors are 1.5" OD x 8.625" in length and weigh 18.2 oz and cost $425 ea. Sound suppression rating is approx 30-40 dB across all calibers for both suppressors.) I have a SureFire FA7.62K-BK with their quick detach muzzle brakes on four of my rifles. My systems cost about three times what this IZOR cost. This IZOR quick detach muzzle device they price at $65.00, the Surefire muzzle brake goes for $124.00. So is there any info for me to pass along? Thanks! P.S My SureFire may be more costly, but works like a charm, no muffs or ear plugs needed on any rifle I put it on. Subsonic or normal load. 7.62x51, 6.8spc ll, 6.5 Grendel, .300 Blackout, had it for about two years, not so much as a hiccup.
  7. It seems in asking my question about an insurance policy for CCW actions; I am finding out just how much I do not know about the state I now live in. Yes I understand my states law as written and termed “The Castle Doctrine or No-Retreat. 563.061 is justified in using such force and such fact shall be an absolute defense to criminal prosecution or civil liability. He or she reasonably believes that such deadly force is necessary to protect himself or herself or another against death, serious physical injury,[ rape, sodomy or kidnapping or serious physical injury through robbery, burglary or arson] or any forcible felony; But; In reading just a line or two further, you will find “The defendant shall have the burden of injecting the issue of justification under this section”. Also “The court shall award attorney's fees, court costs, and all reasonable expenses incurred by the defendant in defense of any civil action brought by a plaintiff if the court finds that the defendant has an absolute defense as provided in subsection 1 of this section”. It reads to me, (not an attorney) that yes a person defending themselves; killing or severely wounding another *still* may be subject to a civil action! The person that was wounded or relative of the person killed; may still pursue civil action with the burden of justification on the defendant! (Person defending themselves) This would be even after the States Attorney has decided not to pursue criminal charges. All that is needed is an attorney that thinks they can get away with it, the evidentiary rules in a civil action being a great deal more lenient!
  8. Re-reading my newest copy of an NRA magazine I saw an ad for; After A Self Defense Shooting Insurance. After thinking about the subject for some time I tried looking it up to see if anyone ever used this type of entity? No luck, so here I am asking if anyone here has ever used anything such as this? In the 30+ years of civilian carry I have had only two times of using of my carry gun. Both to forestall robbery attempts at my business, one resulted in holding the person until the Sheriff’s deputy showed up. The other resulted in a shooting of which I was found justified, no charges criminal or civil brought on my part. Even without charges, my attorneys cost were not cheap. In checking if this subject has ever been brought up here in General talk, all I found was a subject “Why you should not talk to the Police” This had only one or two actual mentions of keeping an attorney on retainer; yet nothing of anyone having anything to do with an entity that would provide such as Civil Suit Defense, Immediate Cash up front for bond , Immediate Attorney Retainer, Expert Witness Coordination with set amounts of coverage and so forth.
  9. A phone call from a friend running short on money, long story short. Among the stuff he was getting rid of, two still in the packaging CMC Tactical single stage trigger groups 3.5lbs. Got them both, installed them, one in an S&W M&P-10, the other in an LMT Defender 2000. In the S&W; a rifle that I considered junk, the difference is night and day! Down to a consistent 1 moa. (Until it gets hot) Not tricky to install, but need to remove right-side Ambi Bolt Release to fit. On the LMT lower, I put a 6.5 Grendel 18 BHW SS upper. New CMC trigger, any 3 shot string that is not making one large ragged hole;; is totally my fault. Shocked at what a good trigger will do. Install is nothing to it, pop the pins move the safety so unit will fit in, replace pins and safety in proper place. Youre done! (Both rifles shot off sand bag on a tractor bucket)
  10. Are you as confused as I am? "the terminal ballistics of the 300 American really make a new upper selection very difficult". In my M-4 platforms I started with the 6.8 SPC Stag 5. Got the hush puppy syndrome, so got my 300 Blackout upper, adding a SF “can”. Then on to a 6.5 Grendel total build for longer reach. I have not looked at what a 300 Blackout will do in a short barrel configuration, but whatever it will do, add a “can” to it? It will do it so dam quietly it will shock your socks off. Just for info I have put quick detach muzzle brakes on both my 308’s, the 6.8, 300 Blackout and the 6.5. Shoot them all without earplugs or them dam earmuffs.
  11. ""Damn!! I've got a 6.8 SPC II BHW 22" BBL"" I use factory Hornady 123 gr SST with the 6.5. I also have a 6.8 SPA from Stag Mod #5 16" bbl. With it I normally use SSA 100 gr Nosler Bonded and can not get any place near the accuracy the 6.5 Grendel gives me. It may be the glass or ammo or the Stag itself? From my experience and reading BHW puts out a fine piece of work.
  12. I use my 6.8 mags with my 264LBC/6.5 Grendel, I just put the Grendel together about three months ago. The 6.8 Mags work fine. I am only using the 4 and 10 round mags. So I cannot give any info on the 20’s or 30’s, but the next time I go out back I’ll take the larger Mags out with me and give them a try. It’s been some time since I last took out the 300 Blackout, but if I remember correctly the same mags worked also. P.S. If you have done a good job of putting your Grendel together; with some “Good glass” you'll will be shocked at the accuracy. Mine has a BHW 18” SS bbl, I have only taken it out to 200 yards so far. On a sand bag off my tractor bucket; the same ragged hole time after time, any flyer not touching the first hole is my fault. Using Hornady 123gr SST.
  13. If you would like to know “for real”, I’ll tell you mine! Grew up in Jersey, fought the Blacks, Hispanic’s and Italians or anyone else coming on our blocks. Got out of there on my 17th birthday for the Navy. I am 1 (one) of 5 that is not dead or serving a long term prison sentences. We were Pols, Checks, Solves, Dan’s and Russian first and second generation born here. Left the Navy after 14 years, did some contracting, for the past 20 years I’ve lived on 10 acres, North of KC; no Blacks or Hispanic’s or others that I know of for ten miles. (Some white trash easy to spot.) I stay away from the hood people as much as I can and any of them having good sense stay away from me. This way of being is what was burned in and carried on from growing up where I did. Last month I took my granddaughter down to Prospect St. in KC, just to demonstrate how the other half lives! Just in case any of this diversity Bull Sh*t gets into her little head. Yes, call me what you like, I have lived in it. To this day I carry cocked and locked, not because of some little white boy with stupid running out of his ears or carved in his forehead. But for the one or two of whatever color or race that think I owe them a living or what I have, should be theirs; because they are too lazy or dumb to work for it! See post #33 from Gmountain (This is what America was before PC, before Liberals and their con game and dam certain before Obama!)
  14. I think this is the correct place to put this up/ Has anyone else seen this?? Ok, in my almost 70 years I thought I had seen gun control people come up with some “Nit-Wit sh*t! I humbly admit I have just seen a topper. Coming from the state of La-La land (Calf) the city of the headquarters of LA-LA (San Francisco). Goggle or Bing ‘Criminally Stupid’ PSA encourages teens to steal parents’ guns, turn them in to teachers Fox News being shut down; to avoid CNN and the genuine collection of nuts MSNBC. I found Newsmax on my Sat. Service. They showed this and I had to look it up simply because I did not believe even You Tube would put this up. I do not know how it was gotten away with, the last time I looked there was a law termed “Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor” I guess if it is a Public Service Masage the law does not apply ??? Jake
  15. I got one about a year and a half ago, it’s not all they are cracked up to be! Add $700.00 to what you will spend on the S&W and buy a true AR-10. “Looking to replace the stock, barrel and put a float tube on it. What would I need?” First the barrel is proprietary or it was when I got mine. Float tube, go to the S&W forum there were only one or two companies that make them to fit. Stocks aren’t too bad, most fit. If you’re thinking of a different or new grip you are going to need to make a second hole for the safety spring. The original trigger sucks and I mean sucks! The CMC Tactical AR-15/10 fits and works, but you will need to remove the right side ambe Mag release. I was just going to sell mine, but there are so many out there; you will take a good ass kicking on the money you put into it in the first place. Hope this helps? Jake
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