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  1. If I can get 3" or less @ 100 yards with Military surplus, I'm pretty satisfied.
  2. This was just sent to me. Thought it was a great deal. http://taccom3g.com/AR22_MAGAZINE_LOADER.html
  3. Check out TACCOM3G. Built and machined in the U.S.
  4. The bolt failures were caused by improper heat treating and was a small batch from what I have found out. It also looks to be a batch that JoeBob's outfitters received. I got two from Greg with no issues. Dave N
  5. I've been waiting since 1/7 for an M.I. hand guard that showed in stock when I ordered it.
  6. I'm hoping to get in on the next batch. I have an upper and can't find a BCG any where
  7. Primary Arms is probably the only Chinese Red Dot I would trust. I have 4 and have no issues with any. The Micro Dot is rated for 12 guage magnum. Hard to find right now. I would also recommend the Bushnell TRS 25 Dave N
  8. The buffer and spring can help stabilize the .22 BCG. There is still movement fore and aft upon recoil. The best set up is using TACCOM's "plug" with the buffer and spring. It puts forward pressure on the BCG for nearly zero movement. The movement under recoil can cause light strikes and feeding issues. Dave N
  9. He just started. I've been working with him on some projects. Dave
  10. CMMG is alive and well. I've done field testing for them for three years now. Always up grading. Uppers and complete rifles are available. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. Dave
  11. Here are a couple TACCOM .22 LR barrel builds 4" with TAC65 Suppressor Midwest Industries Gen ll T Series (Love these and the Gen ll SS) M.I. folding low pro BUIS CMMG Stainless BCG with TACCOM collar My "Special TACCOM Build Can't give details because it will not be available (at least not yet) Rain and 30 mph winds today. I won't have a chance to shoot them yet. Waiting on a M.I. Gen ll SS 9" for the 7" TACCOM .22 LR barrel. When not using a suppressor, I will pair it with a CAR5.5" Flash Hider
  12. I like the BCM's. Always consistant. Midwest Industries has them for $149 with free shipping. Dave N
  13. My last two were LMT and BCM. Both work great. The LMT has a slightly rougher finish than the BCM. Dave N
  14. I've tested for CMMG since the begininng of the Evolution line. The new conversions are nothing like the old ones. Very dependable, features live round extraction, fully field servicable without tools, piston compaable. Options of forward assist and bolt lock back are available for those wanting full AR training capabilities. Realistic accuracy is 2-3" at 50 yards with bulk copper wash ammo. It always depends on what barrel/ammo combo your set up likes. I run 300-500 rounds of .22 LR then pull the BCG, run a Boresnake down the warm barrel, and shoot 3 rounds of 5.56 to blow the gas system out. Never had any issues. A dedicated CMMG upper will give you about 1" at 50 yards with decent ammo. Less than 1" with Match ammo. Send me a message if you have any questions. Dave N
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