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  1. towtruck

    Hi Standard Military Colt Woodsman Target

    Smith and Wesson makes a model 41. 22lr. They are asking $1300 for one currently. I have shot this gun and I am here to tell you it is worth every cent. I have never had a more accurate pistol in my hands. Some guns are really worth the price tag. https://www.smith-wesson.com/firearms/model-41
  2. I have had to mortar all three of my Ar's and the issue was never caused by me or incorrectly sized ammo. (one factory chambering and two wildcats) Sometimes things just go wrong. I would not be scared to use that upper but I would keep it to a factory caliber and a quality build.
  3. Most people have lost the ability to just say "I don't know" when someone asks them a question and they no nothing about the subject.
  4. towtruck

    Kakif man handcuffed for eating sandwich

    eggs act ly !!! If the boss wont back me up why should I even try?
  5. towtruck

    Kakif man handcuffed for eating sandwich

    Since my blood pressure is already up let me give another example of something that just happened to me last night. It has both sides of this issue, one side the person is in the wrong and the other side the officer is in the wrong. There is only one truth and I had to put the final nail in it. A co-worker inspects a truck and finds many violations. One violation was an out of service condition. The driver gets mad about it, they do that all the time. He is told how to fix it. The driver does not fix it the way he was told and when called out for it tries to say the inspector told him that was all he needed to do. So, the driver lies to the officer in order to be able to leave. It does not work and he has to fix it properly. The driver, instead of asking for a supervisor and asking a few questions, decides to call our main office and complain about the inspector. I get wind of all this and I help supervision with procedures and policies and show them the employee did everything correctly. In the mean time the driver brings his truck back in to get the rest of the issues signed off. The driver is an ass to the officer. The officer refuses to sign off the ticket because some items were not corrected to the officers standard. Driver leaves and takes truck back to shop to have items replaced. I talked to the officer and he told me he refused to sign off the ticket because the guy did not replace the items. I explained to the officer that the items did not need replacement, only relocated. The officer did not care, he was not going to sign it off. Flash forward to yesterday and I get the guy in my bay. He wants his ticket signed off. I check and all the items have been replaced. I read the ticket and read the inspection report and both confirmed the items only needed relocating per policy. The driver then tells me the story where the shop said the items were fine and the officer said they were not. He then asked me if the shop was correct. I said "yes". He then said 'so, why did the officer not sign it off? ". Normally I would have said I was not there you will need to ask that officer". But, since I had first hand knowledge of everything I said this instead...." the officer made a mistake". I had a knot in my gut all night over this because the first rule is you never make assumptions for what others did. If I had not talked to the officer I would have never said what I said. My issue is I speak my mind and I speak the truth. I will never tell a driver I think so and so messed up. If I am asked a question I will answer it to the best of my knowledge and without injecting hearsay. When I get to work today I fully expect to be sitting in the office explaining this all over again. We are going to be on the hook for those repair bills on the parts he replaced. The original inspector was correct and the driver complained out of anger and was not in the right. The officer made a mistake. The driver asked me all the right questions and is now in the right for a complaint. It sucks all the way around because the driver's original rant was wrong. It could have ended there. Because of one little error now the guy feels empowered and will lie again and raise a stink because he now knows it will only work in his favor to complain again. And here I sit with that knot in my gut because I don't want the officer to think i called him out to the driver. I was going to let that driver leave without any explanation....but he did what any good citizen should do....ask questions.
  6. towtruck

    Kakif man handcuffed for eating sandwich

    Okay, I watched both videos and this is the perfect example of why we have people that do not respect the law or the officers that enforce it. This whole scenario just emboldened more people to resist the police. The Bart people made it worse by apologizing to the guy. The news show just blew it up into a race thing. All this was was a cop doing what he is paid to do, enforce the laws in his control. They are not his laws, he is just paid to enforce them. Then His employer turns around and says they are sorry our paid officer did his job! This is the exact reason were are headed down the toilet..........nobody but the cop is in the right, nobody. The dude eating and the female chipping in were both in the wrong. Drop the sammich and comply with the officer, shut your yap and let the officer talk, stop interrupting him. The officer will let you speak your mind after he does his job and gets from you what he asked for. The Bart people not backing up their officers....well that is the touchy feel good BS that everyone plays.....how about standing up and saying that we hire these officers to keep this place running smoothly, to enforce the rules we have laid out, and they are also there to keep you safe from criminals. The news casters....well, they are just feeding off ratings so they will never say the truth....that you should be respectful to the police and comply. I can 100% guarantee you that if the sammich eater would have said, "oh my, I'm so sorry officer, I did not know this was a violation" he would have walked away with a warning. Good luck getting any new officers in this country when nobody backs them up. There is an all out assault on police in this country and the cops are not winning. The law makers that set the rules for the cops to abide by are not backing them up. They bow down to not make the idiots upset......well, guess what? the world is full of idiots and your going to have to piss a few off. There is a time and place to argue your side of a traffic stop/ contact with the police......along the road or on the sidewalk is not the place to make a stand. Converse and comply with the officer...meaning give him what he wants, do what he wants, and then without interrupting the officer ask your questions or explain your situation. It frustrates the hell out of me that the only people that know how to act appropriately in front of the police are people in law enforcement. It used to be basic knowledge how to interact with cops. Those laws now take a back seat to anyone that wants to resist and delay an officer. Sickening to me.
  7. towtruck

    Kakif man handcuffed for eating sandwich

    I was on my phone and missed some punctuation in my post. You were not delaying. The guy in the video was.......the officer had a hold of the guys bag and the guy was not giving it up...that is impeding.
  8. towtruck

    Kakif man handcuffed for eating sandwich

    No unless you were delaying or impeding the officer. You stated your case and that was an invitation for the officer to prove your exhaust was illegal. In this video the officer has all the proof he needs. In your exhaust case a discussion of legality was perfectly acceptable.
  9. towtruck

    Kakif man handcuffed for eating sandwich

    Here is my final thought on this..............when the officer tells you that eating is illegal where you are you wrap your dam sammich up, put it away, tell the officer you are sorry. I don't care about any other laws, rules, people, or anything else......you are approached by an officer for committing a crime......deal with it. The three seconds I watched of that video tells me the guy is resisting the officers direction. That is the start of the break down between an officer and a person they are contacting. It's resisting. Everything that happens after that initial resisting is all on the dummy chomping on his lunch. I don't care if you don't like the law, don't disrespect the officer. I see it all day long and it really grinds my gears
  10. towtruck

    Kakif man handcuffed for eating sandwich

    I hate seeing videos like this because it only gives part of the story. I have had similar stuff happen at my work where someone cries they are getting arrested for something trivial when the whole story is much much bigger.
  11. towtruck

    The Mandelorian: A Scifi Geekette's Review

    I haven't even seen the first star wars movie so I have some catching up to do
  12. towtruck

    California......wants to control your house

    From what I read they are cracking down on the water suppliers....if they have XX amount of customers they expect only XX amount of water use from them. Seems hard to control. If anyone showed up at either of my places and told me I can't use my water there will be heard a big laugh, followed by a hearty get the F off my property!