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  1. Thats a big question without any other info.......lube, ammo brand, magazines......etc.
  2. Looks like another great time had by all!
  3. I see more customer service dying than work ethic but they are hand in hand. In the slower retail stores employees mope around and are sloth like. The local western wear shop has nothing but very young employees and that makes it hard for me to do business with them as the young kids these days have no clue what customer service is. They may be pretty to look at but dangit, get your shat right.
  4. Alpo, a very active long time member passed away. Some links will get posted soon to his obit. I’m at a loss for words again. Too many good people are losing the fight.
  5. Welcome, as stated above check the barrel nut to hand guard fitment. I should be an easy fix to get it straight.
  6. Wife got the last tire on the other day and it rides much better without that one square tire. She approves of the ride and handling so all is good. These Falkens are pretty solid feeling and don't squirrel around. They should work out pretty well.
  7. I started working when I was 14-15 years old. I was paid by the piece of pipe I moved. 10 cents a pipe was the going rate. Each pipe was 40' long and had to be moved across the field and reset to irrigate the next patch of alfalfa. The lines were 50 pipe long and they were set around 60' apart if I remember correctly. I moved five lines for my uncle, three for a buddy, and six smaller lines for another farmer per day. These ranches were 5-15 miles apart and I rode my bicycle to each one. Lots of walking and arm curls packing pipes and setting them with water flowing so when you got to the end you slammed the last pipe in place and did not have to walk back and turn the line on. Mowed lawns for $5 a week at three homes and hand edged with scissors. Went to work in the mid 80's for $8-$12/hr doing construction and even had a prevailing wage job for a while at $21.95 an hour....I was living high that quarter. Logging paid well until you looked at the hourly rate....16-18 hour days were the norm and it penciled out to $5.20/hr so I went for a tanker job and that one paid $12/hr for a long time until my last job at $22/hr. Went to the state 20 years ago and man did I take a hit for a while. I'm doing pretty good now but most of my gross is eaten up in pre funding retirement, medical insurance costs, and other take aways. On paper I make good money...in reality it's just okay......20 years with the state and if I retire today I'll take home $1930 before taxes with my medical insurance paid in full.......those that think state workers all get a golden retirement really don't know what they are talking about.
  8. I run 245/75/16. I ordered the truck that way as I was not going to pay for 17” tires. the Falkens have good ratings and I got them on yesterday and they ride nice. The wife will be taking it back tomorrow to have one tire replaced as one of the new tires was not round and they insisted on replacing it.
  9. A good hot soldering iron will transfer heat to that lower tang in a much safer way than a flame.
  10. My rests are 3' high, 3" apart, 2" deep, and the V is 2" wide at the opening with a 1" diameter curve to the bottom of the V where the barrel rests.
  11. Welcome back. Looks like you have your hands full.
  12. I took a ride up near ground zero today and even though the temps were only in the high 90's it's no wonder I had trouble last weekend. The elevation with the dry heat really sucked it out of me today and I was in the shade at the museum. It's 109* at the house and 113* just up the road away from the river. Yesterday I caught back up on my sleep by napping for four hours in the afternoon and getting a great nights sleep last night. I think I have recovered from Last Saturday but now it will be a challenge to stay on top of things. I tanked up on water and other fluids before heading up to the museum and took ice water with me. I drank as much as I could and thankfully I had the wife's car as the AC works great. Without that AC I would have been in trouble again. Wednesday I make the trip again to go see the DR. as a follow up appointment. Maybe after all of that I can get in the reloading room and make use of the hot days loading up some 4000 FPS prairie dog fodder and some 357 rounds to pass the time.
  13. Does the threaded end make it through the other side under the lever? If it does that is where I would start my work and lubing. A soldering iron to warm up the joint at the threads and get that area soaked really well. Drilling the head for an easy out after that. edit...from the drawings it appears the hole is blind and does not show under the lever. I would still try and warm the threaded area up and try to get some lube down the shaft of the screw from the head end. A good welder could tack a nut onto that head but that would not be my first choice. I would be drilling it for an easy out or left handed thread after getting as much lube down the shaft as I could and into those threads.
  14. I have not even looked at my bench in months. I did empty some 17 cases last weekend, on squeaks, but other than that there has been no shooting or loads being made up. I did get some 2400 in and could load up some more 357's but I have not shot pistol since January......I have so much other stuff going on right now it's not even funny. Plus the heat outside is unbearable. I was up by my range today and it was just too hot to stop and rack off a few rounds. I do have some 26g Barnes I need to load up into one of my 20p's but even those are going to have to wait.
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