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  1. towtruck

    Another big fire

    77 dead as of today and the missing has gone down to under a thousand.
  2. towtruck

    Time to kick some butt

    The coons we have right now are almost tame. I had a coon raise a litter in my wood pile. When I found them she moved them under my front porch. The mother and the babies had eaten 10 feet away from the cats for a while. Once the babies got old enough the wife encouraged them to leave. They still come back every now and then for a snack but they don't live here anymore. The cats and coons always got along and the cats even boxed them and made them move when they got in the way. My bet is a stray cat...we have an orange one that is very sneaky and a black and white one that showed up a couple weeks ago....I'm betting on the orange ghost of a cat first, fox second but like you say fox usually don't mess with cats. The coyotes may be responsible as they have ventured around the back a few times in the past. I actually had one in my sights two years ago...I had a 17 HMR in my hands and as soon as I cracked the back door it split. I'll get some pics and then decide what to do from there.
  3. towtruck

    Time to kick some butt

    Camera is deployed and a bowl of bait is set out to encourage a good picture. Got a fresh skunk smell out there tonight already. I'll check the camera in the morning and see what we get.
  4. towtruck

    Hey ALEXA!!

    My camera is taped over on my laptop as well ......I have been doing an experiment with my laptop.... I am saying a few key words trying to see if adds will pop up from those words. So far nothing....
  5. towtruck

    Time to kick some butt

    My house cats are getting beat up. Whatever is biting them is as dirty as a sewer as they all get infected when bitten. I have had four different cats get seriously injured in the last six months. Two would have died without vet intervention. Our oldest cat got bit on the cheek a month ago and we got her all healed up. She disappeared two days ago and cannot be found. My neighbors bruiser of a cat lives at my house and he came for dinner tonight and has a huge wound on his cheek. He is a healthy 18 pound cat. I have a few strays that stay in the fringes of my property but we rarely hear cat fights. The neighbors have chickens and a couple of those were decapitated the other other night but the bodies were still there. I know I have fox, skunk and raccoons running around. Coyotes are in the area as well. I'm betting it's either the fox or a stray cat. The raccoons are pretty good and get along with the cats and always have. I have a hunch whatever it is killed that older cat that has not come home. Tonight I am setting the trail camera up to see what is roaming around at night. Once I get an idea of what is coming around I can make plans to erase it. The bites have been to the cheek (2), base of tail, leg, middle of back. Looks to be a cat or fox sized bite mark. I'm going to get the culprit whether by bullet, trap, or whatever it takes......war has been declared.
  6. towtruck

    Another big fire

    Like I posted before there are many communities that are ripe for this type of fire. The people live there because they want to be in the trees. Many of the people there are of the mind set that "it won't happen here" because the city has a plan. People think of fire as a small thing creeping across the ground....not a fire ball blowing embers three football fields ahead of itself. I have been in a fire that crowned and blew across the tree tops...it's no fun. You burn from the top down not the other way around. This state needs to wake up and do what needs to be done with fuel control. A lot of the areas that are not logged are .gov owned and those areas need to be thinned and brushed near towns. Paradise is two hours south of me, the next large population center that is very similar to that area is directly to my east. That area has had some scares in the last few years and they still have done nothing to help themselves out. It's costly to go in and thin out 150' tall trees from around your home.....and then once you thin it out most won't like the look and wont wan to live there. Having multiple exits can help but most of these places are one way in and out. My house is not in the timber but I am surrounded by trees. Most of them are not the type that burn easily but I still have three big pines that need to go. I have been replacing the fire prone trees with one's that do not burn readily. I try and imagine a giant fire headed my way and what would catch fire first. My neighbors have trees that would impact me in a big fire....I have a dry creek bed with 20' tall fuel in it that would get hot but not enough to effect my home in all but the worst case. There is a whole bunch I need to do around my place to make it more fire safe.....and if it burns it's going to be my fault for not getting it done. Time and money are holding me back. One thing I have going for me is access and defensible space around my place. I have a break from the trees around my house to the surrounding fuels......a fire coming at me from the direction the wind normally blows will be burning in grasses before it hits homes...if the homes go up it's the fallout from those that will push it my way. I don't think anyone can be 100% sure they are fire safe and still have a blade of grass around for a mile. My other property is all trees and next to logged forest. My neighbors ten acres is fully treed and the fuel load on the ground is high all around me. I really need to walk my cat around and reduce the fuel load but I don't have a house there and probably never will just because of the fire danger. I could slick the ground of all brush and dead fall and still be ripe for a fire blowing across my place. I may start cleaning it up a bit more just to help it out some....but again..I need to find the time.
  7. towtruck

    BBQ sauce

    I have tweaked this recipe twice now and I'm getting it close to what I want. All three attempts have produced a great sauce....just not exactly what I'm after. I now know two ingredients that will get dropped and replaced. For smoking with real wood I use oak, apple, peach, or any fruit wood I can. With charcoal I really like the hickory and will use mesquite and apple wood too.
  8. towtruck

    Another big fire

    I used to deliver gas at two of the stations in that video. You can see the entire area is under a 100' canopy of trees. There was a lot of shorter fuel as well.
  9. towtruck

    Another big fire

    76 dead now......still over 1200 missing or unaccounted for. I read some of the names of the missing and most are elderly.....I'm not sure if fema is going to bring in some trailers but it's going to rain next week and there are still a ton of people that need a roof over their head. One shelter broke out with Norovirus so it's not an ideal situation down there.
  10. towtruck

    BHW barrel too much headspace?

    I never said it was okay to get three bad barrels and if it was not for their good customer service I would have stopped at two. When buying gun parts you have to look at the big picture. You have to sort out what may be wrong when you have an issue. Head spacing a barrel involves three parts....all of which have a tolerance in how they are made. If you take the gauge and say it's always going to be good that still leaves the barrel and the bolt. If the thickness of a piece of scotch tape is all that it was out I would dam sure be checking my bolt before bad mouthing anyone's barrel. I agree that we often slam parts makers for less....and I also will say some people defend other parts to the end of the earth when I have tried them and they have failed for me. Pmags are that for me....they won't work in any of my AR's. BHW has given good customer service, the barrels are top notch, and I have 9000 rounds through three of them and they all still shoot under 1 moa. Where they have failed me is quality control. For the price and the product you get I am not to the point of bashing them. I am paying close attention to their quality control....if it continues in a negative direction I will look for another barrel maker.
  11. towtruck

    BHW barrel too much headspace?

    If anyone should be slamming the company it could be me as I had three bad barrels shipped to me. In the case of this barrel there are three different items that could be the cause of the issue....the barrel, the bolt, or the gauge. It's nice to know we can put our heads together and try to find the issue without beating up a company too soon. Each part has a tolerance and instantly jumping on only one as bad in this situation would have been premature. When one of my bad barrels had a chamber so bad it left fluting on the fired cases it was pretty easy to cast blame on the maker of the barrel. I will have to say with my experiences with this maker I instantly think it could be the barrel makers mistake when I hear of an issue.... but, they shoot so well they deserve a little more investigating before jumping to a conclusion.
  12. towtruck

    On to the Third Day...AR-10 308 Build

    They are just a partially pulled trigger. If you don't get crazy with them you should be alright. If you try and set them too light you could have issues. I had one. I now have a RRA varmint and a Rise trigger in mine....much better.
  13. towtruck

    Another big fire

    Death toll at 71 and rising....Trump is coming today.
  14. towtruck

    I got carded at Walmart...

    I have recently been drawn to the self check outs. I have ran into Lowe's for a couple items and ran out really fast through the self check out. You have to be smart about it though.....if you have a million items, bulky items, or tiny items it's best to hit the regular checkout. My wife started using them first and I watched in frustration as she struggled with either the technology or the machines flaws. Faced with a mile long backup at the store one day I tried it and it worked. I will only use them if they are free and clear....I will not stand in a line to watch idiots fumble around and try and use them for the first time.
  15. towtruck

    Hey hzhardy