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  1. The vertical carry of the speed loader ended up not working. The comp III's are just too tall and when I bend over they are in the way. I went back to my drop pouch until I could figure out what to do with it. I ended up, today, taking the cup off the leather and turning it sideways. The speed loader now rides horizontal. I was worried the Kydex retention lip was not going to be enough to keep the loader in place but it works well. I wore it while working in the shop on the tractor and had no issues. Now for more carry to see if I got it.....I'll keep at it until I get it to work!!!
  2. A flap disc on a 4” angle grinder will blend the high spots off nicely. Personally I would season it and just use the crap out of it. That bumpy finish has benefits once it’s seasoned well.
  3. This misunderstanding of words is in a Federal policy about violations to air brake hoses used on commercial trucks. I have researched how the feds make policy and it is very interesting. Everything ever done by the feds Is recorded in the Federal Registry. Anyone can look and read this stuff as it's online.....just pick a subject and search....you'll get lost in regulation in no time. I find it a good read as it gives me context to why a law is the way it is and how it became to be. I have a lot of respect for the process. When a rule is made the steps to get it on the books is a long one. The rule makers set up discussion windows with the industry that it effects, the makers of the items if it involves a product, and anyone that wants to comment. Studies are done, testing is done, and all things are considered. Once they have what they want it goes to a group of lawyers and it gets re written in legal speak. Every word in the final law or policy has been vetted for meaning, context, and accuracy. The final law or policy is then published in precise words so it can be defended. They do their best to make the law clear but at the same time defendable....that is where the legal speak creeps into laws. The problem with reading and enforcing law is the same as politics....people take their own liberties and ignore the rule. Just like a politician will ignore the constitution the law enforcers will bend and twist a rule into what they want it to be. We all point to "shall not be infringed" when we look at all the gun laws on the books....well, cops in high places do the same thing....ignore and twist laws to make them fit what they think it should be. Most of it is small differences that really don't change much with the intent of the law. I'm getting older and have been in the business for a while. This is the third time this same law has been twisted around in my circle of people I deal with. What has really happened is the law has been twisted statewide for so long that the new interpretation is now the norm. What I realized when I tried to correct the issue again is that it has made it to the top. Now the top brass have it wrong as they learned it wrong. Not only that, the first line of Federal people have learned it wrong as well. I have submitted a request for action with the feds to review the issue. I learned the real intent of the policy 20 years ago. I have been teaching it for seventeen years as it reads. I am now seeing a good policy get destroyed by people that think it says something it doesn't......and it's been going on so long I feel they won't budge on it. By the way....the correct way to read the policy is in favor of the industry, not law enforcement. The only downside to filing the request is it takes months if not years for them to decide on it. My top brass says I'm wrong, I know what the policy says and have known for 20 years the right way to read it......I will continue to teach it and enforce it as it reads until the time the Feds change the wording or clarify their stance. I truly hate how our laws and rules can become a living document instead of the black and white rule they were written as.
  4. Mine was caused by two acoustic trauma's. The second blast made the condition worse. First blast was just a loud squeal, the second was a loud squeal with a concussive blast of air. The air blast gave one ear a plugged feeling that took 6+ months to go away and it never went away fully. The ringing in my ears is the major cause of why i cannot hear/ understand things. It drowns out what I need to hear. I'm going out on a limb and saying the damage is in the ear itself. When they can take a completely deaf ear and put in a Cochlear implant and you can hear again it tells me it's all mechanical in the ear.
  5. I have it but it’s untreated. My doctor wanted to give me B12 shots to help it. That was denied by work company. He says it helps if your B12 is low. It has to be an injection to get it into your body correctly. good luck.
  6. The words "extend to" are inclusive. Read the examples I posted down a few posts from the beginning and it will make sense. Lon has it right, the language has been butchered for so long that what is wrong becomes what is right.
  7. it has nothing to do with a floor.......it's just an example of the use of words.
  8. Here are a bunch of sentences that use "extended to" to mean the subject matter was imposed on the subject. The Anglo-French telephone service, which was opened between London and Paris in April 1891, was extended to the principal towns in England and France on the 11th of April 1904. The service has since been extended to certain other English provincial towns; and the Anglo-Belgian telephone service has similarly been extended. His far-reaching hand even extended to Italy. By a new act in 1866 the process of secularization was extended to the whole kingdom. The suffrage is extended to all citizens over twenty-one years of age who can read and write and have either attained a certain standard of elementary education or are qualified by paying a rent which varies from 6 in communes of 2500 inhabitants to 16 in communes of 15p,ooo inhabitants, or, if peasant farmers, I6s.
  9. It all hinges on what it means to extend something to something. If I extend a greeting to you, If you extend a ladder to the roof, you extend a garden hose to the lawn, you extend a building to the vacant lot....in each one of these examples the extended object makes it onto or into the stated area.
  10. Let me reword it again to fit the lines of the original policy.............. When a showers leaks, in the wall, any damage extending to or through the floor must be repaired. If my shower leaked in the wall and the water damage extends to the floor would my floor be wet? Again...did the floor get wet? I added this to my original post.
  11. This is the whole argument right here.....you see it as the water made it all the way to the floor but not into the floor. Others see it as when you extend damage "to" something that means the damage has made it into the object. If the floor was not damaged you would say the damage extended down to the floor. Therefore the damage did not extend into the floor. This gives the example a direction that the damage went. If the floor was damaged you would say the damage extended to the floor......Therefore the damage has extended into the floor. This example states the floor is damaged. It's a tricky word play and it's a 50/50 split on how folks read it. I have consulted an English professor and he gave me the correct way to interpret it. edit...here is another example.....If I light a fire the smoke will extend to the sky. The sky has smoke in it not just up to it.
  12. The contractor showed up and told you the damage extended to the floor........did the floor get wet?
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