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  1. Cannot shoot from a motor vehicle in any way. Trailers have to be disconnected. My trailer has adjustable seats and shooting bench's that are 18" wide and 30" deep that spin with you. Everything you need is on the bench. There are three rifle racks on each end plus room for a couple more if you lean them in the corners. I'll have to search around and find a better picture for you.....I also have four jacks on the corners to stabilize it. When two are shooting you just say "hold" and your partner freezes while you pull the trigger...works really well. You can also shoot from a bench on the bottom. Two can be crammed in there for a total of four shooters. The bottom has room to haul my quad too. newbie and pepper having fun back in 2016
  2. Have the 870 with short rifle sighted barrel on it, plug out, five in the side saddle, and a couple cases of 12g ready to rock and roll. If that is not enough I will fall back to my prairie dog fodder to hold off the masses.
  3. I don't pick trucks for inspection by who is driving them, I rarely look at the drivers before they stop for me. But, here is a funny break down of drivers to look out for....not all are this way but enough to set a pattern.... Old white guy with a beard.......stand back as he will be a talker, will spout things about his rights and all the government waste. Old East Indian guy.....prepare for the smell of curry and week old BO. Very nice to talk too but you cannot understand a thing they say. Young East Indian guy.....same as old guy but easier to talk to. Thin, very dark skinned African male......they will be from Somalia or close to it, speak no English, use 01-01 as a birthdate and understand nothing you tell them, and they need a bath. Average African American........not happy you are stopping them, grumpy. Older Mexican guy.....speaks no English but will do whatever you ask. Young Mexican guy....speaks English and is easy to deal with. Decent looking female driver......very rare to see and smell nice. Oh, and the husband is behind the curtain in the sleeper so don't get too friendly. Hot little young Asian female driver with similar co-driver............these will confuse you as to what they are up to but all the horny officers will get involved in your inspection so you never get to talk to them. Female Mexican driver.....no matter how many times you inspect them they act like it's the first time and they don't know what to do. Big ugly female driver......lots of these around but they must drive clean trucks because they never get called in on purpose. Any Russian driver.....everything is "no problem" with them, they need a bath, and they get mad when their pile of crap broken truck is placed out of service. Middle age clean cut white guy......most likely a retired cop, construction worker, banker..looking for a new career and griping about trucking already. Very old white guy....retired driver forced back to work when his 401 tanked, he needs to use the bathroom and you never see him again after that one stop. Black female driver....very outgoing, nice to talk to, easy to deal with and will be clean. Two women in the cab, one driving and one in passenger seat.....beware of the dike team drivers...pompous and inconvenienced. They will want a real bathroom and not a porta potty. just observations over the years...
  4. Hey I tried to edit a double post out from a member and killed both...please repost......sorry.
  5. There is a trucking terminal about an hour south of where I work and 15 years ago the trucks out of that terminal were doing the 1 mph pass for 10 miles on a regular basis. It was so bad we were getting complaints all day long about it. The local truck cop in that area went to the office and got the manager of the terminal and had a little talk with him. The manager had also been getting complaints but his view was as long as their truck did not go faster than the speed limit and were passing it was legal. The nice officer told him that if one car was waiting on the passing truck or the truck took longer than a half mile to pass he would write everyone for impeding traffic. The manager balked at the threat. That officer wrote more tickets that month than ever and the judge upheld every one them......by chance the practice went away after only a month.
  6. One of our office gals was a dispatcher. She could handle anything over the phone....a real natural at it. But when something happened in front of her she froze up and got freaked out. It takes a special person to dispatch well. We have some good one's.
  7. This is a rant a long time coming. I work in commercial vehicle law enforcement. I deal with truckers all day long. Now, I drove truck for 15 years so I'm not dogging on drivers.....I'm just sick of where the industry is right now. 20 years ago when I started this career 90% of the drivers I dealt with could follow directions and get things done. Now, it's 10% that can get it done correctly. I always understand that drivers would nut up coming into a scale and took that knowledge and made sure to account for those nerves. Well, nerves or not I have come to the conclusion that after being around drivers for 35+ years that the current crop is just stupid. I have been denying this for a while but there is no other reason for the behavior I see. Here are some examples of what I deal with all day long: Red light means go. An entrance door that has not changed in 20 years suddenly is invisible and drivers walk all around the building looking to get in. A sign that reads go to the static scale actually means park in the back and sit there until someone comes and gets you....never mind that the words static scale are written in giant letters on the pavement for you to follow. A green arrow to the right and a sign telling you to circle the building to a bay actually means just leave and drive away. A big sign telling you not to set your brakes along with someone telling you not to set your brakes means set your brakes. Instructions telling you to step on the brakes when you see a certain blue light means step on the brakes when you wake up and see any light. A scale pad that is clearly marked and only 10' long can weigh an entire 75' truck...why else would the driver drive off after we only weigh one axle. Giant signs that tell you which lane to drive in if you are oversized don't mean anything if you are following another regular truck. Speed limit signs that say 10 mph in three places actually mean either drive 30 mph or 3 mph because that is how the other scales work. Big painted curbs between the traffic lanes are just bumps so you know you crossed one. When you tell a driver to bring his truck around to the scale, as you point to it, and they walk out and stand on the scale in traffic and look at you through the window. You tell a driver to bring all his paperwork into the office and they bring nothing. You ask the driver if the low air warning works and they blow the horn. The driver will pull in and leave his window up and stare at the inspector through the glass. Those are just the tip of the ice berg.....add in nobody speaks English and it turns into a circus. Simple solutions end up taking hours to fix because they are just ignorant about what needs to be done. A simple welded repair gets overlooked and thousands are spent to tow a vehicle out when 200 bucks would have had them on the road again. Also the fact that drivers have zero mechanical ability anymore...they don't even understand the simplest of systems on the truck they drive. I watch drivers fumble for the head lamp switch....they drive the truck everyday for a year and still can't find it! I also work a beat from time to time and hit the road with an officer. Those big signs that say all rental trucks must enter open scale don't apply to mom and pop because they are not "big" trucks, bypassing the scale is okay if it's your first time in the area, driving the back roads to get around the scale is okay as long as you tell us you are looking at property or just lost.....we have never heard that before, blocking traffic for ten miles while you drive 1 mph faster than the truck you are passing is okay because those one hundred fifty cars behind you don't mind you holding them up because they know your company wont let you drive any faster, swerving onto the shoulder while you text and drive is okay, it lets everyone know your awake, cutting every corner on the mountain roads and getting in others lane is okay...it keeps everyone awake, driving down the shoulder for 40 miles with a flat tire is okay...after all the dozens of mobile tire repair guys in the area don't want your business...so just drive it home that way. Oh, and let's not forget the guy or gal that just keeps pushing on whatever is behind them when they are backing up...I'm sure it's just a pebble under your tire and not another truck or car that you are backing over....I mean getting out and looking first is so last year. And let's not forget that it is perfectly cool to tow a guy on a lawn mower, down a busy highway, at 35 mph with a rope....and riding a Harley in swim trunks, flip flops, and no helmet won't get our attention either. And my all time favorite when we stop an old timer......."I didn't know that was illegal, I have been doing it this way for years. I mean ten years ago when I got a ticket for doing it we changed the way we loaded the trucks but that did not work so well so we went back this way" Okay, I feel better know...rant off.
  8. Our retiree groups around here are small and more than likely under the radar. I'm in a very Red area so chances are slim it would happen around here. Most of the retirees have moved out so the groups that are here are elderly and small......you probably have more of my old co-workers in your area than I work with now
  9. I have yet to make my own rub......I will one day do it though. I have a whole bunch of rubs I'm trying from local sources and some are good some are so-so. I will figure out what blend I want and try it on my own as I want to control the salt better. Most rubs have salt as the number one ingredient and I want it to be number four or five on the list. For forty years I never deviated with my sauce recipe except to add more sugar at times. I played around for a year trying to make a hotter sauce that was like Cj's sauce and I could never duplicate it. I think I will take my recipe above and add some chili flakes and cayenne to it and see if I cannot come up with my own version of a hot sweet sauce. If I can nail down my own rub and have my original sauce and a hot one on hand I won't need to ever buy sauce or rub again. I'm going to have to work on the rub when I get time.....I have a bunch of classes to teach over the next 40 days but I have some tome off at the end of the month...might be a good time to put it together.
  10. If you look close it has dual stacks....very symmetrical if I do say so myself
  11. I just fried up some peppered bacon that is as thick as those slices on that video screen shot.......
  12. Fiddle with it is all you can do....you might get it by running a wire or pick in from the back and try to turn the cam pin back...that is if you don't stick it while it's on the lower and into the buffer tube....
  13. That is actually illegal in Ca.......the front bumper cannot extend more than 2' from the front of the vehicle......don't ask me why I know this crap, it's my job
  14. I like a lot of store bought sauces but I never use them on ribs.....it's always my own. You cannot beat it.
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