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  1. Just got back from dinner at a very busy BBQ joint.....running full capacity, indoor seating, elbow to elbow. All you had to do was don the mask to get in and on the way out...no other time did you have to have it on. All the staff was masked up. Very nice to sit down and eat someplace like normal humans should. Yesterday for lunch six of us went to a pizza joint. It's law enforcement appreciation week and all six meals were comp'd by the staff to us. We each dumped the price of the meal and a little more in their big tip jar...there was over $100 in there after we made our deposit and the jar was empty before that. The two working got some big smiles on their faces when they saw that!
  2. I did a bad thing today.....one of the officers I teach with reloads and was in dire need for large rifle primers.......so I sold him a brick for $150. He has been paying $220 a brick online for SPP and others just to get some........I don't load for large rifle and only bought them when I thought I was going to load for my 06. So, I helped out a co-worker and made $120 in profits for myself.......My wife will be so proud.
  3. If it was on a walking around gun I would...no shame in practicality.
  4. Today went better. We ate lunch at Jelly Belly Factory and there were no masks required. I went to Safeway shopping for a light dinner and was in and out in seconds. I did see the sign to wear a mask but it was way off to the side. Everyone had one on but a couple people and nobody hassled them. I popped mine on real fast just to not repeat yesterdays experience I was wearing my departments logo'd shirt so I wanted to not get the name involved in a mask dust up. There is hope after all.
  5. I use a cut inner tube for a scope cover on my deer rifle. Yank it off and never look back when hunting in the rain. Get your shot off and go hit the deer. If I find the cover on the way out I’ll pick it up. If not oh well I’ll cut more tube later.
  6. I'm in the east bay. These people like the mask, embrace the mask, and will see anyone that does not wear the mask as an enemy. Why she made it political baffles me. I was 8 feet away from anyone. Karen approached me..she got closer to yell at me. I think I will put on my best Corky voice next time and talk like I'm slow in the head. I walked away because it was the employee that had the issue first. They don't want my business that is their call. As far as Karen....TDS is still strong with her and she would have dialed 911 if I would have gotten in her face. The left must draw the lines at who wears the mask...no mask must mean you're a Trump fan. I even downplayed my attire for this trip. I left my logger boots at home, I'm going to miss them this week, I left my dirty old ball cap at home and have a new one, I have new tennis shoes as well, I groomed my mustache....in other words I look like I belong here....grey man was the goal. I have T-shirts with San Fransisco on them, mountains, and other liberal friendly logos. And I'm called out for being a Trump fan because of the no mask....I do believe when I go home this weekend I will switch out clothes and I will ditch the shoes and wear the boots, I'll wear my not so innocent T-shirts, and bring my grubby hat...maybe even my cowboy hat....fug these communist pukes. I was teaching here when the wuhan broke out and have taught at least six times since and the fools are just getting worse with time.
  7. I'm back down in the Bay Area to teach a class for two weeks. I just roll in and get checked into my Hotel. I head downstairs to go get dinner and the desk lady asks where my mask is. I tell her I cannot wear one. Strike one. I head over to a sandwich shop and there is no sign on the door about masks. I walk in and there is one other customer in the place. While I wait a young lady behind the counter asks me if I have a mask and I tell her I cannot wear one. She mumbles through her mask and I shake my head that I could not understand her. That is when the customer, we'll call her Karen, wheels around like I was peeing on her shoes. She says, and I quote "I bet you thought Trump was the best thing for this country" in a very loud, I'm in charge voice. I'm dressed for the area, I have a ball cap, jeans, tennis shoes, and a T-shirt on.....nothing about me sticks out other than my walrus mustache....and the fact that I'm not a sheep wearing a mask. I tried to ask the gal behind the counter if she was going to serve me or not but Karen got all excited so I walked out mumbling the words "you F'n people are crazy" I really had to hold back my words. I have not worn a mask in over three months. I know I will have to put one on to get in to buy food this week but dammit ...this is the first time since this whole thing kicked off that anyone has said a word to me about a mask. It's going to be a long two weeks here.
  8. I had time this morning to clean all the old brick of grout. I still have to soak and scrub them to get all the dirt off of them. I have settled on a design/ stack for the brick oven that will give me a decent amount of heat retention and a great amount of insulation. When I get back from my out of town trip I will start digging the footings and work on getting the base in and then forming up the first slab. I have a plan of attack now and a set design......nothing to stop me now!!
  9. Did I miss where the OP talked about going to a 30 cal. upper?
  10. Columbia River Arms has this one in 18" Do a search for Black hole weaponry 458 socom. SKU: AR15-458S-1x14-18-CON
  11. I almost made a fatal error in my build. I'm going to insulate between the oven wall and the outside wall with a perlite and cement mixture to form a heat barrier. I was going to make the oven walls from a perlite, vermiculite, cement mixture but then I realized this was an insulating layer as well....it won't absorb heat......a wood fired oven needs to absorb heat.....some of these ovens hold cooking temps for days after the fire is out. So, I laid out the oven with brick and deleted the fire brick on the open portion of the bbq area. I have just enough 100 year old red clay bricks to make the oven with. Now I will need to buy either block or standard red brick to do the outside. I'll still insulate with vermiculite and Portland cement. I would not mind doing block for an exterior and stucco the whole thing. The wife still wants the red brick look. Price wise I'm still almost even....glad I figured it out now and not after it was done.
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