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  1. towtruck

    Electrical switch install

    I looked into those. I'm not sure they are legal here but that is the best option except that it makes the meter stick out over 5" more.....I would be running into it.
  2. towtruck

    Goin' shootin'

    The phone defaults to the numbers if it cannot read my face. With the phone upside down I just tap the screen, tap it again and the keypad comes up and I enter the 6 digit code. It would be nice if it could pick up my face but it does not take long to open it up either way. I see it all real time as I'm filming and you never realize how much everything moves until you slow it down. With my bad shoulders I shoot a rifle offhand about the same as those camera views. I squeeze the trigger on the apex of the arc once I get the cross hairs circling on target. I looks like a figure eight and once that motion is covered on the critter I just wait until I am on the outer arc to squeeze as the lag time puts me centered when the trigger is pulled. On the bench I bring the cross up and right usually as I get on target and hold dead still for the shot.
  3. towtruck

    Goin' shootin'

    The camera works great. It does lose focus as the phone camera tries to find it's subject. What you see in the video is what I see. I figured out to turn it on and off to readjust it's focus. The phone will stay on in video mode for quite some time so I can scan around and find my targets. When it does go black I have to punch in my 6 digit code to get it back on as the facial recognition does not work upside down. The hardest part and the coolest part is not shouldering the gun. You just sit upright and look at the screen and squeeze the trigger. That circular motion to my shots is me trying to get the sniper chair aligned as I shoot. I have to have the tension just right on the swivels to make things move smoothly. If I was on a solid bench it would not be so bad. Making sure I remember to turn the video on before the shot is also key. I killed a big fat one and he tumbled down a log pile and I forgot to turn on the video.
  4. towtruck

    Bond to be a female black. LMAO

    Why can't these new actors and new movie directors make their own classic movies? Why must they ride the coat tails of movies that were already done? Can't they come up with their own, new, innovative movies?
  5. towtruck

    Electrical switch install

    Power comes in directly over meter. Meter box is between studs. Breaker box has knockouts at top and bottom. All wiring leaves breaker box at bottom and half turn and go up wall between studs on the right of the box. There is an electrical outlet on the other side of the wall in that space too. Having all that right in my walkway sucks. As I was saying I would need to pull all the siding off to get the correct layout to install a transfer box in there. There is so much in the way of the siding it's not going to be easy. Hacking a hole where I think it will fit and hoping for the best is not something I want to try.
  6. towtruck

    Flat iron on the BBQ

    It's a homemade BBQ. I'm going to make a bigger one soon that is more user friendly than this old one.
  7. towtruck

    Good Morning!

  8. towtruck

    Flat iron on the BBQ

    It is hot out and the wife did not want to heat up the kitchen so I fired up the bbq and made dinner. Flat iron steak cooked in olive oil on the grill in a cast iron pan, fresh from the garden zucchini and patty pan squash wrapped in foil with butter and salt and pepper, two ears of fresh corn wrapped in foil with butter. All of this onto the bbq until the steak was medium. The steak came off and a teriyaki sauce went into the frying pan to caramelize and heat up. The wife made some rice and we sliced up the steak, poured the sauce over it and ate it up.......so very good.
  9. Barrels are finicky.....that old 10/22 I rescued was a rust bucket but the bore looked great.....and the dang thing groups under an inch at 50 yards with Federal bulk.
  10. towtruck

    Goin' shootin'

    Here is another video. There were two squirrels messing around on this log. I thought I missed the first one with the first shot but it actually gut shot him and he slides off the stump as I am racking a round in the gun for the second shot. I ended up killing both. This was my first outing with Winchester lead free ammo. Some of the hits looked typical for a 17 and some knife right through. I think these lead free need a little bone to expand..... https://vimeo.com/348051323
  11. I need to go shoot my 17's to check them after the work I did yesterday and I have a 22 that needs shot too.......no indoor range close by here and it's too hot to do it outside....they will have to wait. I did back my trailer up to my neighbors barn so they could unload their hay....watching them work was the highlight of my day I'm sure
  12. Knowing it would be hot yesterday I dressed accordingly.......I wore jeans, T-shirt, cowboy hat for the sun, and on my feet I went with tennis shoes and thin socks. Big mistake with the foot wear on my part. I forgot about the fox tails. Hunting from the road I did okay but managed to get a few stickers in my feet. Then when I went to see my farmer buddy I had to walk out into a field he was plowing and got my shoes, socks, and feet full of stickers. It was so bad I could hardly walk. I was pulling stickers out every five steps. I finally had to just suck it up and let them stab me until I got back to the Blazer. Once there I pulled everything off and picked them out of my socks and shoes. It's amazing how those stickers will get into every tiny little hole in your shoes. I never wore tennis shoes when I lived up there, always boots, and now I remember why. Those stickers drew blood in two places on my feet in less than 300 yards.