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  1. towtruck

    My Wife vs. Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Lock

    My wife would have taped the bottom back onto the empty container.
  2. towtruck

    So, Who Is At The Bench Today?

    25-30 years ago I had a swamp cooler water pump that locked up and a new one was going to be $75 so I tore into it and lubed it up and got it running. Every spring I tore it apart and lubed it and that cooler pump worked for 12+ more years and was in the cooler when I sold the house. I left a note hanging in the cooler that said "lube pump motor and It will work" Wife and I got a new electric clothes dryer in 1991. One year later it started making all kinds of squeaking noises. I tore it apart and found the bushings for the tub were dry. I lubed them up and put it back together.......it has been working just fine.....and it's almost 30 years old now.
  3. towtruck

    So, Who Is At The Bench Today?

    I have not branched out into h110..........I need to take a list of acceptable powders with me next trip to the store as magnum powders are scarce right now.....I was a strict 2400 guy until a shortage then I found 4227.....looks like I need to keep adding to my list of powders. Funny thing is I started buying all that BE and never really loaded any in anything. Now I have a pile of it and so far I have loaded two different loads with it in a mild 357 and one gun fell over and puked when I shot it through that gun.....I have 200 rounds of 357 with a 158g cowboy bullet in them that I have yet to shoot as they won't chamber in the new Colt. I need to blast them in my other 357's and see if they are worthy. I bought the BE for my 38, 9mm, and 40 loads but I have not shot much of the other calibers in a while....it's been lots of 357 and some 38 +p.
  4. towtruck

    Hey Augie (Remembrance)

    RIP brother. You made a huge impact here.
  5. Our officers must document every contact with all that information. What the officer perceived before the stop or contact was made. six people I. The car? Yep document them all. when the stats came in the first time the whole department was told the stats had to be false because it did not show a bias towards minorities.
  6. towtruck

    A little crazy near me today.....

    Second shooter dead. The guy from the shingletown shooting make it to ontario California and ended up going wrong way on freeway and went head on with someone e and died. Good riddance freak tard. They say his dad is missing though. Probably killed him and dumped him somewhere.
  7. towtruck

    Hy-tek coating

    Bring your targets in to 25' and play there until you feel you can go out further. I rarely practice farther than 25' away. My abilities to hit things really die off past 30' or so with a snubbie or even a 6" gun. Getting used to a new grip style and size can feel funny.....if you shoot that revolver a bunch then pick up your semi it too will feel funny. I think part of what has led to my diminished pistol shooting skills is not only my eye sight but the fact that I have so many different guns to shoot they are all a little different.....when I only had one or two I knew them better. It's why I have dedicated the last year or so to only shooting my sp101 and the new Colt...trying to get that muscle memory built back up. Building my own grips has been a game changer too.... Getting a grip that fits is the key.....building full size grips for my two small guns made a 100% difference in shoot-ability for me.
  8. towtruck

    Hy-tek coating

    it's that daily practice that I miss. Growing up we shot everyday. Now I go decent stretches with no shooting and it really takes away the memory of what to do. I would love to get to a point I can shoot every day again....even if it's just a cylinder full. This winter I am going to work on a wax/ wood/ plastic bullet load and get a good bullet for shooting into the blanket in the garage. I really want to be able to hit the garage daily and rip off a cylinder of my indoor rounds and keep that muscle memory alive.
  9. towtruck

    Hy-tek coating

    Wheel guns are addicting for me. It's the gun I grew up with so I naturally grab one first. I think the biggest issue for a semi shooter that gets a hold of a wheel gun is to always remember about the cylinder gap. Not only for hand placement but for gun placement too. It's imperative to make sure that gap is clear of your body and body parts. Those hot gasses and bits of powder will not only go straight out the sides but they blow back at an angle as well. If you get a gun slightly out of time it will shave lead and jacket and those bits and pieces will draw blood at a minimum and put an eye out on the bad end. Get the gun out in front of you and keep that support hand clear of the gap....even if shooting one handed make sure that hand is not in the danger zone. I'm a die hard revolver guy.....carry one everyday and don't feel under-gunned. But I will have to admit that facing one of these large crowds of protesters has me looking in the safe at my semi auto's and thinking I may have to make a swap in carry, just for capacity sake and flexibility, during these interesting times. For fun one day bring a paper lunch sack to the range and cut a hole in the bottom for your revolver barrel to stick through.....hold the gun inside the bag with barrel exposed and let one rip.....you won't have to worry about taking the bag off after that first round I actually use a 16" card board box to test for a gun shaving lead, I open the bottom and just have the box around the sides of the gun.... It will leave a ring of frag holes in the box if a gun is spitting lead. Watching the pro's run a wheelie is amazing...mad skills that I don't have.
  10. towtruck

    A little crazy near me today.....

    Turns out my Sgt. made it to both shootings that day. The one near Shingletown had all the markings of a drug issue involved to me just by the address. I was not wrong. The property is one big grow site and the shooter was a trimmer that worked there. Reap what you sow on that one. We will never know the motive on the Red Bluff shooting as that idiot was fired there over a year ago and he was killed by deputies. I'm sure more will come out about him as they investigate. The two counties also had several armed robberies and other high profile crimes that day. It was a busy day.
  11. towtruck

    Hy-tek coating

    I started point shooting in the garage with the wax bullets I made and was doing pretty well. I put that project on hold until I can come up with a better wax bullet or another type of practice pill. I think the next few range trips I will work on fast double taps and get those where I want them to go and do a few point shoots at close range. We now have to qualify to renew our ccw's and I need to shoot 5 guns this go around in December. I'm just shooting slow fire at a 25' bulls eye to make sure none of my guns try and fool me when it comes time to qualify The current state of affairs has me not leaving the house without 15 rounds on me for the sp101. Right now I have three hollow points and two snake shot in the gun, one speed loader with three snake shot and two hollows, and the other speed loader with all hollow point. We have killed five rattlers at work so far this year so the snake shot will be carried until those critters go to bed for the year. I need to find a couple speed loaders for the Colt. I like the straight push release style and despise the twist release. The design of the Colts ejector rod is short and getting the spent cases to eject cleanly has been problematic. I cannot even begin to run speed loaders on that gun until I can figure out what needs to be done to get the empties out. The next trip with that gun I will focus on that issue now that the rest of the gun has been made to work right for me.
  12. towtruck

    So, Who Is At The Bench Today?

    I need to go through all mine as well.......somehow I ended up with a bunch of Bullseye and I am short on my magnum pistol powders. I have enough powder and primers and bullets to load over 10K rounds of standard pistol loads in 38. 45 acp. 45 colt. 9mm, 40 cal.......But I only have about 500-600 magnum primers left and not even a 1/4 pound of magnum powder. I use standard primers for my 2400 loads but all the others get magnums. I need to catch up on the magnum stuff.....buying that Colt has had me shooting a lot of magnum stuff lately. I have 1200 of my reloads and maybe 5-600 rounds of factory loads in the cupboard. I want another 1000 empty 357 cases to play with.....but without finding powder and primers locally I need to slow my roll and shoot more 38 +p's.
  13. towtruck

    Moving to the DFW area!

    Good deal! Always nice to keep moving up.
  14. towtruck

    So, Who Is At The Bench Today?

    Sat down and went over all the box's of 357 magnum I had loaded. I had fired a bunch out of some of the box's so I went through them all and topped them all off. I loaded just under 600 rounds this weekend of 357 mag from mild to wild. I just finished up the warmer 2400 loads at 14g under a 158g pill and then the wild loads of 4227 at 14.6g under the same bullet...those flatten the primers pretty good and I won't go any hotter in that one. I'm all topped off...not a single empty case in the house. Next block of time I get I will back fill all my 38 specials and top them off. I don't have too many batches of 357 cases that are being kept track of how many times they are fired so topping off the box's isn't messing up anything. About the only change in loads I may find is a primer swap in brand but never a magnum over standard swap. I need to get more magnum powder next as I used almost all of the 4227 and 2400 I had on hand. I really hope the True Blue load I made for the Colt and SP101 works out as I have a few pounds of that left over from the sandy hook days. I also found 200 rounds of 125g cowboy loads I made up in 357 using Bullseye...I don't remember loading those and I can only hope they do better than the 158's I loaded with BE...those key holed.....I need to shoot those 125's and see if they shoot or tumble. Edit......I remember those 125's now...they are the bullet that won't chamber in the Colt. I'll have to shoot them in the SP101 or Blackhawk.