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  1. Guys, I'm done baby sitting. I'm done. Whether it's one person or two or three it is a royal pain in my ass to stay on top of your shat. Bury the F'n hatchet and play nice or go the F away. All the mods and staff are tired of this shat. I dread coming into the general forum anymore as I don't want to have to deal with this shat anymore. We are a gun forum, we are on the same team. This thread it's Rampy, other threads its someone else kicking off the shat storm. All I know is I'm done freaking around with the lot of you. It's not fun anymore to be here.
  2. Had a great day at the range with the wife. Those 125g Bullseye loads were not weak by any stretch. They were just a tad under my +P loads. The wife liked them and was putting 6 together touching themselves on center so they were good for her. She shot better than I did today, but I was doing a lot of left handed shooting trying to practice that weak hand stuff. I had the wife shoot double action which she has never liked before. The Colt allows you to stage the trigger and that is what she was doing, she would pull until the cylinder rotated then get her sight picture and finish off the pull. I never showed her how to do it and she figured it out on her own. I let her do it only because the Colt makes it easy to do. I did make her do one steady pull a few times to show her how it's supposed to be done. She shot some +P loads and did not mind them so I can just keep loading my +P recipe from here on out. She warmed up with her single six and so did I. I really like her little single six...it's accurate. I need to shoot it more to help break in the controls a bit so it will be the new warm up gun when we go out. I shot about 75 rounds of 45 acp left handed and a few right handed as well. I reset my sights as I was shooting too high at close range and it was bugging me to compensate so much. One thing I noticed this trip was my eyesight and front sight focus is getting worse. Tipping my head back to see the front sight through my trifocals is a pain in the neck....literally. I did shoot some of the 125g Bullseye loads through my SP101 and I had to align the front sight a tad higher to get them to hit center mass. Once I figured out the hold I was dead on. The wife shot the SP101 and really liked the weight and feel of the gun. My big grips were too much for her so next trip I will swap to my Altamont grips for her. If she can hit with the SP101 I'm afraid that may be the gun she gravitates towards. The wife shot the factory Colt grips pretty well but she said the trigger guard was hitting her second finger towards the end of the session. I am going to put the Altamont grips I bought for the Colt on and see how she like them. The factory one's will work for her just fine but these may work better. I am going to load up the 126 round box we shot today with 158's next time. Oh, I have a batch of 38's that I got as new brass and have loaded them between 8-10 times and these would not chamber in the Colt. The wall of the case near the base is slightly bulged and the tight chamber on the Colt would not let them in. They drop in the SP101. I still have twenty or so to shoot before I reload that batch and will have to see if they size down to fit the Colt or stay too big for it. It could be the more forgiving chamber on the Ruger has allowed them to stretch a bit where the sizer die cannot reach. Fun day and the wife is getting more comfortable handling the guns as well as loading and unloading them.
  3. Just made an order of 1500 pistol bullets from extreme. I was out of 9mm so I picked up 500 of the 115g. Then I got 500 each of 357 158g semi wad cutters and 230g ball 45's. Tomorrow the wife and I are going to the range then hit the property for a check on things. Should be a nice relaxing day. I have componants to load quite a few pistol rounds and the only place I'm short not equal with the other stuff is bullets....I must keep up and since they were on sale and at a really good price I pounced.
  4. Early last month on my drive home from work, late at night, there was a raccoon in the road about 600 yards from my house. He was dragging his hind legs and motating on the fronts only. I quickly tried to finish him off and ran over him trying to kill him. I made a good solid hit on him so I never backed up to check him out. The next day there wasn't a body in the road. Fast forward two weeks and I see drag marks coming in and out of my front yard. The trail is leading away in the opposite direction from where I hit him. He is moving with the other coons and covering a lot of area. Fast forward a few more weeks and now his drag marks are in the back of my place. He drags himself all over looking for cat food that gets left by our cats. The wife has a water bowl out by my wood pile and there is heavy drag marks in and out of that area. I have tried to get him on camera in the front of the house and now I will try in the back. I have got to see this tough hombre because it's been over a month he has been alive on the front end only. He has to have worn the hide off himself as far as he is traveling. I don't feel bad about checking to make sure he was dead after hitting him because apparently I ran over the dead part of him so he did not feel a thing. How the heck can his digestive tract work with two solid hits to the back end? His back end has to be shattered.
  5. Five investigators.......ummmm, that may cover half a city block M-F......what a joke.
  6. My 40’s are running 3800. That was the best speed I found for accuracy.
  7. My uncle had one of those after his heart attack. He never plugged it in. He walked the belt on his own. Did four or five miles twice a week on it. Kept him in Great shape.
  8. Forty grain v max are the most accurate and best at long range with great impact results in my barrels.
  9. Try keeping 6000 20p cases trimmed........let alone keeping track of how many times they are fired and how long they are getting........or having your trimmer get off and cut a few hundred a tad shorter than they should be.....I'm glad the pdog shooting has slowed down as loading as much as I was was burning me out faster than the barrels.
  10. Update on the belt. It's late September and my belt failed last night while putting it on. The sliding bar that locks the belt in place lost a screw. Lucky for me I was able to find the screw on the floor. I was able to make it home with the buckle broken. It was a pain to get the belt off with the bar flopping in the buckle so I wedged it on and wore it home. The bar is drilled at both ends and a screw is inserted in each end to hold the slide in the buckle. The bottom screw must rub when operating the belt and it unscrewed itself. I repaired the belt by dabbing some RTV on the threads and putting the buckle back together. I put the fix on both screws. My fault for not checking the buckle but the makers fault for not adding some thread lock to those threads. If the screw would have fallen out while I was wearing the belt I would have noticed it as the slide would have been locked in place already and popped loose a bit. Having it fail while I was putting it on allowed me to find the screw. With one side of the bar loose there was just enough tension to hold the belt on me otherwise it would have been a complete failure and the belt could not have been worn, that could be bad if out in public and it loses a screw. Overall the belt has been working well, it has molded to fit me, and is very secure holding my various firearms. The adjustable slide buckle is the best feature as that is why I bought the belt in the first place. Stitching is still in great shape and the finish is good with some mars on it from my speed loader clips dragging across it. The edges of the belt that were not burnished are a little fuzzier but since the belt is part of my concealment nobody sees the fuzzy edges. I would not like it for a dress belt worn that is visible.
  11. With this gun I almost have to do it that way. I did it for myself as well and found my comfort level with it. I had to put the factory grips back on it for her to shoot it as my big grips won't let her reach the trigger. She shoots full house 158g magnums through my 6" Blackhawk without any issue....each gun and grip style makes changes necessary though. I don't like full house in the Colt, even with my grips. The big issue she has is weight of gun....she gets tired holding the gun out. I have been working with her to hold it close to her chest then push out when ready but even that has her holding the gun out at full arms length for a while as she readies herself on the sights. She gets better each trip but the long pauses between trips for her has us starting all over most days. The next trip out she should do a whole lot better with everything as she has been practicing her handling and get better accustomed to muzzle awareness and gun operation. A couple more trips with me and I will feel she is ready to be someone else's student, someone that can be just a teacher and not a spouse.
  12. Today I loaded up 176 rounds of 38 special for the wife to shoot. I do not normally load 38 specials unless they are +P. For her I gathered up a bunch of odds and ends brass and went though my odds and ends bullets and found enough lead and plated 125g bullets to fill all the cases minus 9 rounds. The last nine rounds I dropped the charge weight and set 158g bullets in the cases. For the 125's I used 4g of BE and 3g for the 158's. I am officially out of the mistakenly sent 125g bullets. Way back in 2013 I was sent the wrong weight bullets and just kept them as that was all I could get at the time. They ended up not feeding in my lever action so I plinked with them here and there until I chewed through 1000 of them. I have a bunch of 38+p and 357 partial boxes of ammo that I have been working out of and I need to finish off a few of those boxes and reload the whole batch back up. My boxes range from 100 rounds all the way to 300 rounds depending on the batch or box. I need to clean up those partials and then pick a loading to reload them all back up with. I try and keep a bunch of full house 357 loads for the Blackhawk, a pile of 38 +p's for snubby practice, and the lever gun, and a bunch of mid range 357 loads for the Colt. I am having my wife practice with the Colt now and want to bring her up from 38's to 38+p next then maybe on to some milder 357's. I need her to tell me what is comfortable for her so I am starting on the bottom end and we will work up. I would be perfectly happy if she choses to stay at +p level as I can load one type for all the guns and not have to make smaller batches.
  13. He will live on. The Klintons have no need to shut him up as they are both done, washed up. This will be in and out of the news really fast as it makes trump look good.....the media does not care about anyone hurting the other side. It will be buried. So my vote is for bacon!
  14. towtruck


    I hated the Speers in my 20p. I could get decent accuracy out of them and good speeds but they are less than dramatic on impact. I nick named them "what for it" bullets. You will shoot and the critter will just stand there for a second or two then topple over like they passed out. The bullets seem to knife right through. Even the Barnes varmint grenades give a more positive whack. I still have a few hundred of the Speers left over as I cannot shoot the leaded stuff anymore......maybe I'll count them up and see if anyone wants them
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