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  1. It used to sit up on a platform made of rock and tile. It was slightly wider on the left and stuck out 4' from the wall. It was intrusive. I got rid of the platform and set the new stove on the floor. The old stove had water heater pipes coming out the right side (looking at it) and the stove was not centered on the platform either. The tile work was centered without ever looking at the pipe center. I had to put in a double bend at the top as the pipe outlet on the stoves was not the same. The old stove the pipe came out on the middle of the top...the new one is at the back. Of all the places to be off center it's the best it could be as I never noticed it for over five years.
  2. gotta love California. https://www.kcra.com/article/edd-scam-california-inmates-claim-over-dollar1b-in-covid-related-unemployment/34774966
  3. ...can you spot it? I have never noticed it until today......there is nothing that could have been done as the pipe in the ceiling cannot be moved. If I fixed it there would be a horrible looking bend at the top. I was just warming my bones when it hit me.
  4. Finally watched this.....that would never work for me the way i wear my jeans. The first two wearers had on sweats, and undershirts, that is as far as I got. The leg strap would not work as I am hairy as a bear. Personally I don't want a gun aimed into me either. If you are the type to wear loose clothes it looks like it would work but for me having all that against my skin would feel really bad.
  5. I know three old timers that passed away on the farm. One sat under a tree to rest and never woke up, another had a heart attack and drove himself home instead of the hospital, and another that knew something was not right so he went to finish up the days chores and keeled over on the way home. In my old home town it was a 2 hour drive to a real hospital and at least 30 minutes to what was listed as a first aid station. Full time country folk are tough as nails. These are people that have been stomped half to death by horses, smashed in accidents and just go home and sit in a chair until they heal. My old logging boss got in a truck wreck and went to the hospital in the area. They ran a few tests and took some x-rays and sent him home. He was in pretty bad shape and had a lot more wrong with him than the hospital realized. He got into his easy chair and they could not get him out again. He refused to see another doctor. He stayed in that chair for well over a week before he could get out of it. At 6'4" and 275 pounds nobody else was going to get him up either.
  6. Their ship is sinking.......regardless of any proof of fraud they are done.
  7. I wont click the video.......but, from the back pack next to her, her own clothes, the sign next to her and the paint on the sign not to mention the fancy water bottle everything around her is made in a factory, hauled on trucks, and is a polluter in order to make them.......practice what you preach girl!
  8. When I worked in Gilroy I ate them as we would take a patrol car down and get a bunch for everyone.....back then the fries were still good....the fries suck now so I pass on them. My wife still gets a burger every now and then....me I go to Habit burger now if I want a good one.
  9. I wouldn't wait ten minutes for their food much less hours.....they are decent burgers but I can make them better at home.
  10. I helped a friend and gave up half my stash of 00 buck.......if I need the shotty for more rounds than I have on hand I will open a case of bird loads and wing them.
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