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  1. This is good stuff right here.........my wife loves the soaps!
  2. towtruck

    Your test results...

    Sadly I'm old enough to get that.....
  3. towtruck

    Vet's home infected

    Just a couple miles from where I live we have a large Veterans home. Last week two workers popped positive for Covid and they said no residents were exposed. Over the weekend they announced two more workers popped positive. Now, Today one of the residents has popped positive. Pray for our veterans.....they don't deserve this.
  4. towtruck

    Got grips!

    First half bedded great and I am working on the second half now. Once that is dry I can mark and drill for the screw hole and pin hole and get them bolted together and finish up the wood work and get the final sanding on them. I need to get to the hardware store and see if I can find a proper grip screw and bushing. I have hardware on hand but it's not ideal...I want better looking hardware than what I have. I can order what I need from Midway or Brownell's but I don't want to wait for a $3 part. I'll drill the screw hole but won't drill the counter sink until I have the bushings. I should be able to finish sand then drill the counter sinks to finalize it.
  5. towtruck

    Strangest Firearm Acquisitions

    I acquired a double barreled black powder boot pistol that was thought to be a toy......turned out to be a real gun.
  6. towtruck

    The Stupidity Never Ends

    I'd say your trip was medical....recoil therapy is a necessary treatment for many ailments....plus if a tree falls in the woods and nobody is there to hear it did it make a sound? Who will know where you were if you don't see anyone?
  7. towtruck

    I don’t tip for take out; but now I do...

    Been tipping for take out since the shut down. I want these places to stay in business so I am helping all I can.
  8. towtruck

    Got grips!

    I got them roughed out. I still have material to sand off but I wanted to get them bedded and locked together before I sanded anymore. I used walnut media to mix with the bedding glue to give it some filler....once both halves are bedded I will drill for the screw and locator pin. I will be able to bolt them together and really get the sanding done and even...right now it's still pretty rough. I did cut the butt off on an angle and took about 1/4" off .
  9. towtruck

    Got grips!

    This Colt has very tight tolerances on the cylinder to frame when the cylinder is open. I am going to have to thin down the top of the left grip panel as far as I dare in order for the cases to eject properly. I have already re-sculpted the grip to remove wood back to where the stock rubber grip sits on the frame. I have to sand it down to match the stock grip contour in that location the best I can.
  10. I know we are all under a bit of tension but threads going sideways like this need to stop......don't make me do my job.....nobody will like what I do when I am forced to take action.
  11. towtruck

    Got grips!

    I got them whittled down a bit. I have just over 1/8" to take out in the middle still. I need to finish off the butt and the top before final sanding. I am getting tired and decided to stop before i ruin them. Lots of hand work to get that material off..... I am going to take more girth off of them but they feel really nice in the hand the way there are now. One side needs more off than the other and I will even them out and stop when they feel right. Now that I have gotten this far without breaking them I guess I really am making my own grips and I had better finish them correctly now!
  12. towtruck

    Got grips!

    I am not a wood worker either......watch, I will get them almost done and break them.....
  13. towtruck

    Got grips!

    Leave it to me to get bored and we all know what that can lead to........messing around I tried to set my S+W target grips on my new Colt to see how they would feel....well, they felt great. Soooooooooooooooooooooo.....off to the shop I went this morning. I started out with a chunk of black walnut and used a hand saw to cut the corner off........ Then using a hand saw and a file I got it down to this.... From there I cut it in half..... I then laid it out and broke out the hand wood carving set..... First half roughed in.... Checked the fit..... Both halves roughed it... Test fit both sides... Pencil line is roughly where I will carve it back too on the back edge. I'm still not sure how long I will leave them or how much I will take off the front. I want to get the back trimmed before I trim any on the front. Right now they are almost 1" thick per side so I will have to start contouring them once I trim off the back. I will most likely take some where around 3/8" off the butt to shorten them up....I will do that step last so I don't mess it up. I am going to work on getting both halves to fit perfectly flat against each other then lay out the grip screw location and drill for that hole. I will also drill for a locator pin and use the screw and pin to hold everything together while I take the material down. I don't have a belt sander or anything close to one so I will have to figure out how I am going to proceed with trimming it down. Once I get the bulk trimmed off I am going to bed the grip frame in the panels to make them fit as perfect as I can get them. Once bedded I will do the final sand for finish. I have been working all day on these.....they are going to be worth a small fortune in labor by the time I get them done. I need to find someone with a drum sander I can borrow.