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  1. There is a feature for that. From a computer you can hover over the users name and a box will appear. At the bottom will be a place to click ignore.
  2. towtruck

    .223 brass prep and taper crimps

    Firing and sizing brass work hardens it. annealing is a way to soften it back up again. The "when" to anneal is varied by the brass you are working with.
  3. towtruck

    New guy starting to build an AR

    Welcome. BRD is not for sissies. It takes a thick wallet to feed the addition.
  4. towtruck

    Time for a new hand held gps

    The wife runs a little Dakota and the battery only lasts about 5 hours. Enough for her rides but not enough for several rides without charging. She always has a second set of batteries just in case. Lighting is the hardest thing for her as it can be hard to see the screen in bright sun. I wish the gps makers would make a way to turn off all the extra crap that is on them that you may not need to maybe help battery life.....I do believe the unit communicating with the satellites is the biggest draw though and the back lighting is probably second.
  5. towtruck

    .223 brass prep and taper crimps

    Nice....2" at 200 is respectable in the 450.
  6. towtruck


    Never tried it. Last time I worked out or did anything in a gym type setting was thirty five years ago in school. My work was always my exercise. I will say I am as flexible as a brick right now though. It's getting bad enough I have finally started to look into the cause. Everything I do that requires bending, twisting, and reaching kills me. I should be getting a referral to a rheumatoid arthritis doctor next week and I hope they can get me on the right path. I think yoga would help once they get the cause of my problems identified. I really want to get into those pants.
  7. towtruck

    Things Are Heating Up In PA

    We had a local punk that would open carry and walk down a busy road. Cops were called everyday on him. He was doing nothing legally wrong but his in your face stupidity was making the local law enforcement crazy because they had to investigate every call on him. After a while they told whomever was making the call that he was legal to do so and they were not stopping him anymore to see if he was within the law by it being unloaded. Not long after that the law changed. It was never a problem in Ca. to open carry as not many did it.....it did take the in your face crowd to push it to extinction because people used open carry as a way to draw attention to themselves to fight other gun issues in the state. You don't abuse something that's legal, to make a point about something else that is not, and expect not to lose both. One of my friends was going to start open carrying in protest of some other gun law just to show he was armed back before the ban. I convinced him not to do something that is legal to protest something that is not.....it was a hard sell but he listened. I can legally wheel a blow torch down the road and take it into a store......it does not mean I should.
  8. towtruck

    So....I did a thing. Going back to get learned

    Good f or you.......staring back, a formal education is what I should have gotten. It would have opened a bunch of doors for me in a couple years.
  9. Saw a guy last week that had one of those little guys in a Sneaky Pete case on his belt. He liked it so much he had his cell phone on the other side in a clip on holder on his belt. I had to laugh as the Sneaky Pete is supposed to be your cell phone holder to the public eye. I was behind him at a grocery store and just had to poke at him a bit...Pointing to his gun side I asked what kind of phone he had. He instantly takes his phone out of the other side and shows it to me.....so then I ask what is in the other case. His eyes got wide, he clipped the phone back in, and then he says "none of your business". I laughed a little then just let him be because he was truly flustered that I called him out. edit....and don't think for a minute a bad guy is not going to know what is in there. I knew a guy that could pick out all the cops in a room with 100% accuracy. Cops have a "tell" when off duty that you can pick up on if you know what it is. (no, I won't say what it is here) Criminals make it their business to know cops, guns, and all that goes against them.
  10. Rules have to be followed in order to get rid of someone. My department is a huge offender when it comes to following the rules. My department has trained people to do things, and when those things are done by someone they will turn around and fire them when the public cries foul. Supervisors that have their entire command against them were put on the chopping block by the powers at be only for someone higher to put the brakes on it because rules were not followed. It happens at all levels. More than likely nobody was documenting this guys failures so there is no paper trail of him doing anything wrong. Now they want him gone over one failure.....if they had a paper trail on him it would be a slam dunk......releasing him over one documented failure will be harder without following the rules for dismissal. I had a co-worker that was demoted for a history of doing something they deemed inappropriate. He got a lawyer and the lawyer asked to see the history log of his behavior. There was no written record of him ever being told about his behavior. Since their case was he had a history of bad habits, and there was no record of it, he got his stripes back and a nice little chunk of change to remind his boss's that they can't do that. Certain failures are sudden death for some employees, other stuff has to have a pattern, a pattern of discipline to correct that behavior. My boss tried to put a hurt on me over a year ago. It was all between him and I and while he was amassing what he thought was evidence against me I turned the tables and went over his head with my evidence against him. *Poof* problem gone for me....because I documented my issue by going over his head. If I had not done that he could have continued to harass me for a long time. This Sheriff is in the same boat......if he has no negative pattern to his work, up until this one failure, it's hard to build a case against him for a pattern of bad decisions. I don't know what the rules are for his removal but the governor better had follow them if he wants to avoid paying this guy a big chunk of change.
  11. towtruck

    Stabbing at local Walmart

    Sweet. We only hit walmart at certain times....the wife has a small window where she will go alone otherwise I'm there with her following her every move. She has been a target of purse snatchers before and she managed to fool the grabber as they ran around to get her purse. I carry everywhere I'm legally allowed.
  12. towtruck

    So, Who Is At The Bench Today?

    I got in another batch of nickel .223 range brass....all I had time to do was dump it in the big pile that has formed out in the shop....I am so behind on prepping that brass I may never catch up....hell, I can;t even remember where all the boxes of them are.
  13. towtruck

    Good Morning!

    mornin......off to the dr's and a hair cut today.......dr first that way if the news is bad I'll save the money for the hair cut.