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  1. towtruck

    Good Morning!

  2. towtruck

    What's for dinner.

    The guys and I went to CJ’s bbq In Fairfield tonight and we split two racks of ribs and some beans and tater salad. Good stuff
  3. towtruck

    Honesty *is* the best policy.

  4. Distributor points from a car come to mind.......
  5. towtruck

    Good Morning!

  6. towtruck

    Good Morning!

  7. towtruck

    Well, my baby has graduated high school.

    Nice! Congrats to you both.
  8. Not in my bathroom shower... seems the home builder took a little shortcut when installing two showers back to back. The big decision was "which shower gets it right" and he chose the master shower and plumbed the spare shower backwards. The wall is double thick there but he must not have had the room or the will to cross the lines in the wall. They should have been brought up through the floor as two separate sets but my guess is there is one set coming up to the valves. When I remodel the baths I will be fixing that little issue.
  9. towtruck

    Modern Medicine and the Staff people

    It reminds me of the school exercise we did as kids where the teacher whispers in one ear and you pass the story around the room and the last person tells the story back to the teacher and it's totally different then when it started. My initial visit this last go around the PA inputted what he wanted and left out the whole story......by the time that info got back to the next provider, from the first Doctor that read it, the info was further twisted around. And not one person acknowledged my request to be referred to a specialist, the entire reason I went in in the first place.
  10. Looking online most have two terminal connectors at the rear. This one has one threaded hole only. Might be very old......more research is needed.
  11. I have had this for years just sitting around. If you are needing one I'm sure we could trade something
  12. Wait just a minute......I have no clue what a straight key is but I googled it.....and what do you know I have one on the shelf right next to me.......let me get a picture.....
  13. towtruck

    Modern Medicine and the Staff people

    No different with my last experience with Dr's and staff. Nothing got done the first time and without me stepping in it would not have gotten done. Then, the Dr....err wait the PA did not listen to me and ignored the root of my issue. Then he tells me he is ordering a test.......that took two more phone calls to make happen as it got lost on their end .....then that place was only ordered to check one area and not what the PA and I discussed......that led to one diagnosis that was not complete. I was then sent to physical therapy for the incomplete issue. I had to switch therapists as they never asked me which one I wanted and sent me to the worst rated one in the area. Once at the right therapist they immediately told me I was not suffering from what the Dr. told me I was. They wanted to continue to see me to help me with my larger issue and I declined because I was not referred to them for that issue and feared the insurance would deny payment at some point. The whole process stunk except for the gal therapist...she was good except for telling me she could work on the other issue instead. So, yes, you have to take charge and be your own planner...it sucks that customer care is gone in a lot of places. I went to a doc in the box out of town a few months ago that was quite remarkable in care and service...so, good service is still out there, you just have to find it. I have decided to do my own research and take care of my issues on my own. I have dug up medical research to back up what I have heard about my issues and have found a treatment that I can do at home that should give me the results I am after...I just have to make it happen and stick with the program as it's laid out. edit.....oh, the PA was going to schedule me for a follow up appointment to recheck my blood work and see how the treatments were going.....that never happened and I am not going to call them and remind them about it either. I have had to remind them and call them to fix things four times already, enough is enough.
  14. My Fil was an A and P mechanic and when he died I got a bunch of his tools and a whole bunch of nuts, bolts, rivets, and assorted other things. Over the years when I was building cars I would need a bolt or a nut and go to the cabinet and pull them out. I would need special nuts, bolts, and tools and they were there as well. One day while riveting a cross member into an old truck my wife asked what I was mumbling each time I set a rivet.....I told her that each time I used a tool or part that came from her dad I said "Thanks, Bob" under my breath.