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  1. towtruck

    Buffer tube system

    Welcome! I run 20",24", and 16" barrels on two lowers with standard rifle buffers and springs with no issue so I can't help you much there. I will say that if the price is close to a standard set it may not be a bad purchase. I don't know of anyone running that set up though.
  2. I'm looking to get something for the house and garage. Not real sure what I need but some system that will alert me on my phone and maybe call the cops too...ADT has several options and are rated at the top. I really don't want an elaborate video system just so I can see that someone broke in but a camera or three would be nice. Maybe one on the front porch and one near each other door. I'm thinking some way to access the system on my phone would be handy. I have animals inside and out so the system must be able to handle those guys. What I am missing? or what do I need?
  3. towtruck

    The wife is 'helping' me

    I waited all afternoon for the wife to go horse back riding and as soon as she left I got the pole saw out and went to town on the four trees that needed pruning. I tried to run the saw left handed as much as I could as reaching up with the left arm resulted in dislocating the shoulder four times. Not too much pain but it never feels good when it comes out She is going to be ticked off I did it but it needed done and she did not need to be on the ladder. All that is left to prune is two hedges that have to be done with lopping shears and a few other smaller bushes. I need to take all the tree limbs to the mill for free then I can load up all the brush and construction crap and take them to the dump. I went on a serious Ibuprofen binge for a few days and got some of the swelling down in the shoulders so I am getting better.....or at least I was ......the wife might beat me silly in the morning when she sees the work I did.
  4. towtruck

    New M&P 15 SPORT II; Reloading 55gr FMJ

    Nice right up...and like Greg I would like to see those results through a good scope at 100. You put in a lot of work there
  5. towtruck

    Something is wrong with this picture

    I have one of those but mine is a drop in if I'm not mistaken.......
  6. towtruck

    Something is wrong with this picture

    I would say something is wrong with the picture as I see no picture
  7. towtruck

    Back steps are coming...**done!**

    Got 'em done. Each set of steps is a drop in unit now. They are screwed together with two boards on the bottom that locate each step correctly on the frame. The top landing took two of us to set as it weighs 200 pounds. I probably should have made that in two pieces. There are no visible screws from the top and only 8 visible in total and they are on the ends of the bottom step. Next up for this area will be to stucco the block work, paint the back door and trim, and possibly add some sheet metal to the lattice work patio cover to give another 6' of dry area under the patio cover as it's an open design now. I have a couple hours of clean up to do out there now and then it will be on to the next project.....not sure what I will tackle next, maybe the two sprinklers that don't work right.
  8. towtruck

    Back steps are coming...**done!**

    Go to a local mom and pop lumber store you will get better service and mine has specials all the time. They have clearance items where they will have half a unit of 1x12 cedar boards that have some not so pretty boards in them. The whole bundle is priced to move. I have bought these and picked through them and made barns, dog houses, and other stuff. You may have a little waste but your cost for the whole bundle is a third of what it would cost you for just the exact number of boards you needed. I have a hay barn that has all four exterior walls and all four interior walls covered with either cedar or pine and each wall is a different board type. They were all from the discount pile. I built my pony shed with 1x12 that was cracked. I just squeezed the boards together and nailed then up....perfect for a barn. Got them for pennies on the dollar. Today I worked on the frame work and built one new frame and repaired the others. I was able to identify another issue and I will be fixing that in the morning. Nothing a saw can't fix. I fought my drill driver bits all morning. I chewed through five Phillips bits and one square drive. Not sure about those cheap bits. I am going to stop by the hardware store today and grab a handful of good bits. Nothing more frustrating than stripping out screws half way in. I got the bottom toe kick, end caps, and the other three toe kicks cut. I built a spacer to hold them at the right height and then pre drilled all the holes in the framing to attach the toe kicks. All the screws will be hidden. There will be eight screws visible on the end caps down on the first step and that is it...all the rest will be from underneath. The steps themselves will be self contained units that drop into the frames. They will just sit in the frames locked in by their own framing on the underside. I will be able to lift them out to clean under them or make repairs in the future. Cutting these composite boards is unlike real wood. You must support the board for it's full length when cutting to avoid the board breaking and pinching during the cut. I set up four 2x6's with a gap in the middle as a base and then I lay the composite board on those and line up my cut line with the gap in the 2x6's and saw through. This stuff saws like cold butter. I'll have it all knocked out by mid day Saturday unless someone or something breaks. My dog keeps checking on my progress and walking away in disgust when she sees it's not ready for her to sit on just yet. I had to make her a little temporary deck by the door so she can sit and look in the window.
  9. towtruck

    The wife is 'helping' me

    Since I toasted my shoulders I cannot run the pole saw so my wife has decided to step up and help me with the yard work. So far she has done a great job on the roses and some other bushes. She tried to tackle the Mulberry tree and got some of the lower limbs and left a few stubs that have to be re cut. She tried to trim the back bushes under the bedroom window and I'm not sure what I'm going to do to fix them as she carved a big hole through the side of two of them. She did a good job on some other smaller bushes and then she was trying to clean up a flower bed to plant a new bush. The shovel was not working so she got an ax. Needless to say the rotating sprinkler that was in the corner now shoots water and rotates all the way over to the house and back around out into the dirt outside the yard. I had to turn off that set of sprinklers until I can fix that one and one other that seems to have quit on it's own. I'm not sure how much more 'help' I can stand One step forward and two steps back. Bless her heart for trying and I am truly grateful for her help.
  10. towtruck

    Back steps are coming...**done!**

    This morning I pulled all the rest of the decking off the frames and tomorrow I will buy a bunch of pressure treated lumber to repair the frames. I tore some up when the screws would not come out and some parts are just rotten. I have to trim three frames down, repair all the bad sections, and get them back in place. I will then screw the toe kicks on from the back side and build out the little bottom frame on the end of the first step. Then I will make up each step into it's own self contained section and drop them in place. If I do it right I wont even have to fasten them down and they should all sit perfectly in place. I am going to remake one frame completely as I need to cut it down and replace 50% of the boards so it will be easier to redo that one. I'll repair the rest and add a few more screws and some more support while I'm in there. I'm going to treat the end cuts on the pt boards as well as that seems to be where the trouble started, the rotted in from my cut ends. Next stop is the lumber store for boards and screws. My dog is not happy, she has no porch to sit on so I had to take some old boards from the front porch and set them by the back door on the framing for her to sit and look into the house.
  11. towtruck

    Quad tri tips

    Last night we smoked some tri tips for dinner at work, we were getting our facility ready for a big event today so we treated ourselves to a fine meal. I bought a four pack and handed them off to a co-worker that marinated them. One was done with salt and pepper only, one was chimichura, another was santa margarita, and the fourth was a sesame and something else. That chimichura one came out really good. They were all butter tender and done to medium rare. I smoked them at 225 until they reached 135* internal temps and then tossed them on the bbq for a char to finish them. We had bbq'd corn, home made beans, tater salad, garlic bread and cake for dessert. My smoker attached to the war pig as my Sgt. calls my Jeep the tri tips..... the corn..... the money shot..... My co-worker is a great cook and he did all the marinating and I only wish I could remember the exact recipes he used. He hand made that chimichura and man was it good on meat. I bought the meat from a local butcher and provided the smoker and bbq. I was in charge of smoking and finishing the meat and everyone else did the rest. My boss made the beans and they were out of this world good. Tri tip burritos may be on the menu today to take up the leftover beans and meat.
  12. towtruck

    I have dreams about my goat

    Bam! Hammer time.
  13. towtruck

    Back steps are coming...**done!**

    Our biggest mistake on those back steps was letting them sit with leaves on them. There were a few years where we neglected the back yard pretty bad. The wife was working full time and there was no time to clean up the back yard. The dogs were tearing things up and we just kinda stopped going back there. In the fall the leaves would sit on those steps for a long time before I could get to them and then the dogs always kept that area dirty as they lived on those back steps. Now that the wife is retired and I have given up some of my time consuming hobbies she wants to get the back yard in better shape. I cleaned up this summer and got a lot taken care of but there is a bunch more to do. Fall is coming and those dang leaves will be back again. I need to get rid of a few things and really clean it out. I have three bbq's that need to go, a giant hammock that needs a new home and just a general clean out and start over with the organization. The dog ate the patio furniture ten years ago and we still have not replaced it. The wife wants to make the space ours again. The dog is older now so it's time to reclaim the back yard.
  14. towtruck

    Where were you on 9/11?

    I was just getting off a graveyard shift. I watched the second plane hit on TV. I was in my first year of law enforcement and that day changed everything. Edit......My Work went into overdrive. No more closing down and going to dinner, no more weekends off, no more 8 hour days. We went 24/7 and everyone worked overtime. We ramped up our truck inspections fearing that would be next as our traffic was headed into the Bay area. I am still carrying a bunch off that over time on the books today. I have never forgotten what happened that day....never will....it's sad people want to forget already.
  15. towtruck

    Back steps are coming...**done!**

    Here is the steps and landing with the toe kicks taken off. The second step from bottom has some issues on the left edge framing that will have to get replaced. The three frames on the left need the top landing surface cut down. 1/2" at far left and 1/4" for second one in and 1/8" for the third one. These were cut wrong by me when I built it the first time. There is a step to the area these frames sit on underneath and I got my numbers messed up when I measured them. Not all the deck screws are coming out clean so there will be a little work pulling some of the tread boards. The block walls were supposed to be faced with either stucco or stone but I did not do it when I realized the redwood was not going to hold up. I never did anything to the wood either...I left it raw. I should have treated it but at the time I did not think it would be needed as i used all heart wood for the lower stairs. So much for natural rot resistance. The top step and landing are still in great shape but they are under the eave...the bottom two steps get all the weather.