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  1. towtruck

    laughed my butt off today....

    If you followed my thread about the gun I bought at the shady shop that does creative advertising and my story of buying a gun, returning it and them sending it back to the factory and then me selling the gun once it got back swearing to never do business with that shop again.....Well...recently one of the employees at that store made a couple big mistakes. He was helping a customer with functioning a firearm and somehow live ammo was involved...the store employee ended up having a negligent discharge and he shot himself in the finger. I know things could have been bad but I cannot stop laughing about it.
  2. When the damper is done I will get a pic for you.
  3. towtruck

    Cleaning up a 686

    No worries. I know of nobody that has the King Cobra and nobody stocks them here but the shop has sold a few. I'll be the guinea pig this time
  4. I bought tax credits and I am grandfathered in for unlimited use. I'll fight just as hard for my smoker as I will for my gun
  5. towtruck

    Cleaning up a 686

    Me too........I know these Colts are not like the old one's but I wanted to try one anyway. I have plenty of Rugers and may end up getting another one if the Colt does not make me happy. The GP100's are a great gun but I never warmed up to their style and that is the only reason I wanted something else. The Redhawk 5055 I wanted to start with is a tank and that is what has kept me from getting it as I want a carry gun and that one is heavy and has a shorter than ideal barrel.
  6. towtruck

    Cleaning up a 686

    I am no longer the owner of a 686 I sold it with full disclosure of the entire process start to finish. The shop I sold it to had a S+W 28-2 Highway patrolman on consignment. It was used but well kept up. It was on display but not ready for sale until the 31st. I oogled over that gun a while and the price was stupid good at $350. Four others put their names on it to buy it and I added my name as number five....I highly doubt I will get a chance at it but who knows the others could back out. I asked them about the Ruger gp100 in 3" and the Colt King Cobra 3" and asked if they could get one for me. They said yes, if they could find one but they never offered to look....so, I took my money from the sale of the 686 and went to another shop and talked to the owner there and he immediately jumped on his computer and started looking for those same two guns. My new gun should get shipped in next week and then I can go in and start the 10 day wait time. I took a chance on something new. I have Rugers, lot's of them, and I wanted something different. I will get to see first hand if the new Colt King Cobra's are any good. Wish me luck.
  7. towtruck

    Cleaning up a 686

    I have lusted over the 627 for many years. I do have lots of revolvers and if I am on my game can tell if one is not right. I let this 686 slip under the radar...that won't happen again. Their reputation with me is pretty bad. I still have one Smith from the 80's that is a great gun...it was my first revolver and it has been flawless over thousands of rounds. It seems unless I find a pre '97 gun it will be the only S+W revolver I own from here on out. I am making a trip this morning to see about dumping the 686....finger crossed.
  8. towtruck

    Cleaning up a 686

    I'm actually looking at the King Cobra.....not sure I'll end up with one but I am interested in holding one.
  9. towtruck

    Cleaning up a 686

    The lack of hand fitting is their demise. With this seven shot cylinder the interface of the star to the cylinder is minimal. Not enough meat there for me and the loose fit only lends itself to getting looser. I’m going to take it to another shop and tell them the whole story and trade it in unfired by me since coming back from the factory. I will always wonder when it will fail again so it’s gone. Now to find a replacement Either the Ruger eight shot or .....who knows.... I may have to rethink things again. I had a hunch S+W would not replace the cylinder. The star got loose and rattled around in that cylinder and had to cause wear on the cylinder interface. To only replace the extractor star and not the cylinder was a cheap way to bring it back to factory "acceptable" standards. The new gun we checked today had play in that area but it locked up better and was in time. The star interface with the cylinder is very minimal and not cut to maximize the surface area they have to use. Poor design. If S+W would have stepped up and replaced the cylinder I would have kept it....hell, if they would have hand fit those parts I would have kept it.....they failed to do a proper repair. Now, I have to first find it a new home with full disclosure then find a replacement. I still want that 8 shot Ruger but.....I'm pissed off and don't know what direction to go now. I do know I want to see how the next one is made and make sure it can handle a lot of rounds. I do know S+W is off the table. I'm done with their revolvers...it's too bad because they have a lot of good points about them.....this one has four issues....timing, barrel alignment, front sight alignment, and a rough forcing cone. The work order says they worked the forcing cone....they shot the gun and left it dirty and I can still see tool marks in the forcing cone through the powder residue...I'm not going to bother cleaning it and looking at it as I will just get madder. Tonight I looked online at the Colt King Cobra, Ruger 8 shot Redhawk, GP100 target master, and one other 357 revolver.....I just cannot get into the mood to decide which direction I want to go...I hate wasting time on crappy guns and starting over.
  10. towtruck

    Cleaning up a 686

    Got the gun back today....S+W gave it an A for function. They replaced the extractor star and trued the forcing cone. I picked it up and held slight pressure on the cylinder and cocked it...it's still late. The star to cylinder fit is loose....but so is a new one on a new gun. I'm done with S+W....again....they got a second chance and failed.....I'll get into it more later as I have to run off to work....
  11. Welcome. That mount should be good to go. It's pricey and American Defense sells one that is a bit cheaper in price but real good quality. Primary arms and Burris PEPR are two other good mounts that are not QR but cost 60-70 bucks.
  12. I have figured it out....this space in front of the bbq and next to the smoker is going to get a 20"x 20" permanent shelf. Under that shelf will be a slide out shelf that comes out the side to the left around 16" or so. Then out the front of the permanent shelf and under the slider will be another pull out bracket out the front to bolt the propane stove onto. I should have enough material to get it all done.......
  13. Thanks guys, I have to finish off the shelf in front and I am trying to design the best use of space and materials for that area. A little more tinkering and I'll have it.
  14. towtruck

    Brendan Kavanaugh piano videos

    This is the first video of his I saw.......the best....https://youtu.be/avlOGya53IU
  15. It's almost done...but done enough to cook on it..... I have a few more odds and ends to finish up. I have some extra material and I am going to make the best use of it. I have to make the damper slider, I am making a bigger shelf over the fender, and I am going to make a big shelf in the front to sit the propane stove on and other goodies. I have to insulate the tire too. Made some wings tonight for it's first cook....those 36 wings are dwarfed by the big grill.