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  1. davidpai

    H&K MP5

    I have been wanting to buy a MP5, semi-auto, full stock, SBR with aspirations of some day maybe a silencer or navy trigger group. Without being an LEO or wanting to pay $20K is there any options out there??
  2. davidpai

    General FFL / Personal Use ??

    I just had a question, naive as it may be heheh. I was wondering if one was to obtain an FFL with proper class and formed a NFA Gun Trust, could they purchase a post 1986 MP5 full auto, sbr and silencer and be able to use it as their home protection / personal use? Or is this a violation of NFA or other law? Just curious, I know I can purchase a pre-86' for $10-20$ but I see them sold to LEO and Agency all day for like 1500. Its just crazy to me but if I am going to spend 10-20K I am going to go into business and become a dealer and change careers heheh Thanks for any responses.
  3. davidpai

    H&K MP5

    Yes, I have a S&W MP15T, the only thing I have done to it so far is put a rubber grip on it. I love the rifle it is awesome, but I love the MP5 even more. I shot one as a rental at Bullseye, it was a full auto but to tell you the truth I liked it better on Semi. Little to no recoil and accurate, for me, out to 50 yards. I just fell in love heheheh