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  1. I have a ArmaLite, AR 10, A4 with 16" bbl. What type of accuracy can I expect at 200 & 300 yards? I also building a 2nd AR 10 A2 and want the next step up bbl inlngth, should 8 consider an 18" 20" bbl for a gun that will propel 10 CQB for every 1 longer renege shot, Thanks in advance, Joni
  2. I just watched this link again from Hannity of Fox. It is absolutely astounding that even with the "Patriot Act" being renewed that camps like these are allowed to exist within the borders of this great country (the USA!) Shouldn't Gitmo be home for those that take part in this type of activity. I am intentionally avoiding the political, so that this post stays up. My apologies in advance, if I have violated site policy. I believe a lot of people need to see this! Jon http://shock.military.com/Shock/videos.do?...5279&page=1
  3. Thus far I have been able to find as rules of thumb, centerline of bore to center point of small rear aperture; A2 = fixed carry handle rear aperture 2.8 inches +\- and A3 = removable carry handle 2.6 inches +\-. My last question is regarding my ArmaLite AR10 .308. What is height from bore center-line to base of AR10 A4 flat top rail? What is height of an Eotech 552 from base of rail to center dot in reticle? Sorry guys for these basic questions, if there is no STD or rule of thumb then I'll do my best to measure these heights and post them. Thanks, Jon
  4. Jkushner11

    ARMS 40L BUIS rear back up sight

    Three simple questions, three posts ARMS 40L BUIS rear back up sight. Height from an A4 flat top rail base to center point of the small aperture? Anyone have this measurement handy. Thanks again, Jon
  5. Three simple questions, three posts RRA AR 15, A4 - flat top rail height over bore Dear forum members, I know these are elementary or overly simple questions, but before I pull out my calipers, does anyone know what the measurement of the center of the bore line to the top rail is for an A4 - as metioned, it's an RRA A4. Thanks in advance for any help. Sincerely, Jon
  6. Once I set up an Eotech or Leupold CQT for battle accuracy out to 3-400 yards, I will then basically "shadow" zero my iron BUIS sights to lay over with some precision the zeroed red dot of the optic. Does anyone do a similar quick sighting in for iron BUIS? Thanks, Jon
  7. I just placed a new Burris XTR Tactical with BDC. I shoot Black Hillls from 52 to 68 grained. I reallymlike it. The platform is RRA DCM AR 15 which I have mounted a Burris XTR 1x4 on her, the range I will likely zero on is 100 yards. My secondary wish in to zero my BUIS's for back up purposes not necessarily c-wititnessing is nat Important to me. Can anyone recommend an easy method for the Burris XTR, my friend just took a rjrwjob with Burris, so I his first shot heater. Thanks, Jon