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  1. California is eating itself alive. People who are or lean right are moving out in mass. I just hope these people are not so tainted with the whole leftard ideology they bring some of the virus to where they move.
  2. I decided to keep the Sig. I bought a factory mag as this one only had one with it. Its really a nice gun that shoots very accurately.
  3. Its always over blown by the idiot press. I saw the Pigeon sisters on with Anderson packer today. http://www.breitbart.com/video/2018/05/04/david-hogg-nra-scared-support-weve-gotten/
  4. Edited to remove racist terms. If people can't express themselves without using racist epithets, then they should find a new sandbox to play in. It will NOT be tolerated here.
  5. Here is my take on how idiotic these liberal asswipes are. In liberal land if you think or identify as a woman or a man you are one. What if this girl identifies as an Asian? Rachael Doltzhead said she identified as black and darkened her skin and took a job with the NdoubleLCP. These people really are crazy. They are children being lead by idiots
  6. They need to arrest these vagrants and put them to work cleaning the roads. http://www.foxnews.com/us/2018/05/01/california-highway-workers-face-buckets-human-feces-needles-as-homeless-crisis-worsens.html
  7. The site I saw showed pictures of people who dress like Indians, put on sombreros in Mexico ect. I like this because as the left goes so far off the rails many will say WTF is going on here and leave the nuts.
  8. The libtards are completely out of their freaking minds http://www.foxnews.com/lifestyle/2018/04/30/utah-teen-shamed-for-wearing-racist-dress-to-prom-sparking-cultural-appropriation-debate.html
  9. How do you guys decrimp primer pockets? I use the reaming tool and by hand give it a few twists.
  10. Personally I would not touch a BMW bike with a 10 foot pole. But its taste. I also would not buy a sport bike. I absolutely hate them. I like old school bikes. Triumph Bonneville, Norton and older Yamaha's and Honda's. That said I currently own and ride a 05 HD FXDLI. My days of stupid driving are over. As a youth I took my Yamaha Maxim over the Mackinaw Bridge at 125 to beat a BMW car that was wanting to race. If the bridge authority had seen I would still be in jail. I have seen so many people that if they don't die like myself we and they are lucky. Just my Opinion
  11. Some cops would not see it as funny. Could be more trouble than funny.
  12. Good video showing 2 dollar coolers vs Yeti. Yes the Yeti did best but not that much better and 400 bucks. A fool and his money.
  13. Not worth that kind of money to me. my 40 dollar Coleman will hold ice for 3 days. I just don't need to pay 400 bucks for two days more of ice. And if I just had to have one a quick search on Craigslist shows I can get one for 1/3 the cost of new. t
  14. The coolers are way over priced. Yes they are built a bit tougher but not any different than a 30 dollar Coleman cooler. After lying about cutting ties with the NRA many are blowing up their over priced cooler.
  15. Well we all know its not the evil AR15, back in the 50s there were M1s and M1 carbines and they fired just as fast an an AR15. No one was shooting up schools and the like. WTF is going on? Very strange
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