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  1. Gdefense

    Few family pics

    Nice mix and collection of firearms.
  2. Gdefense

    My first AR video

    Congrats nice rifle
  3. Gdefense

    Burris AR-332

    How good does the ballistic reticle work and line up with their respective distances?
  4. Gdefense


    Did you ever figure out what was going on?
  5. Gdefense

    CTR stock

    I have the Magpul ctr stock on my AR and have really enjoyed it. I too would recommend to through a reputable dealer.
  6. Gdefense

    Sabre Defense XR15 A2 ... info?

    Like pilot said without knowing what you paid it's hard to say if you got a good deal. But with that said before I got my sabre defence piston xr-15 M5 tactical everything i heard and all the reviews I read were great. They make a great product with a fit and finish that is great. Their customer service is pretty good, too. I called them about a short stroking question I had. They said it could be anything from a bad mag or just bad ammo but wanted to see it. They paid to have the AR sent to them but they knew the shop that I got my AR from, in anacortes wa, and how long ago that shop got their product. They said that there was a bolt carrier design change and wanted to give me the update bolt carrier. their turn around time was pretty quick, about 2.5 weeks, considering they had alot of military orders to fill. Since I got it back it has ran like a champ without any problems. To learn more about their product go to sabredefence.com. Hope this helps.
  7. Gdefense

    Tested the Stag m8

    Nice, thanks for sharing. What distance were you shooting?
  8. Gdefense

    This is why I hate Bushmaster

    Wow, what a pain. But job accomplished.
  9. Gdefense

    Burris AR-332

    I have read alot of very good reviews about this scope. I also met a guy at a local shop that wouldn't stop raving about it, too. The cheapest I have been able to find it is $320.